Blogging Breather: Collegedale Tennessee USA

  February 25, 2022 travel posts 🕑 2 minutes read

Collegedale Tennessee USA


I just arrived to the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee for a short trip.


Kelli and I will head back to the Atlanta suburbs in a few days for one more house sit before traveling to South Carolina for a series of house sits.


We decided to rent a place in this area to get away from the sprawl that is the Atlanta “suburbs”.


Tennessee is quiet, rural and quite relaxing.


I decided to solo hike around Collegedale for a bit at dusk.  Note the cougar warning. A bear and rattlesnake warning sat below the cougar warning.


I took a nap at dusk wearing my headphones.


All jokes aside, I see why people may encounter cougars here. Although the area seems to be building up fast the mountains around these parts give off a wild feel. Do not get me wrong; we are in town. But things feel quite rural versus suburban. Everything feels spread out. I can see why a mountain lion may work its way into the region to hunt at night when all humans falls asleep because rural to remote Northern Georgia sits about 20 minutes to our south and rural to remote Tennessee is roughly 1-2 hours to our east.


I hustled to the top of the mountain and turned around to reach the lot in roughly 20 minutes. After the quick cardio I noted one of the Little Debbie processing plants perched on the main drag in town.


Little Debbie world headquarters is right down the road. Google Reviewers remarked how the actual coverage of all buildings may be over 5 miles in terms of the spread. We are talking a mammoth operation. Since I am addicted to various Little Debbie snacks I will head to the thrift store over the next few days to stock up on the cheap.


I feel tired guys. Heavy traffic in the Atlanta Metroplex tuckered me out.


Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

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