17 Blogging Lessons I Learned on a 22 Hour Flight to Bali

February 11, 2015

Kelli wanted to mildly punt the baby onto the tarmac.

We had waited for almost 2 hours. For a 16 hour flight from New York JFK to Taipei, Taiwan.

Then we had a 4 hour flight to Singapore.

Followed up by a 2 hour flight to Bali.

Whining could have been that baby’s Waterloo.

(Note: Kelli loves kids but listening to a baby that had a set of pipes which could have given a wailing banshee a run for its money while sitting on a snow covered tarmac at 2:30 AM on a Monday morning waiting for a 16 hour flight starting off in a snowstorm….yeah, that’ll get to just about anybody.)

I myself preferred to go the Jedi Mind Trick Route: I set an intent, young padawan listened. Baby’s mouth and case closed.

The baby screamed bloody murder for a minute though. Snow slowly piled up. We had to wait our turn in the cue at JFK for our “de-icing”, and we still had 22 hours of air time combined with 10 hour’s worth of layovers.

Don’t cry for me Argentina! I know, I hear you.

Kelli Cooper Biddulph and I are kinda free birds. We are human, too. Stress does not elude us, nor do we pretend to be Blogging Buddhas.

Even if we wish to mildly punt babies and will the snow to stop or perhaps we secretly lust after Jetson-ing/teleporting ourselves to the Ring of Fire in a heartbeat KC and I do a fine job learning on the job. Or learning life’s lessons as they unfold before our eyes.

Blogging and 22 Hour Long Flights


Professor Universe b-slapped me a blogging/travel lesson about 3 days before the flight. Weather forecasts appeared somewhat cataclysmic. You’d have thunk that the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse would be raining hell fire on us. Then the forecast was changed from fire and brimstone to 10 to 12 inches of snow. Then to 8 inches. Then perhaps 6 inches.

All that mental panic, this mass insanity, this piddly prognosticating – and hey I’m a meteorologist by schooling ya know? – days before our flight. Turns out we did experience a 2 hour delay but the first hour or so was due to some cargo issues. Or perhaps a large box of tissues. The combo of Chinese accent and spotty PA system flummoxed me.

Since I do plan to hit the beach today in Bali let’s dive into the 17 tips, shall we?

1: Don’t Follow the Scare Tactics of Lame Lemmings


If we trusted doom and gloom forecasters we should have just cancelled the damn flight on Friday. This was gonna be HUGE, and you better believe a trip to JFK would have been as dangerous as a Thai snack’s devastatingly short stay in my refrigerator.

We stuck to our guns. Heck what else could we do? Panic and cancel our travel plans? Give up? Delay our honeymoon house sit for a few days?

KCB and I don’t roll like that. We don’t give in to fear mongering much, news-wise, weather-wise, life-wise.

Bloggers, don’t follow the advice of bloggers who intend to:

  • scare you about the leads you’re missing out on
  • scare you about the money you’re missing out on
  • scare you about the community you’re failing to grow

..add 11,397 scare tactics to this list.

Fear sells. I get that. But fearful selling equals fearful buying equals a bunch of pissed customers who aren’t buying from a high energy, freeing space but from a low energy, scared, confining space.

Blogging prisoners can’t exactly enjoy the roses and although some bloggers profit handsomely from using scare tactics I prefer to empower instead of frighten.

I’d rather meet my blogging buddy here in Jimbaran, Bali versus scaring them to crap in their pants.

Blogging-wise I mean, metaphorically, jeez.

Blog to Follow

Don Purdum is a good friend and SUPER positive blogger who inspires from a positive, high energy space. He uses “empower tactics.”

Follow Don’s Blog Here

2: Trashing What You No Longer Are Leaves Room for the Spectacular You


I deleted the eBook with relish I tell you.

I was the Mad Hatter of globe trotting, the crazy content creator, tossing my latest Blogging from Paradise eBook into the rubbish bin.

Kelli traipsed off for one of her many massages while we were waiting to board the plane at JFK in NYC. I found myself proof reading my latest eBook. Didn’t like it. Sounded clunky, awkward and frankly, like the ramblings of an angry blogger.

I wrote the eBook in early December. Must have been that time of the month for me. In truth, I recall this period vividly; a few critics tore me the metaphorical new one during this time frame. Being the enlightened Blogging Biddulph that I am, I whined like a little hurt itty bitty Biddulph, building a critics hit list which I’d revisit frequently on my rise to the top (whatever the hell that means).

After proof-reading 2 chapters I realized what a total douche I sounded like. I Massengilled my way out of that eBook. Bye-bye.

Goodness, if you don’t know how that applies to blogging, after I deleted 3400 posts from my old blog to create Blogging from Paradise you could do with some release work.

Examples of Release Work


Perhaps you need to release:

  • your blog
  • your brand
  • your writing style
  • family members
  • friends
  • mentors
  • your lifestyle
  • your resistance toward creating products or services
  • your blog design

..before trashing or releasing any aspect of your blogging campaign – or life for that matter – get clear on your intent. Does it weigh you down or hold you back? Or does it free you?

My writing skills have grown over the past 2 months. No sense holding onto the person – and writer – I’d outgrown.

Practical Tip


Subscribe to my blog. I’ll share so many blogging tips and I’ll tie ’em into releasing things or picking up new things/ideas that it’ll make your head spin like Linda Blair from The Exorcist. Minus the pea soup puke. I hope.

Find the ugly green bar at the top of the page. Type your email into the form. Thank you, and please, I was joking about the projectile pukeys.

3: Fun Ventures May Have Auspicious Beginnings


We took off into snow and ice.

Our flight was delayed by 2 hours.

Hardly a resounding start to an exciting journey.

We waited patiently in queue for a solution to be applied to the plane; de-icing and de-snowing.

Instead of entertaining visions of Balinese women doing their alluring Kecak dance I watched Wally the JFK worker slather a rather aggressive cocktail on the wings and body of our plane.

On Pandawa Beach, Bali.
On Pandawa Beach, Bali.

Visualize the scene from Ghostbusters 2 when the guys lathered a layer of oozy, viscous substance on individuals who’d been possessed bu ghosts. If you have no love of 80’s pop culture stop reading this blog now. Get out of here. Seriously. Joking.

Note; Wally is not nearly as attractive and charming as a Balinese Kecak chick.

Anyhow, we started off the amazing journey from a ho hum, workaday space.

The Blogging Lesson


I remember the “Goddamn It I’m So Sick of Only Being Able to Write 300 Words in a Sitting” days well. Blogging was akin to getting a root canal and colonoscopy while laying on a tightrope 2,000 feet above the Grand Canyon.

I am a different blogging animal now. I can blog with joy while receiving a root canal and colonoscopy laying on a tightrope 2,000 feet above the Grand Canyon.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Kelli once observed how some folk believe we are a different species. Take our announcement of this trip. After sharing my plans some looked at me as if I’d grown a 3rd head and cobs of corn were shooting out of my ears. Couldn’t believe it, Bali for 4 months. Head ready to explode.

