Do You Feel Confident About Your Blog?

  May 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest

Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest


For all of your hard blogging work if you lack confidence in yourself and your blog you will fail.


Some bloggers do an excellent job creating and connecting but struggle terribly. Since life is mind you need to get to the root of your unconscious mind to identify your failures.


Obviously, creating and connecting generously, genuinely and patiently is not the problem because you already did the right things. But your mindset mucks things up.


For example, some bloggers claim to be confident but fear mentioning their blogs among mixed company. Other bloggers feel embarrassed to talk about blogging around family and friends.


If you fear mentioning your blog you have serious blog confidence issues.


Bloggers who mention blogging like they breathe have blogging confidence. Bloggers who mention blogging around family and friends possess blogging confidence. Bloggers who talk about blogging in the general public ooze confidence. However, resisting any of the prior practices reveals blogging doubts, a general lack of clarity and needless blogging struggles.


Root Out Doubts by Observing Yourself Honestly


I felt quite awkward noting blogging around:


  • family
  • friends
  • the general public


for some time.


Observing my mind revealed how I doubted blogging and my blogging abilities. The ego tried to con me into believing that I oozed with blogging confidence. But feelings of shame, embarrassment and awkwardness anytime I mentioned my blog around people suggested otherwise.


I progressively ferreted out blogging doubts to become more confident. Leaving my comfort zone unearthed fears. Mentioning blogging in public settings uncovered blogging doubts.


I gradually gained confidence by genuinely feeling my lack of blogging confidence.


Observe yourself. Watch your mind. How do you feel if someone publishes a critical comment in response to your posts? How do you feel if someone questions your blogging strategy? Reacting wildly to any opinion reveals your lack of blogging confidence.


Clear, confident bloggers remain unflappable in any blogging situation. Confident bloggers never seem to get their feathers ruffled because clear individuals know clearly that they blog skillfully. Knowing allows criticism to slide off of you like water rolls off of a duck’s butt. People who know of their skills never feel upset when someone claims that the individual is unskilled because when you know, you know.


For example, I know that I am a man who possesses masculine features. I have a heavy, square jaw, big shoulders, big arms, big legs and a solid musculature. If someone said that I looked like a petite girl I would instantly overlook the statement because I clearly know that I look like a dude.


Blogging knowing works in identical fashion. Confident bloggers remain calm, cool, collected and clear in any blogging situation because their knowing allows blogging leaders to overlook other’s lack of knowing, doubts, criticisms, negative feedback and general fears.


Bloggers who lack confidence:


  • fight critics
  • feel embarrassed to mention their blog
  • feel ashamed to mention their blog
  • never want to talk about their blog with people
  • react angrily to critical comments
  • worry about negative reviews


Feeling bad about anyone who disagrees with you and your blogging point of view indicates a lack of blogging confidence. Clear your doubts. Face your fears. Thank critics for revealing your mind to you.


Get confident by releasing doubt. Be clear by feeling fears fueling your lack of confidence.


Most importantly, do not lie to yourself. Assess your mind honestly. Note any moment you shy away from your blogging campaign. Spot yourself trying to hide your premium offerings under layers of pages. Observe deserving issues arising in your mind. Note the difference between being humble and being ashamed. Being humble removes the insanities of pride, arrogance and conceit, to place credit in the hands of your community. Being ashamed triggers feelings of not being good enough, not feeling that your blog is good and a general embarrassment about blogging as you belittle your efforts.


Be confident!


Confident bloggers rise to the top even if they use unorthodox methods.


Everyone else vanishes.

  1. Adam says:
    at 11:18 pm

    I’ve just recently starting writing a blog and trying to get started on building out my own network of blogs. Thanks for these inspiring words its just the push I need. BTW, when starting a blog is it better to buy expired domains with some backlink value to help bring in more traffic? Thanks!

  2. Rashmi singh says:
    at 3:32 am

    I have been writing content for a while now and yet I don’t feel confident about uploading it for the readers. There is still a doubt in my mind that my writing is not good enough for my audience.

  3. Andreas Christodoulou says:
    at 5:47 am

    Are you blogging? If not, you should!

    Blogging gives you more content to share on your social media pages and establishes you as a trusted resource in your industry. It’s also great for boosting SEO and web traffic to your site.

  4. Mahmoud Ashour says:
    at 12:47 pm

    I trust a lot in blogging, but the biggest problem in front of me is the increase in the number of visitors

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