Blogging Breather: Beaufort South Carolina

  April 24, 2022 travel posts 🕑 1 minute read

Beaufort, South Carolina


“I am the Great Santini!”


Hey sports fans!


I am a big fan of the film “The Great Santini.”


Robert Duvall’s Oscar nominated role as Bull Meechum made him even more of a fan favorite in my eyes. The hard-charging drill instructor ran his family like some grunts on Parris Island, which happens to be the next island over from our current location of Beaufort.


Kelli, me and her friend Jaqi traipsed about Beaufort today. The town boasts some serious mansions in the historic district, one of which served as the filming location for both “The Grant Santini” and “The Big Chill”.


We settled in to our house sit here a few days ago. Picture a peaceful, sleepy neighborhood draped in Spanish Moss. The bay sits a bit to the east. The quiet street is home to only a few neighbors.


Kelli and I will spend a little over 2 weeks here before heading back to New Jersey for the summer.


Keep an eye out for more photos from the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

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