Start Now Bloggers


Bloggers, start now. Wherever you are. Things will improve. When you decide to improve things. I care not about your blogging start. I thought a “blog” was something that weird people did online. Had no clue in Hades what a blog was, or that blogging entailed writing, or that blogging entailed snapping endless selfies and telling silly, weird, mildly humorous stories about your life.

But here I am.

Blogging from Bali.

Blogging from Paradise.

If Wally is lubing up your plane now, while you wait biting your fingernails on the tarmac, or if you’ve seen no real success blogging or through any business venture, start. Start blogging. Find your why. Hold it dear.

Allow that reason to guide you through thick and thin.

Free yourself.

Inspiring Blogger to Follow


Matthew Capala

Please click the above link immediately.

Matt’s story is as inspiring as they come.

He started off working his way up after immigrating to the USA from Poland.

Now he teaches at NYU.

Clickie clickie his name, my little chickies.

4: Trust Is Your Number 1 Currency


Picture OJ Simpson running through the airport in his earlier, pre trial days. Remember the Avis ads? Or was it Hertz? Or Hartz? I’ve no idea whether he promoted air port car services or tick treatments since the trial as things went a little haywire but I do recall OJ sprinting, bounding and hurdling luggage to get to where he needed to be on time.

Now envision 2 lighter, not nearly as athletic (though svelte and fit I must admit), kinda pasty white folks / Casper the Friendly Ghosts (for now, courtesy of the fine New Jersey winter sun) running amok behind a petite Taiwanese woman.

That’d be me and Kelli.

Our 2 hour delay in New York led to a hairy transfer situation. Our connecting Eva Air flight to Singapore had already left before we landed. Sorry! Should have know when we asked flight attendants for the flight status and received a combination of:

  • awkward smiles
  • flummoxed looks
  • pained looks
  • promises of “we will do our best” (code for: “your connecting flight is leaving without you” combined with sheepish shrugs)

Eva Air was on point though, teaming up with China Airlines to create a superstar Sino combo not seen since Yao Ming and Ying Jinlan patrolled the paint together. We caught a flight to Singapore but had to pull an Usain Bolt, sprinting through Taipei, nearly decapitating small SE Asia children who had the fear of small woodland creatures reflected through their eyes.

Oh yeah, we also got to be taxied around on one of those gold carts. That was 1 part bad ass, and 1 part ridiculous looking.

Bad ass: cruising in the cart.

Ridiculous looking: me yelling (kindly, with a smiling face), “Beep Beep coming through!” since the Taiwanese lady didn’t want to use the horn. Saving face is really big in this part of the world.

Bottom Line: we had to trust in something bigger than the situation to manifest our desired outcome. Whether you call the “bigger than the situation” something like The Universe, God, or just something out there matters not but it sure helps to alleviate your stress and to bolster your belief in self during uncomfortable situations.


I can force feed every blogging tip in the book down your gullet. If you don’t trust me you ain’t doing what I advise. You follow whom you trust.

Why not start at the top? Or, why not trust something big, all encompassing and all powerful? Or why not just trust yourself, my fellow bloggers?

Situations will get dicey. Blogging income may be scant. Readers may come and go like the tide and your patiently planned and executed blogging campaign may tumble like a house of cards when your provider yanks your website.

In these moments – and in any moment – trust that all things are unfolding as they should makes you unstoppable.

I don’t fully trust in the Universe nor in me. Some days I don’t trust myself to pick the right breakfast. Other days, I am good money, with tropical fare such as freshly picked Balinese papaya, mango and slightly disturbing Pandan bread sitting on my plate.

You can trust The Universe and/or yourself better by:

  • working on your mindset; 30 to 60 minutes of mental science time daily
  • regularly reviewing how trust prospered you in the past (chronicle your blogging successes and note how trust preceded each achievement…like first ducats made blogging, 1,000 comment, 2,000th subscriber, etc)
  • surrounding yourself with successful, trusting folks


5: Watching 10 Episodes of Fargo Will Make You a Sinister Demon or Insanely Creative


I thought Steve Buscemi was a bug eyed bandit?

The man who makes Gollum look like Scarlett Johanson was a flat out nasty bastard in the movie version of Fargo.

Turns out that Bilbo Baggins – or as he is called in real life, Martin Freeman is just as vicious a sonofabitch than anybody in that series, or any villain on TV, all time, save my #1 villain, good old Walter White from Breaking Bad (Jax Teller that jerk worked his way up the list on Sons of Anarchy; how could someone with such a delicate British accent (off screen) be so bad? Sounds like he should be sipping tea by the Thames not splitting Oakland gang member’s wigs!)

I highly recommend watching the TV series Fargo. If you can put up with some violence and sex stuff here and there it’s a neat show. Forces you to examine the evil in others and in you, which is always a fun experience.

I watched 10 episode of Fargo during our 16 hour flight from New York to Taipei, Taiwan. I am officially “a fan.”

Blogging Lesson for Fargo Freaks


The thing is, exposing yourself to a wickedly creative show – repeatedly – forces you to think differently. Either that or you’ll fall into a drunken, drooling stupor, mumbling the words “Fargo” as you stare with glazed eyes at Sky Vision on a cross the world Eva Air flight.

I cheat. I admit it. I squeeze one umpteemth of creativity juice from my mind after watching super creative TV shows and movies. I inspire me by observing brilliant creative geniuses in action. Not like 1 time, but like, many times. Or maybe I’ll do a 10 hour marathon. Whatever.

Consume creative shows, series, movies and books. Learn from the best how to fan that creative flame that flickers from within.

Guys, 6 years ago my writing was as flavorful as milquetoast. Today, I’ve worked my way up to a dry KFC biscuit. Watching genii at work/play helped inspire me to fulfill myself and to also write how I am, if that makes any sense to you (keywords: authenticity and genuine).

6: Air Asia Flight Attendants Are Hot


Richard Branson is no idiot. This is no blogging lesson. Just an observation.

7: You’ll Be Blessed with Abundance when You Least Expect it


Hell, Kelli and I hadn’t even flashed our marriage license yet in a craftily-conceived ploy to sway Eva Air workers to upgrade us to first class. The bespeckled, sassy-speaking young girl behind the desk hooked us up with emergency row seats, without us asking.

She noted we were seated apart and offered up the seats. The leg room space difference between normal coach and emergency row seats is about as dramatic as the difference between the interior room of a Toyota Carola versus that of a Hummer limousine.

We didn’t luck out. We weren’t fortunate. We were blessed with abundance when we least expected it. I was happy to be on the freaking plane flying to Bali. That was enough. I needed not diva it out by expecting some special flight seating location with all types of sweet perks. So the sweet perks showed up with released expectations.

Coffee Full Moons and Persistent Large Ants


How in the hell could you ever connect that triple play? Coffee. Full moons. Persistent large ants.

As I write this it’s 5:13 AM Bali time. I slept 5 minutes last night. I did pass out at the airport for 3 hours. From 4 PM to 7 PM. So call that a 3 hour nap. Plus 5 minutes. I am making out like a bandit.

