Do You Blog How YOU Blog?

  September 3, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Kathmandu, Nepal


Blogging feels freeing.


But blogging feels highly uncomfortable at times.


Blogging how you blog feels uncomfortable because blogging in your genuine style often involves breaking some blogging rules. For example, bloggers generally advise finding your writing voice and sticking to writing in that voice for all blog posts. I break that rule often because I write in multiple voices. Call me a blogging schizophrenic.


Exhibit A


This post voice:


Blogging Income Claims


And this post voice:


2 Simple Ways to Make Money through Your Blog


all sound quite different. I write with humor, peppering colorful anecdotes with silly prose, vivid story telling and a general flippant air about blogging (post #1 above). But I also write plain jane, dry, practical blog posts completely engineered to rank on page 1 of Google (post #2 above). However, I also publish simple, short form blog posts in a pinch to offer yet another writing voice. I am a human being, not a human doing. Ryan never frames posts in a single writing voice because I am not a robot. Robotic writing crimps my style. Crimping my style completely removes the Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde persona I carefully crafted over the past 7 years of running Blogging From Paradise.


Organically, my writing style shifts based on:


  • intuitive nudges
  • reader feedback
  • the price of a paperclip


because my blog is an extension of who I am. I am fluid, flexible and limitless. How in the hades could a fluid, flexible, limitless being be defined by one writing voice? Imagine if I felt depressed, leveled or flat out devastated by some news. Would I honestly publish a humorous post to fulfill a humorous tone on my blog if I felt like shit? Or if I felt playful, light and airy, do I best serve you by publishing a 1500 word, bland, dry post optimized for SEO?


I write in my style to stand out in a blogging niche largely dominated by mimics parroting writing voices amazingly similar to the top bloggers in the world. But Neil Patel is already taken. The world has one Jeff Goins. One version of Jeff Bullas exists.  Stop attempting to copy those icons. Each became iconic by honoring their genuine, one-of-a-kind blogging style. Become iconic. Embody your authentic writing style even if it appears to be dodgy, rough around the edges or outright manic. We need that. Humans appreciate humans who blog and allow their human dynamism to bleed through their work. Humans do not need another blogging robot parroting back plain facts in a writing voice remarkably similar to well-know bloggers.


One Warning


I have written tens of millions of years over the past 13 years of my life. Being armed with thousands upon thousands of hours of blogging practice yields skills enough to where I can morph like a writing chameleon, changing writing styles on a dime. For one post, I may elicit tears in explaining how to grieve the living. For another post, I could make you piddle in your pantaloons after weaving an intricate, true-life tale of being stalked by 2 lady boys in Bangkok. But in the next breath, I can write a page 1, position 1, pillar-style post that dominates Google. Changing gears between these 3 writing styles is an advanced approach I cultivated by writing for 10,000 plus hours of my life. Do not expect to shift gears as effortlessly if you write for 100 or even 1,000 hours; this takes lots of practice, folks!


Allow your blogging voice, style and overall delivery to evolve organically. Let it be. Honor your writing style as you spot intuitive pulls. Blogging as only YOU blog is the it factor allowing you to stand out from all other bloggers who ever blogged or who will ever blog.


I recorded a video a while back giving you permission to blog how you blog.


Check it out here:


Blog How YOU Blog


  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 6:45 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I heard Jeff Goins retired. I am shocked. Any idea what he is planning to do now?

    I’m looking forward to receiving more of your blog posts now that you’ve decided to publish more.

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