What Is the Ideal Blogger Outreach Email?

April 17, 2018
blogger outreach email
Jaw effectively dropped for this morning’s sunrise in Opotiki, New Zealand.


Since my friend Praveen of Daily Morning Coffee noted to buy my eBook in the comments field and since we’re dissecting this sucker today….well….here ya go:



I want to do a little scientific breakdown of how to do blogger outreach right.


Why Do Blogger Outreach?


1000 is better than 1.


If 1000 friends – or friends of friends – promote you, endorse you, buy your stuff or hire you, success is yours.


Creating authentic, effective blogger outreach emails is often the first step to build genuine friendships. All bloggers read their emails. All bloggers will raise their eyebrows if they see an email like the example below in their inbox.




Fear may cloud your mind guys, blogging-wise. Fear leads to hate, to anger and to suffer….wait a second; those are Yoda’s words.


But blogging fear goads otherwise rocking bloggers to do silly, desperate or greedy things. Like writing blogger outreach emails focused 100% on fulfilling their needs and 0% on helping the blogger you want to connect with.


I delete 100% of these emails because the blogger sees me as a tool, or thing, having little to no interest in befriending me.


Think of an outreach email as lending a hand. Visualize yourself reaching out to help someone. Literally; ask how you can help them.


Let’s dive into the ideal email.


You can use this template if you want to.


Ideal Blogger Outreach Email


Hi Ryan,


You’re pretty weird; but I love you anyway.


Just read your latest post and I bought your blogger outreach eBook. (wink wink wink). Pure gold. Most bloggers have a rough time with blogger outreach.


I RTed the post to followers and shared on Facebook too. Did you see my comment? I published a meaty one for you. 


Let me know….how else can I help you?


Thanks for all you do!


The Perfect Blogger Writing the Perfect Outreach Email


Ok my little blogging sweet robbins; time to see why you want to craft such delicious, delightful emails.




Hi is nice. Pleasant. Plus the blogger used my name. Best sounding word in the English language. Your name. Right. Folks care enough about ya to use your name; instant attention grabber.


Lead off Email Body


I am joking about the weird line; or am I? I really am weird. Probably remember ya if you said you loved me. I am taken though. Kelli, remember?


You are a super star, you.


Because you helped me in 4 ways:


  • you read and enjoyed my latest post
  • you bought my eBook
  • you shared my post on Twitter and Facebook
  • you published a genuine comment on my blog


I am indebted to you for the next 45 lifetimes. Your humble servant.


Seriously, help bloggers in 2-3 or 4 ways. Be of service. Be generous. Explain how you helped said bloggers via your perfect outreach email. Doing so proves; you are interested in the blogger and how you can serve them….all about befriending them.


Being interested in a blogger connects to their heart and goads them to put their guards down. Most outreach emails focus on fulfilling the needs of pitching blogger. Perfect outreach emails generously serve bloggers, asking for nothing in return.


Help. Do not ask for help. Drink the essence of the ideal blogger outreach email. Reach out to help someone; not to lasso them into doing something for you. 100% of ‘dem der lasso emails go to spam or get deleted instantly.


The Money Shot Ask


Peep the Money Shot Ask at email end; after helping me a few ways the generous blogger asks how they can help me.


Brilliant. You are in. My heart. Instantly.


Ask bloggers after helping them, how you can help more. This is the quickest way to build powerful friendships with newbie bloggers to established pro bloggers.


Sign Off


See how the blogger signed off with their name? Personal touch. Makes ya memorable. If you are memorable you will lay the foundation for a successful blogging career.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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  1. LOL Laura! Much appreciated my friend 🙂

  2. Your tips are both obvious and nearly always overlooked. In other words… GOLD. You have hit the nail on the head. You are weird. Absolutely! And I love you in the Christian sense of the word, so no worries about Kelli. lol. You consistently put out fantastic content. Thank you. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Smart Addy, smart. Dig a little deeper, share thoughts, be genuine.

  4. Addy Brown Says:

    Speak to the blogger about something they would want to discuss, their own work being the best example. Voice an opinion on one of their past posts – preferably not from the homepage.
    This is the best way to open the lines of communication.

  5. Generous, heart-centered, B2B bloggers are out there Paul. I’d keep commenting on their blogs, promoting them and in time, you will make friends with these pros. Once you are friends, all types of partnerships arise.

  6. Paul Towers Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Any tips for specifically building relationships with other bloggers in the B2B space? So far I find that everyone I reach out to is either not interested in partnering with another B2B brand, even if we dont directly complete on product, or wants to get a heap of things from you but provide nothing in return?