I made a boo-boo last night: after our gracious host Kelly offered me coffee I obliged. My sensitivity to coffee is akin to a marathon runner on speed; if I drink a cup after 10 AM I’ll be up to 4 AM. 56,000 RPM type stuff. So sleep eludes me.

Toss in a full moon. Check the milkman, because I am a wee bit hairy and full moons keep me wide awake. Like tonight/today, or whatever time my body believes it is, here in Asia.

An America Werewolf in Bali.

Toss in the coup de gras of the triple play; 1 particularly large, insistent Balinese ant who’s as happy as a lark to tickle me each time I get settled. I find the situation amusing. It’s as if he has the Knowing to tap dance up and down my legs and arms pre-comatose me. Tickle tickle, chuckle, chuckle, stay awake Ryan.

I DID NOT expect to sleep tonight. Jet lag thing. So I’ve not been disappointed AND I’ve been blessed with a peaceful, second to none view of paradise in the night. Sure it’s a bit dark but I see outlines of coconut trees, mango trees, the jungle speaks its soothing, peaceful language and the sky view is not too unlike a planetarium in this remote chunk of a pristine paradise.

Hmmmm….do I sound like a guy who’s bitching and moaning about getting no sleep? Not by a long shot. Check in tomorrow night BTW for a bitch session. I do bitch and moan sometimes, I promise. Tonight I let go the expectation bit, being in the moment, and here we are. Oh yeah; I am also being blessed with at least a few K more words – what do ya think, 3,000? 4,000?…….by getting down to business/play a bit after 5 AM.

Your Lesson


Expect less and less out of blogging to become more and more creative than you’d ever dreamed you’d be.

Focus your energies on creating something freeing for you and your readership. Then, the energy seeps into all you do, and you’ll expect less, and create more epic content, and those lovely little – and large – Universal blessings will make a beeline for you, just as I envision sweet Bali snacks making a beeline for me when the local warung opens up at about 8 AM.

Blog to Follow


Melody Fletcher is a genius manifestor, and damn good at teaching folks how to release expectations and how to create an amazing life. Follow her. Side note; her post images are plain crack. Or dope. Pick your hard, addictive drug of choice. Compare to her blog photos. Genius stuff, funny as can be.

8: Not Working Is As Important as Working


I already mentioned the 10 hour long, glazy-eyed, Fargo-induced fest I experienced on the Eva Air flight. I also watched a flick. Or 2? I felt like Gene Shalot, the paradise purveyor of cinema and TV drama series.

Non topless pic. For the Rated G crowd. Pandawa Beach, Bali. Again.
Topless pic. For the Rated R crowd. Pandawa Beach, Bali. Again.

I did not work for 1 second during my 16 hour flight to Taiwan. I worked for a few minutes during my Taiwan to Singapore flight. I worked a bit more during my Singapore to Bali flight. Label me a despicable Bali Bum – no not the rear-end, just a pseudo lazy slob – I probably worked a combined 1 to 2 hours ( and that’s being as generous as a local Balinese and let me tell ya, these folks are kind ) during my 22 hours in the air up there.


NOT working is as important as working.

By today’s end I’ll have:

  • written 6,000 words
  • networked by meeting some 20 or more new folks through blog commenting and also developing stronger bonds with my buds
  • written or placed client articles
  • responded to all of the comments on Blogging from Paradise
  • done like 10 or 20 other things between my online and offline duties

I swear, the lazier a blogger I become, the more I get done. Energy work. Or, energy management. Feeling amazing throughout my day makes each act more effective.

You Are After a Feeling


I am freeing myself each day. I want to take you with me.

Freeing folks feel free by doing freeing stuff, and those free feelings may be preceded by soaking up entertainment, by being grateful, by being thankful and by not doing a damn thing on the computer sometimes.

I laughed like a fool at Fargo. I sometimes recoiled in horror at the abject evil of the show’s characters. Either way, I was in the moment, enjoying the heck out of a first class entertainment line-up on Sky.

I traipsed around every 45 minutes for an exercise and stretch break. I usually downed an orange juice and/or water during these time frames and I may have even grabbed a snack. I needed to break frequently, as unless I carried the bladder of a thirsty elephant sluffing through the Sahara Desert, I had to wee. A lot.

Because I cultivated that freeing, detached feeling, by letting go work and by enjoying the hell out of entertaining myself, when I touched my work/play I instantly moved into effective, impactful action. 2,000 words flowed from mind to Word Doc with ease, like a violent waterfall cascading down upon rock: no effort.

I networked intelligently today for about 45 minutes, making impacts on a slew of new folks and fortifying bonds with my old buddies.

Guys, when you do this right your most important action will be feeling free throughout the day, for all of the day, if you can swing it, and you’ll work less, play more, get more done, generate a max profit with minimum work, and you’ll hit daily goals with alarming ease.

Examples for You


Ok, this one’s easy:

  • take 1 to 2 days off entirely from work/blogging each week…..Saturday and/Sunday for example
  • take 10 minute breaks hourly during work days
  • if you’re feeling awesome sauce about watching a TV series on Amazon Prime or Hulu watch the damn series to its entirety, unless your house is burning down….don’t sprint to do something which may feel confining in the moment….let it ride, freeing-wise

Think of any blogging activity you can detach on. More importantly, think of this idea: Good Old Honest Abe Lincoln (who I’m beginning to look like after 3 days of not shaving) was once asked how he’d spend 8 hours to chop down a tree. He said he’d spend 6 hours sharpening the ax and 2 chopping down the tree. Or something like that. Then he said he’s be misquoted until eternity anyway by quote goats on Facebook, Google Plus and twitter.

That whole Sunday spent away from your blogging duties is like those 6 hours spent sharpening the ax. When Monday comes around and you complete blog-business-growing, effective, profit-building tasks in like 4 hours the “I work 14 hours every day and struggle like hell but DAMN is my ego proud of my struggle” type crowd (this is a strikingly high number of bloggers BTW) will scratch their overworked noggins, wondering how you did it.

You learned how to detach from work to manage your energy, and you learned how to move into inspired, freeing, impacting work regularly by taking extended breaks.

You’re sharpening the ax to make your blogging life easier while most chop away like assholes for 10 hours daily, wrench their backs, wind up in the hospital, and brag about it.


Tim Ferriss is really good at this type of business-building by leveraging your time aka doing little and being free. Follow him.

Tim, I will walk around in Bali for the next 120 days with one of your eBook covers stapled to my back if you interview me. Thanks Tim Ferriss.

9: Instead of Thinking about the Time Spent Doing Uncomfortable Stuff Envision the Spectacular Dream


Time lapse blog time. Now it’s 5:48 AM. Before it was earlier. Funny how time works, eh? Doing this sucker in real time.

I am watching the most jaw-dropping Balinese sunrise. Picture the most brilliant, mind-boggling pink. Add in a dash of subtle sky blue.

