Blogging Breather: Charleston South Carolina Sunset

  March 25, 2022 travel posts 🕑 2 minutes read

Charleston, South Carolina


As we settle in to our Charleston, South Carolina house sit I definitely appreciate the concept of retirement communities more clearly these days.


Kelli and I are house sitting for pets – and homeowners – in a 55 and under retirement community outside of Charleston.


I get it.  In the past I resisted the idea of spending any time in retirement spots. Everything seemed inorganic. But the energy here feels good. People seem happy. Everyone seems highly active. Joggers, dog walkers, tennis players and kayakers suggest a much young community. Heck; one of the folks we are sitting for does 30 plus miles on the bike routinely.


People here seem chill. Spending a week in a gated community with ample amenities accentuates the appeal for such an environment to retirees.


I prefer to be out in the country. But I understand how someone prefers to spend retirement in a subtropical climate being surrounded by active folks in a thriving community.


Minus dog walks and hikes in and around the area, the first week has been chill. I barely snapped photos. But the other night treated me to a brilliant sunset.


Stormy days always make for eye-popping sunsets. The play of colors arising from humidity, clouds, haze and a fiery sun peaking from behind the veil always pleases the senses.


Unfortunately, deforestation continues to charge forward at an alarming rate in the region. Timber companies and homeowners seem to be stripping mile after mile for new communities. But the stripping makes for eye-opening sunsets due to the panoramic views.


I prefer forests. At least South Carolina has 12 million acres of forest to work with.


Enjoy the photos.



I perched myself on a bridge for this one.



Everything settles down after 6-7 PM each evening. Solo walks in the community make for a serene way to enjoy the natural setting.



A preserved wetland sits behind the house.



This preserved area spans at least 1 mile until reaching a local county road.


Keep an eye out for more pictures from the Charleston area.


Wherever you are in the world…..have a great day.

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