How to Keep Blogging When You Feel Like Quitting

  January 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Fall Foliage Killington Vermont

Fall Foliage Killington Vermont


You have probably been there.


Maybe you want to quit blogging right now.


Nobody goes through this blogging journey without pondering the idea of quitting the gig all together.


Even seasoned veterans think through if they should proceed or quit at least a few times during their blogging careers.


Point blank; successful bloggers find ways to keep going while the masses either quit all together or struggle through the entirety of their blogging careers.


Everything is mindset. Pros probably told you about this basic truth but few bloggers internalize the real meaning of the platitude. How you think and feel is under your control. But owning how solely your thoughts and feelings scare you into quitting seems too overwhelming to the ego. The ego prefers to be a victim. However, if you want to keep blogging you need to let go the victim mentality and decide to change your mindset.


Follow these tips to keep blogging when you feel like quitting.


1: Allow Your Fun to Beat Your Fear


Do you have fun blogging? I sure hope so.


If you do enjoy blogging simply focus more heavily on your love of blogging and less on the fears that goad you into quitting.


90% of the time, you don’t want to quit because you lost the love of blogging. Nope. 9 out of 10 times you quit – or want to quit – because you fear some outcome has not manifest.


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Perhaps you are sick of not seeing much blogging traffic after years of effort. Or maybe you haven’t made any money through your blog despite spending the prior year working diligently, building bonds and creating helpful content across a wide range of channels.


If you focus on your love over the fear of loss, the love/fun expands and you will never quit blogging, no matter how bleak things seem to be.


Allow your fun to beat your fear. Keep blogging.


2: Follow Inspirational Bloggers


During your darkest hours it helps to know that other bloggers ran into horrible struggles along the way.


If they did it, you can do it too.


I struggled horribly before I became a pro blogger.


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I literally lost almost all of my money, I sold almost all of my possessions and nothing seemed to work for me, blogging-wise or life-wise, for a while.


I turned the tide after embracing deep fears and releasing these feelings but only after slamming into strong resistance.


Knowing that things didn’t always come easily for me can give you a little nudge if you want to quit blogging now. Persist. Keep at it. I know you can do it. I believe in you, and I hope that learning of my failures and successes can inspire you to blog even though you may want to quit.


Do not quit!


Look toward pros who share their struggles. Knowing of their struggles can inspire you to keep going through your tough blogging times.


3: Spend More Time on Mindset Work


Feeling the desire to quit indicates fear is calling the shots in your mind.


Spending more time on mindset work is the quickest way to uproot, embrace, feel and release deep fears.


Consider a few rituals to improve your mindset:


– prayer
– meditation
– doing yoga
– spending 30 seconds in an icy cold shower (but go easy; I don’t want any Blogging From Paradise readers to become blogging popsicles)
– contemplation


Working on my mindset and boosting my energy helped me feel and release fears so I could blog from an energy of love, abundance and fun.


4: Pull Back


Maybe a week off from blogging would help dissolve your urge to quit.


Or 2-3 days off from blogging may do the trick.


Taking a short or long break gives you clarity as you move forward.


Even the Energizer Bunny needs to recharge its batteries.


Pulling back helps you rest, recharge and tackle blogging from a fresh new perspective.


Everybody needs a blogging break sometimes.


You are only human.


Your Turn


Have you wanted to quit blogging recently?


What tips can you add to this list?


How are you continuing to blog despite running into obstacles?

  1. Debbie D. says:
    at 2:42 am

    Blogger burnout has been an issue for me and taking a break is the best cure. After a while, the enthusiasm usually returns. Hard pass on the cold showers! 🥶😆 This is obviously a serious concern for pros earning a living, and you’ve highlighted some excellent ideas here. We hobbyists can be somewhat more lackadaisical.

  2. Shamsudeen says:
    at 2:50 am

    Hi, Ryan,

    This is so helpful and motivational.

    The point you made here is one of the major reasons many have quit blogging

    “90% of the time, you don’t want to quit because you lost the love of blogging. Nope. 9 out of 10 times you quit – or want to quit – because you fear some outcome has not manifest.”

    Yes, many have quit or wanted to quit because the results haven’t been as expected.

    There were times I wanted to quit too because the expected results were not just there to show. It’s so frustrating doing something for long without a positive outcome to prove you’re on the right track.

    But, life has its way of rewarding the never say die mindset, the ones that keep pushing in the face of a glaring defeat…

    I’m grateful for the little wins I’ve achieved in blogging over the years – especially since the beginning of 2019 till date.

    Thanks, Ryan, this is so good.

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