My ears are being serenaded with a jungle mix of Tokay geckos calling, chickens cock-a-doodle-doing, insects humming and frogs croaking. This is Beethoven’s 5th, Bali-style.

The picture I’m seeing unfold each minute is like a Rembrandt painting.

And get this; I ain’t paying jack squat for rent! For 4 months.

We’re house sitting in paradise for 4 months. If you’re either brain dead or numbed by the enchanting scene I just painted/described, this is the “Spectacular Dream” part. The “Uncomfortable Stuff” part was 22 hours spent on a plane, dealing with some turbulence here and there, an indoor environment that would have dried out a Saudi Sheik (more arid than the Sahara Desert) and a general feeling of “I will freaking Halo drop off of this plane” during a few select hours of my journey.

Was it worth it?

Hmmmmm…..4 months or more of house sitting in paradise, living rent-free, on one of the most beautiful islands on earth, while you write, and comment on authority blogs……all for 22 hours spent on plane?

Did I mention our virtually private resort is 4 terraces high and spans larger than a football field?

Hell yeah it’s worth it.

Bound Bloggers


Some folks drool over my paradise photos, yap about my unending luck, drill home home blessed I am, wish, hope and pray to start blogging from paradise, then if I ask them why they can’t or won’t do so….these folks may say:

Oh my God I could NEVER spend 22 hours on a plane.”

This is like saying you dream and hope and pray that one day, you can buy your dream home. You have ample money to do so now. You can spend 20 years of your life in said dream home. Yet when I ask you why you don’t buy the home you say:

Oh my God I could NEVER spend a few days of my life setting up a mortgage with my bank.”

One – or a few day’s worth – or work, or maybe a pretty uncomfortable plane ride, versus living for years in a dream home or for months in a tropical paradise.

See the big picture bloggers. Focus on your most spectacular blogging dream. Let go the bondage. Be free. Make freeing and sometimes uncomfortable decisions, in certain moments, to live a lifestyle of spectacular memories.

10: Babies Are Like Budding Superstar Bloggers


In one moment even I wished to Halo drop off of the plane.

During a bit of turbulence Loud Baby #1 screamed bloody murder.

I don’t mind turbulence too much, unless the roller coaster dips ensue. In those moments I feel the “stomach in my throat” bit and wish I was crawling on terra firma, dreaming of being a slithery snake instead of island hopping blogger.

Said baby screamed, and screamed and screamed. A few moments later Loud Baby #1 – who was quiet most of the flight but really loud here and there – LB1 feel soundly asleep.

LB1 made Jekyll and Hyde look like a balanced, poised, distinguished gentleman.

Although I did wish to bind and gag LB1 at times I gotta say, the swaddling babe shut up and faded away into oblivion for hours at a time.

What a neat contrast: loud, screaming and vociferous in objection for moments then as quiet as a church mouse for extended periods of time.

Blogging Analogy


I write 6,000 words daily.

Here in Jimbaran, once I write the 6K words, and do my networking bit for a minute, I get the hell of the computer.

I laze like a bum in the pool. I like doing that.

Kelli and I may cruise on the motorbike to hit Padang Padang Beach, or the bay in Jimbaran, or maybe Uluwatu for a breath-taking view of surfers hitting the half pipes, Dude!

This last line resonates with me now, Dude, because not only am I feeling knarly, dude, and not only is this area littered with surfers, Dude, my coif resembles that of a wooly mammoth in seclusion, Dude.

Yes, that type of mop top works in these parts.

Bloggers, my blogging career consists of bursts and rest periods. Sow and reap. Work/play, then just do stuff away from the laptop.

The baby screamed its lungs out. 5 minutes later, silence.

I for one don’t wail like a banshee while blogging but I do focus almost all of my attention on writing, or networking, when I write or network. Kinda like the baby screaming and crying, I devote a type of intense energy – although it is high energy – to my work.

After the work, I sleep, laze by the pool in Bali or maybe I’ll take a hop skip jump over to the local warung to enjoy me some nasi goreng. Work. Play. Emphasis on play please!



Successful bloggers work and play. That 15 hour a day, non stop, overwhelming grind bit is NOT consistent with living the internet lifestyle nor does it work for Blogging from Paradise so I don’t do it.

How could I enjoy living in a villa-style, football field sized compound in the middle of the mountain/farm land on the Bukit of Bali if I was tied to my computer?

I can’t free you if I’m as blogging busy as a Jehovah’s Witness trying to convert lost souls in the Red Light District of Bangkok.

I didn’t blog to handcuff myself. I blog to free me. And to free you.

Find your balance. Work light and playful, but do add intensity and focus to your work to do a smashing job. Then get the hell off of the laptop to rest and recover and to generate a gazillion blogging ideas.

It Never Hurts to Have Friends in the Right Spots


Kelli and I sprinted through the airport in Taipei, Taiwan doing our best OJ Simpson impersonation.

We were dangerously late for our connecting flight to Singapore after our dreaded 2 hour delay in NYC.

Fear and terror coursed through our veins. We couldn’t miss the flight. Missed flight = missed 8 PM flight to Bali = missed day = bummed out couple.

Our Asian airline buddies took care of us. From wrangling us out of the crowd to expediating our trip through immigration to double checking that our luggage didn’t wind up in Siberia instead of Singapore we were taken care of every step of the way.

Maybe the relationship was professionally-motivated but hell, it sure didn’t hurt to have these buddies in our corner.

Bloggers, when you need:

  • increased sales
  • promotion help
  • clients
  • readers
  • subscribers
  • just about anything related to blogging

.your friends will take care of you. Never hurts to have friends in high places.

My friends:

  • endorsed me to their monstrously loyal and equally huge audiences
  • shared the opportunity with me to speak at NYU
  • invited me to be interviewed for wildly popular podcasts
  • did about 10,498 other things for me, blogging-wise, to accelerate my growth, to grow my online businesses and to expand my presence

Friends are gold.

Blogging friends are gold.

It never hurts to have friends in the right spots because friends will inspire you, support you, promote you, pay you and they’ll do a gazillion other things to help you retire to a life of island hopping.

I wouldn’t be gazing upon the stunning expanse before me in Jimbaran, Bali if I didn’t make blogging buddies. My blogging buddies leveraged my presence. Said buddies will do the same for you.

Make friends.

Promote fellow bloggers aggressively.

Be ferociously loyal to your blogging buddies.

Make new friends daily.

Rock it out in paradise.

11: Alleviate Pressure by Stretching


The woman cried hysterically. As we descended upon Denpesar, Bali almost 4 years ago I noted a poor passenger across the aisle. She couldn’t stop crying. Atmospheric pressure – or its sudden rise – was her chief enemy. The tears were descent-inspired, a sensitivity far too strong for this woman to take. My heart went out to her.

This incident occurred in May of 2011.

As of January, 2015 I’ve flown just bout 60 times. Tearing Tara taught me alleviating pressure was about A1 when it came to handling a flight without being one step away from the loony bin.

She was super sensitive to pressure changes but I also noticed that she cringed, and fought, and resisted yawning, or at least opening her jaws, to alleviate pressure in the eardrums.

