What Fuels an Effective Blogger Outreach Campaign?

April 18, 2018
blogger outreach
Fresh spinach and batchoy from the backyard in Opotiki, New Zealand.


I reviewed a few practical blogger outreach tips for you via recent blog posts.


You now have a better idea of how to build prospering friendships with successful bloggers.


Now you get to dive into the “why” of the equation. Why do so few bloggers do outreach right? Many have access to practical tips. It feels easy to hit a “retweet” or “Facebook Share” button. But few bloggers make buddies with blogging big dawgs.




The secret to being a blogger outreach dynamo is in Chapter 11 of my eBook:





Being a persistent giver puts everything into motion over the long haul. Friendships build over weeks and months in most cases; not minutes or days. True; every impact counts. But seismic impacts leading to prospering blogging bonds develop over time.


I regularly explain how good things take some time in life. Maybe not decades. But ya gotz to do things persistently – with a generous, detached energy – to see rocking results.




Lack Of Persistence.


Most bloggers seem stricken by lack of persistence, displaying the attention span of a puppy chasing a cat chasing a laser pointer. Picture that for a second.


You may have a solid intent to help folks but getting frustrated with a lack of traffic or profits after diving into a genuine outreach campaign for 2-4 weeks shows you’re missing the crucial fuel to make your outreach campaign pop; persistence.


The practical outreach strategies you follow are simple. Quite easy for a bit. But following simple steps like:


  • reading blog posts
  • commenting genuinely on blogs
  • promoting other bloggers on social media
  • promoting other bloggers on your blog


feels uncomfortable over weeks or months sometimes. Frustration sets in. God knows I ditched blogger outreach many times during lean years, Lone Wolfing it and summarily starving my blogging ass off. If you can starve your ass off.


I learned the secret: persistence. Eventually. After struggling like hell. Usually you need pain to really set it, to get pissed off enough, to follow advice from smart, wise, prospering, successful bloggers.


Traffic and Profit Lag


Although only the moment exists we often experience a lag between being generous and seeing this abundant energy reflected in traffic stats. This lag time is natural, normal and quite effective for shaking out bloggers lacking in persistence.


Guys; if you want to make your blogger outreach campaign pop simply commit 100% to persistently promoting other bloggers, to commenting genuinely on their blogs and to feeling any uncomfortable, scary emotions that arise which say:


“Hey Rye! I have been doing diligent blogger outreach for 1 year….where’s my freaking stuff dude?!”


Perfect system in place: feeling the fear of loss is the quickest – albeit unpleasant – way to clear the fear, to help you persist with your blogger outreach campaign. Persistent, generous, connected dynamos see and feel abundance and vibe mainly from love, letting go fear-based, “Oh my goodness where the freak is my stuff?!”, again and again when your whiny little ego kicks in with its silliness.


Practical Tips for Being a Persistent Blogger Outreach Dynamo


OK dudes and dudettes:


  • feel the fear, and do it anyway (blanket successful tip)
  • feel the joy, fun and love in helping other bloggers
  • note the friendships you make by being generous
  • observe how happy, loving, top bloggers persistently work their blogger outreach campaigns
  • remember that teamwork makes the dream work
  • recall Ryan telling you to see through your outreach campaign
  • throw salt over your shoulder 3 times daily
  • meditate daily; expand your awareness to face, embrace, feel and release panicked, worried, frenzied energies


I have enjoyed promoting my eBook today and writing these blog posts too.


Blogger outreach is a misunderstood concept.


I may have another blog post in me later tonight – New Zealand time – but if not, definitely grab my eBook on the way out for a helpful, inspired, valuable blogger outreach guide:


13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle eBook


Load it onto your Kindle or heck, on any device. Amazon makes it super easy to read any eBook via Cloud Reader.


How did you become a persistent blogger outreach dynamo?

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  1. Congrats on your startup Tom! Awesome dude.

  2. Tom Watts Says:

    Great post Ryan! I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve spoken with you, so I hope you’re well.

    The tips in this post are great, and they really are what I employ not just in meeting and connecting with bloggers, but also with many other people in the real world too. In fact, I’d say some of these are what really got our conversation started, but to be honest, you make it so much easier than other bloggers that I’ve tried to connect with – so kudos to you!

    It has been a while, so I’m sorry for that, but I have a good reason – I haven’t been blogging much. And the reason for that is that I’ve just been working hard on my web design agency, as well as my own startup that’ll provide a new tool to bloggers and blog readers alike. The startup isn’t ready just yet, but when it is you better believe I’ll be sending you an email about it to get your opinion on it.

    Stay awesome,