I for one look like a large python preparing to devour a goat as a plane rises or descends. I learned my lesson from observing Tearing Tara’s sorrowful tale “across the aisle.”

I mimicked the snake from the movie “Anaconda” as I descended into Taipei, Singapore and Denpesar. You could have stuffed an entire pizza down my pie hole what with the yawning and jaw popping I was doing some 30,000 feet above God’s green earth. But I never suffered through pressure drops or rises so you best believe I’ll look like that guy who set the Guinness Book of World Record’s feat of shoving the most cigars in your mouth at once.

Blogging Pressure


I hate to break your bubble, but there is no blogging pressure.

Oh hell yeah, the illusion of blogging pressure exists in the form of:

  • client deadlines
  • post publish date deadlines
  • any deadlines related to blogging

.but each deadline and feeling associated with the deadline is chosen by yours truly. Meaning, YOU!

I wouldn’t be enough of a simpleton/jerk to just say “don’t feel pressure” but I will be a blogging jack-boy, a thorn in your side, by saying that you both create and dissipate pressure in your blogging life.

Gotta own that stuff. Immediately. If you want to release the pressure.

Pop Your Blogging Jaws


Here’s how you pop your blogging jaws to alleviate the pressure:

Do 1 thing really, really, really really well. Really well. Really, really really well.

Then do like 2 or 5 other things online you could or could not live without, the secondary stuff, and spend scant time daily doing it.

For example, I intend to do writing blog posts really, really, really well, so I spend most of my time weekly writing blog posts. I write, write, and write. I also write for clients.

I enjoy writing. Pressure be gone, because I spend most time doing what I most enjoy.

I am becoming a skilled writer. Pressure be gone, said pressure being, “Will I never become a good enough writer to earn a decent living?”

By doing 1 thing really well you’ll have more time than ever, and you won’t stretch task times to fill your day, just to keep busy. You’ll blog on purpose, according to your intent, you’ll have more free time and the pressure cloud growing over your head, like the dirt/sting cloud around Linus, will disappear for good.

Pressure does not exist unless you choose to pick up something and place it over your head. All that bullshit, ego-induced, self-important blogging pressure is a figment of your mind, and it goes away when you get really good at one thing, and when your schedule opens up as you do like 2 or maybe 5 other things, for only, collectively, an hour or 2 each day.

Pop your jaws. Release the pressure.

12: Sweet and Malleable Beats Bland and Crusty


Occidentals are sucky bread makers.

At least compared to Asian bread makers.

I would have used the word “Oriental” but I am not:

  • 75 years old
  • racist
  • talking about rugs

Our Taiwanese emergency row mate tipped us off on the Chinese bread we dined upon during our flight’s last meal.

The bread tasted almost like a dessert, a delectable play of doughy, soft, sweet bread with a tinge of savory. I was hooked. Chinese bread makers put Occidental bread makers to shame.

Henry the Chicken in our kitchen. Seriously.  This is what I wake up to.
Henry the Chicken in our kitchen. Seriously. This is what I wake up to.

OK, not all Occidental bread makers. I like me some good Italian bread and French bread, but Chinese sweet bread rose up to # 1 in the rankings of breads from around the world, at least in my book, and in my mind, which of course carries little weight from a guy who worships at the feet of crappy Thai snack bakers.

Sweetness was one key factor; being malleable helped too. I was able to craft little tiny bread balls from the Chinese sweet bread. It may have looked disgusting and quite frankly, I may have been a bit rude to toss those bread balls at stunned passengers who coughed without covering their mouths, but malleable rocks in all things bread.

Dry, crusty, bland bread flat is about as desirable as flying into a hurricane.

Blogging Sweet Bread


Prospering, successful bloggers churn out that sweet, authentic, story-telling content and damn are they as flexible as a Chinese gymnast (note irony).

Sweet content is pleasing to read. Take, maybe 1 of 75 posts on Blogging from Paradise, when I hit it out of the park.

As for flexibility, I’ve only noted this 456 times but I was as flexible as a palm tree in a hurricane by trashing 3400 posts from my old blog to start this new blog.

I entirely changed:

  • my niche
  • my blogging style
  • my blog post frequency
  • my blog layout
  • my story-telling approach to blogging
  • my online businesses
  • my networking model

…and roughly 20 other things, blogging-wise, let alone life-wise, to change my online course.

Ummm….all those changes don’t look like they’ve hurt me, do they?

Blog to Read


Meg Jerrard runs a super sweet blog which is so fitting from such a sweet person.

She’s creative, energetic and a super successful travel blogger.

Check it out!

Mapping Megan

13: Generating 17 Blogging Lessons Related to a Cross World Flight Is Kinda Tough

Hey, just saying, and also, crossing one tally off of the list (sneaky SOB I am, I tell ya).

14: Speak Your Reader’s Language


My eyes popped out of my head, cartoon-like.

What did she say?

Did I spot a colloqualism?

Or was flight sickness getting to me?

Did they spike the Chinese tea?

Nope, it turns out that some Chinese flight attendants are so fluent in English that they have down the informal, “no problem!”, or other simple American English-isms, and when they speak the words with a somewhat American accent, it not only floors me, it also helps me to connect with them.

If someone speaks your language, you’ll form a stronger emotional bond with them. Could be remembering a Chinese flight attendant or it could also mean remembering a blogger who makes a serious impact on you by speaking your language.

Examples of Speaking Your Audience’s Language


  • write simple posts
  • write “easy to understand” posts
  • tell stories; almost EVERYBODY can relate to a good story
  • visualize yourself in your audience’s shoes before writing a post
  • format your posts for easier scanning

OK, on to the next one, because I have a vacation to take here, ya see!

15: Don’t Scrimp


Coffee, tea?”

I can hear the words now, being spoken in a feminine, pleasant-sounding Chinese accent.

I was asked if I wanted to drink coffee and/or tea about 17,047 times during my 20 hours onboard Chinese flights. These folks don’t scrimp.

I’m not saying the finest meats and cheeses were available but folks were quick to ask if I needed refills or snacks or anything.

I’d say Eva Air over delivered in a big way.

Bloggers can over deliver by:

  • publishing 2,000 word or longer blog posts
  • publishing thoughtful, personalized comments
  • promoting the stuffing out of blogging buddies
  • being a really nice guy or gal

No sense going overboard on this one; whatever you do, do it with love, and you’ll automatically over deliver on the blogging-side of things.

This guy here, Adam Connell, ALWAYS over delivers.

Follow his blog. Immediately. Or I’ll forever ban you from the Blogging from Paradise community.

I can issue edicts like that. I even have a BFP throne, scepter and WWE style championship wrestling belt.

Clickie clickie my little chickies.

Blogging Wizard

16: Embrace Rocky Times with Smooth Sailing


The turbulence got a bit dicey at times.

I was not ready to heave my Chinese noodles nor was I prepared to projectile spew my Chinese tea all over the clean, tidy interior of the jet but things got off to a bumpy start.

Imagine a light turbulence, not unlike being jostled to and fro, with the dip here and there.

Of course, we DID take off into a snowstorm. Wasn’t the storm it was forecast to be – lash my meteorologist brothers and sisters with wet noodles, for each bar of atmospheric pressure gradient we experienced during the storm (that’s a lot) – but any time you fly through thunderstorms or snow storms you’ll be rocking and rolling a little bit.

But the thing is, if you want to jet set and pimp it out in Bali, or if you’re flying to Fiji, or if you’re cruising to Costa Rica, you’ll need to hug some turbulence before you experience smooth sailing AND before you land in paradise.

I recall a semi-frightening episode of tremendous turbulence on a flight coming back from Costa Rica.

We were landing in NYC. The pilot warned us that we were heading into a strong frontal system.

Money wasn’t playing!

I should have known; he conveyed that sense of “guys, you better put your seat belts on freaking NOW” urgency that told us it’d be a bit of a doozey.

Really quick deal but it was intense, with hectic side to side behavior and 1 or 2 “OH NO” dips, the “stomach in your throat” variety.

I stomped my feet on the floor. As if it would cause the weightless feeling to stop, or like it would level off the plane (I ain’t squatting that much weight).

I got through it. We landed. I held onto my fritatas. That day was a good day. Smooth sailing.

Blogging Turbulence


Damn you guys know the drill:

  • critics popping up like weeds in your comments field
  • money treating you like a 13th century European treats The Black Death
  • Permanent writer’s block
  • yada, yada, yada

I’m not here to tell ya what you can’t do.

I’m here to tell ya, turbulence will hit your blogging plane from time to time.

Maybe you won’t be hurling your Chinese Sweet Bread but you’ll want to embrace the rocky times to make way for a lifetime of smooth sailing.

Ratio of turbulence to smooth sailing on a flight: from my experience, 3%/97%.

Smooth sailing is the norm. Don’t let a few moments of turbulence scare you into losing your Ramen noodles, so you go and quit this blogging gig.

Blog to Follow


My inspirational sister, Kimberley Biddulph Cranstoun, just created a blog chronicling her husband’s experience through hospice. She is clever, humorous, and tells her truth in her own special way.

She shares how to embrace perhaps life’s greatest turbulence and she’s a helluva skilled writer too. Yes she writes like a Biddulph. Whatever that means.

Subscribe to her blog.

Headed into Overtime

17: Paradise Awaits


Henry the cock is keeping his hens in line.

My kiddies, you know RB rarely displays such salty potty mouth.

The above (2 above) line is code for: the Balinese rooster on the football-field sized compound/resort in a gorgeous, remote area of Bali in a Balinese style neighborhood….is keeping his hens all lined up.

Don’t worry ladies; these saucy chicks give him his, too. Equal opportunity peckers.

Oh please, stop it now!

I am in paradise.

We are living in a bonafide villa. Resort style. 4 homes line the premises, 2 such homes fab little studios and the others are more expansive numbers.

We have 4 terraces leading down to a delightful built-in, lovely pool.

Kelli and I are surrounded by:

  • 3 dogs (and the cutest puppy this side of the Ring of Fire….wait a sec, now he sounds like a hell hound)
  • 4 cats
  • 35 chickens
  • 2 wonderful Balinese workers/staff
  • endless gardens
  • breath-taking views of the valleys, mountains and the Indian Ocean
  • and yes, we know at night, we’re being visited by Pythons, cobras and monitor lizards….haven’t seem them yet, but they’ve been spotted recently


Paradise awaited after the hour flight.

Not a nice place.

Not a beautiful place.

We’re talking full-blown, stupendous, paradise.

The baby blue skies smile at me. Cloudless.

Small, exotic, tropical birds flit from branch to branch on coconut trees.

Palm trees sway in the breeze.

Papaya, red dragon fruit and bananas fill our fruit platter.

Life is good.

Life is freeing.

Do you think the 22 hour plane ride was worth it?

I said it before and I’ll say it again; fall in love with your dreams and you frankly won’t give 2 shakes about what you need to do to get there.

Dream Big!

Focus on the end game

Focus on freedom.

Imagine living in Bali now. For 4 months. Like Kelli and I.

Move into inspired action. Fall in love with your freedom. Fall in love with your vision.

22 hour plane rides won’t matter. Uncomfortable blogging circumstances won’t matter. Nothing will; you’ll be so darn focused on the end game that the first 3 quarters won’t mean jack squat.

Do you think I’m sitting here – sweating my cajones off in paradise, thinking about my next weird blog post idea, while shaggy-haired (pot calling kettle), bronzed, “knarly” surfers zip to and fro on motorbikes all around Jimbaran, and while the surf pounds in the distance, and while I’m planning how we’re going to enjoy tonight in paradise – regretting that 22 hour plane ride?

Bloggers, if you take one thing away from this post it is this:

falling in love with the end game makes the competition/work/play so much more easier to embrace.

My topless, farmer-tanned (we’s changing that right proper), wise-cracking booty is writing a blog post from Jimbaran, Bali. Sitting in a resort. Or a quasi-resort. I’d call it a resort I guess. Without service. But with like 4 homes, and with a football field sized plot that could just about house the endless stream of zany ideas flowing from my sometimes prolific but never normal mind.

I am in paradise. Because I focused on freeing me and on freeing you.

Did I free you today?

I hope so.

Book the freaking plane ticket. 22 hours ain’t that long a flight and you may just learn a thing or 17 about blogging along the way.

Your Turn


What tips did you enjoy the most?

What tips might you add?

What analogies could you work into this post?

Call to Action


Would you like to receive service from a topless coach living in paradise?

If you do, I know a 75 year old Balinese woman down the…..no, J/k, j/k, j/k.

The older Balinese women may drop top – think Nat Geo meets Ring of Fire – but I’m taking about me, RB.

I offer blog coaching services.

Translation: I can help you….

  • increase your blog traffic
  • increase your blogging income
  • pick a blog topic which sings to you
  • develop a blogging success consciousness (really important if you want to become a full time blogger)

.and I can also help you through just about any blogging block/difficulty you may be experiencing.

You ultimately want to build a lifestyle around your blog.

I could be the guy for ya.

Sometimes I even help tigers overcome their fear of humans.

If I’m Blogging in Bali imagine where you can be blogging from?

Click here: Blog Coaching Services

Please share this post on all of your social networks.

Don’t forget to sign up for my email list too. Find the weird green bar at the top of this page. Enter your email address.

Until next time…..enjoy paradise!

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    I agree with you that blessings will come when you least expect it, so you really have to keep going! Thanks for all the words of encouragement 🙂

  51. Thanks Linda! Ditto on reading and I just dedicated myself to reading for an hour or more daily, yesterday. Back into that habit to get inspired. Thanks so much and enjoy your time off 😉

  52. Linda Bibb Says:

    True, what you said about giving readers what they want. I read a lot of advice decrying “listcicles,” but if that’s what readers like, then that is speaking their language. My top posts are lists and how-tos because that’s what makes them happy. A good blogger serves the blog’s readers, just as a good flight attendant serves the airline’s passengers.

    The way I see it, a lot of your points touch on the same basic premise: It’s all about balance between mental, physical and spiritual. Meditation/prayer, workouts, blogging, not blogging and doing nothing, all of it has value.

    That said, without the right mental attitude it’s going to be an unnecessary slog through doo-doo.

    Your Fargo analogy is a good one, though my creativity is sparked more by reading well-written pieces of literature. I read a lot, believing that good writing inspires me to write well. Occasionally it simply inspires me to write. All good.

    And at other times reading is my way to shut off, forget about work entirely and just enjoy what I’m reading, period, full stop.

    And on that note, I’m shutting down my computer for some serious down time. After I share this. Good stuff, Ryan.

    Enjoy paradise!


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    Tons of nuggets in here but I really appreciate your thoughts about “blogging pressure”. I’m still amazed at times that I have my own blog, and am obviously the guy writing the stuff, (thus should be in control), yet feel pressure to produce certain things at certain times. Which of course takes the whole fun out of the thing!

    Great post man. Glad I found your blog.

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    Dude. What you said at the top about not selling from a place of fear, but rather from an empowering standpoint is so clutch. I’m doing a copywriting assignment right now where I hand copy a winning ad every day, for a year.

    It’s remarkable what I’m learning about copywriting, but I’m also noticing how many of these ads play on people’s insecurities, fears and low self-esteem. “Are You Secretly Missing Out On Everything You’ve Ever Wanted?” … especially in the finance and diet industries. It’s atrocious!

    The trend is really popular in online advertising, when you get back into the classic ads by Ogilvy and Halbert there’s a lot less of the fear driven scare-tactic selling, and a lot more of the factual, genuinely excited ads.

    Definitely gives me a lot to think about for the copywriting clients I get to work with, and how we are going to go about marketing their products.

    Speaking your audiences’s language, and not scrimping on the good stuff are also really good tactics for blogging and marketing. (and what is blogging but just really long form sales letters for ideas, services and products?… Food for thought there.)

    I actually just came up with a really simple way to get an insanely detailed view into my reader’s minds for $5. I’ll be writing a post about it soon, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    Anyways, keep dreaming big my friend, keep living the life in paradise and congratulations on your sweet life in paradise with your new bride!!!

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    Wow, what a great read, Ryan! I love your humor, among many things here in the content but also including #6 *wink*. I’ve had my blog for about 4 years now…real active for the past 2 1/2 of those. I’m not trying to make any money though my webmaster has suggested several times for me to put some ads up and maybe I can make an extra $1 or $2/month. For it’s just for fun. I built up a really nice community and of course some go away and some new ones come along. I love the social interaction of it and getting to know them personally. All walks of life and so many different stories every one has to share. I love it! I’m glad our paths crossed sir!! I hope you and your family are having a great week 🙂

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    #9 for sure! I hate it every time someone says “Oh I could never” or ” If only I could” when making excuses for not living their dreams. I wish they’d let go of whatever’s stopping them.

  71. Our longest travel day was 40 hours—Philadelphia to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was worth it. And the good thing about being a blogger is that even (or maybe, especially) soul crushing experiences are usually excellent grist for the writing mill.

  72. Tiffany Says:

    Lots of content here Ryan to think about. Great stuff! What a way to use 22 hours on a plane. Thanks!

  73. Pooja Says:

    “Speak you reader”s language” That is a great lesson. In my opinion, bloggers should write as if they are speaking to their readers. There should be active conversation. Its difficult as we have to write a paragraph which generates a question or thought in the readers mind. And then next paragraph starts like “why are you thinking about so and so thing?”. I believe readers like such conversation. So whena re you goiing on next flight for so many lessons?

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    Great lessons! I absolutely loved my stay in Bali and I’ve learned they had the best food in the world!

  83. Jolanta keep on following your way!

  84. Donna what a great point 😉 People project their fears on you, if they want to scare ya out of your current lifestyle. Keep on being free spirits and enjoy the beautiful snow!

  85. Hi Ryan,

    I’m always fascinated by your stories. Your blog may be a long one but I look forward to reading it and your take on things. I just wanted you to know that.

    Fear does not sell to me! When you talked of screaming babies and such, it reminded me of sitting here with 4 blizzards this month. Oh boy did I get a bunch of texts and phone calls from the fam in Cali. You’re crazy! Get out of there! HA. When will anyone understand that we live the laptop lifestyle and if I’m snow bound and can work from my home office looking at the beauty here I don’t give a you know what!

    My choice my life. The rest of the seasons are so beautiful but watching the water go wild during a snow storm is something people miss out on. I happen to love it just as you love Bali.

    So, I never listen to anyone. David and I are old hippies and free spirits. We live our lives exactly the way we want as others whisper “they are crazy” HA!

    Well my friend the best take away here is to take time for ourselves. We do that all the time. So much so, we do even unplug for the day. We can go out and about, or go on one of our adventures in the forest. Maybe eve lay on the couch and watch a marathon of “Twin Peaks”…leaves us in an altered state of mind lol.

    The important thing to remember is that we blog for a business, and we need our “off” time as much as we need to spend time on business.



  86. Lots of interesting advice here, peppered in between your story about the flight from hell. I admit there are a couple of blogs I’d started a long time ago that have been abandoned, though as I see from the stats, are still visited. I’m still working on finding the voice for my most recent blog, but I’ve decided a few months ago that I’ll just do it my way – post what I want, the way I want it, instead of “Top x things to do while you’re in z.” No deadlines, no pressure, just blogging when I want it, about what I want to write. Will it last? Time will tell.

  87. Exactly Suze! A nice little break….thanks for sharing!

  88. I agree that blogging pressure comes entirely from within! Having a few days off can make you all the more productive when you start again

  89. Karyn that’s awesome! Slow and steady wins the race, and I love the changes you’ve been making. Well done….!!! And more on twig and berries in next week’s post 😉 Thanks so much!

  90. Ah Mi, your brilliant analogies are dead on 😉 Love it….just keep on keeping on, celebrating each small blogging victory and you will grow, and prosper. Thanks for the awesome comment!

  91. Naomi thanks for reading and commenting!!

  92. Yes there is such an abundance of lessons for us Vino….thanks so much for reading and sharing!

  93. Meg your blog is looking awesome! Always fun to do a nice update here and there. My pleasure, and you too!!

  94. Amen to that Pj, thanks so much!

  95. PJ Zafra Says:

    Hey Ryan, these are some pretty awesome things that you’ve learned! Isn’t it pretty awesome how we can learn some really cool stuff at the most random moments? lol

    Awesome stuff here! I loved reading your post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  96. Meg Jerrard Says:

    Aww Ryan you’re making me blush! Thankyou so much for the sweet mention! And fabulous tips as per usual – speaking specifically to the tip about being flexible with your blog, this really is something which can make or break a blog. Times are constantly changing, and you need to be able to keep moulding your blog to your readers as your niche develops, so being flexible is one of the biggest qualities to have.

    I’m going through and remodelling my blog now – a long process, but hopefully it’ll pay off in the long run.

    Have a great weekend!


  97. vino Says:

    Amazing post as usual..An Inspiring post.Its agreed that there is a lesson in each and every moment of our life.It is up to us whether to take it as a challenge or not..Keep posting and have a great day ahead.

  98. Mi Muba Says:

    Hi Ryan

    Is it a post or a complete guidebook for blogging in 2015? Not a single lesson is sort of stereotyped shout of dos and dons. You always come up with a brilliant idea.

    Expecting within limit is the most rational approach to continue the journey without any sinking feeling.

    Once you get a little you will be so happy to have it because you were not expecting the sky and got a small piece of rug instead.

    All these lessons can work well if someone first thoroughly goes through them and then apply them while blogging.

    I personally feel that a lot of them I have yet to follow and that is why I bookmarked this post to use it as my reference book.

    Thanks a lot Ryan for this very valuable post.

    Have a nice weekend ahead my friend.

  99. Naomi Teeter Says:

    Thanks for these blogging lessons. I’m going to put a couple of them into action right now!! 🙂

  100. Karyn Jane Says:

    Ryan, it’s always such a breath of fresh air to come here and read one of your blog posts – you are such a positive guy!

    This was a great post, and really helpful! And I laughed at your video when you were talking about the guy with his twig and berries hanging out lol.

    My rebrand is coming along veeeeeeery slowly (writing the new content now; haven’t even picked a theme yet) but your great examples are helping me decide the finer points of exactly what I want my new blog to be. Thank you.

  101. Mary, much appreciated! Keep on inspiring on your fab blog!

  102. Thanks Pinki!

  103. I am very happy to visit this website and read the great information that you present.

    Thank you,

    Pinki Chaurasia

  104. Mary Says:

    As usual this is full of so many great tips that I don’t even know where to start. Yur first pint is what struck me the most. I often feel afraid I am missing out and then end up doing so much that it neutralizes everything! Great reminder!

  105. Nanda I love me so Nasi Goreng 😉 Thanks much!

  106. Thanks Pooja

  107. 😉

  108. DNN Says:

    You’re welcome.

  109. Pooja Singh Says:


    This is very nice post. It is very important for all people.I like video in your article. You described all things in very well manner. I loved your way how you present this.

    Thank you,

  110. Hi Ryan,

    Wow, I surprised by the length of this article.
    Not just a long article, but also a useful article. 🙂

    I strongly hit by your first point. Indeed, there are many people who scare novice bloggers start a blog. I also experienced it, but I trying to move forward, although often falls here and there. But I kept trying to learn and read many articles from great bloggers like you. 😉

    I’m glad you can enjoy your time in Bali and tasted some nasi goreng, Ryan. Thanks for sharing and success for you!


  111. Those rascals behind us were quite raucous, weren’t they? Thanks for the share!

  112. LOL Richard on Virgin, I can only imagine! Wow thanks for the tip; I’ll add Fortitude to my Must Watch List immediately because I became such a rabid Fargo fan on that flight. Much appreciated!!!

  113. My pleasure Adam! Amen to that 😉

  114. Thanks Renard, Matt rocks!

  115. Thanks Drewry!

  116. Wow Don didn’t know that! I’ve appreciated aviation that much more after about 60 commercial flights over the years. Flying is amazing, and so miraculous when you think about it, being able to get halfway across the world in under a day. Thanks so much Don, I’ll check it out now!

  117. Thanks Luke! Hey you can go for it; you and Phil Dews can compare Brummy notes 😉

  118. Reginald you said it man 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  119. Hey Ryan!

    Nice post man. Epic indeed. I love the fun venture. For me, a venture is a challenge and if you have no guts to get it up, success is hard to come by.

    Have a dream, then work towards it. That’s how it is done (which you had proven to us all)!

    Top notch man!

  120. Luke Jordan Says:


    Your posts are awesome!

    Love me some long-form content.

    I’d love to write about blogging from paradise but I don’t think “What I learned from my trip to Birmingham” has the same effect 🙁

    I shall return!

    Luke Jordan

  121. Don Purdum Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I loved this post. You may not know this about me, but I LOVE aviation and flying. I would have enjoyed your experience for sure. Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

    Those zaney scare tactics don’t work anymore in my opinion and they never should have to begin with. People want to be inspired, encouraged, championed and pushed to be their best for all of the right reasons.

    I really loved the “Biddulph from Plainfield” (BfP), lol… That was witty and powerful.

    I suppose the one thing in addition that really was impressed upon me in your article was trust. Trust yourself, trust the process and no matter what happens just have the faith to know it will all work out.

    I’m going to have to come back to this post a few times to read and re-read it. This article is so rich that it demands thought and action.

    Great post Ryan!

    I hope you’re having a great week? Today I launched our podcast together if you haven’t seen it?

    Thank you for including me!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

  122. [ Smiles ] I like that you are opened to life’s lessons and thank you for introducing me to Matthew Capala.

  123. DNN Says:

    This is wonderful. Affiliate marketers and bloggers are always seeking unique ways to build organic traffic from search engines and social networks. This is definitely something that’ll give marketers alot to think about.

  124. Adam Connell Says:

    Wow, thanks for the mention Ryan. Most kind of you!

    You’ve shared some great tips here, I really vibed with what you mentioned about being after a feeling – that’s what it’s all about really, together with the life style. It’s the key to really enjoying the journey!


  125. Hi Ryan.

    I’ve taken lots from your post here Ryan as usual.

    Number 8 – not working is as important as working. For sure. I’ll often crack open a new boxset I bought from eBay, and start a marathon. A Christmas or so ago, I watched 9 series worth of The Office: An American Workplace. Started in December, finished the series in January. It’s good to zone out, it’s good to be entertained, it’s good to soothe the mind.

    Biggest one – number 14, speak the language of your audience. Especially the story thing. Sometimes I find it hard to relate a personal story to the content of the blog. I am getting better at it, but it’s something I need to work on. You manage to relate personal stories with ease, i guess that comes with practice.

    3 more things. 4 actually.

    1) Put them damn guns away bro, LOL!
    2) Fargo remains one of the best TV series I have ever seen. Period.
    3) Fortitude is a new series which I believe could be as good as Fargo.
    4) Virgin Atlantic stewardesses are hot too. Branson is definitely no fool.

    Sharing this one out Ry, cheers.

  126. kelli Says:

    Hey Ryan
    I did kind of want to punt that baby..but he wasn’t as bad as those two little buggers a couple of rows behind us! Anyway, amazing tips as always. Two in particular resonated with me due to the whole LOA thing.

    Not working is as important as working—totally true. We create based on our energy, and the more we step back with a sense of trust, the more that can come to us without doing a damn thing. And you are so right..we are always after a feeling. When we realize that, and work on creating the emotions that lie behind what we want, not only will that come to us more easily, so will a bunch of other great stuff that feels just as good.

  127. What lessons did you learn from my flight?