Whether you’re a successful blogger hungry to take your blogging game to the next level or you’re struggling to attract readers and boost your blogging income I can help you make your blogging dreams come true.


My coaching services can help you to:

  • Increase your blogging income

  • Increase your blog traffic

  • Increase your subscriber count

  • Increase your social proof

  • Expand awareness of your brand

  • Gain the trust of your target audience


I can help you design your dream blogging lifestyle, whether you want to blog part time or whether you want to become an island hopping, globetrotting professional blogger like me.


I have suffered through blogging struggles. I know what you may be experiencing now. I can help you create a successful, well-read blog from the inside-out. That’s the secret; learning how to intelligently and effectively build your blog from a place of clarity.


I can also spot what you’re doing right so we can accentuate that aspect of your blog, exploit your strengths, and accelerate your blogging success.


Full Blog Report


I can create a comprehensive, in-depth report for you explaining how you can better:

  • Monetize your blog

  • Get clear on the direction of your blog

  • Grow your blogging brand

  • Generate a boatload of comments

  • Attract return readers

  • Start your own freelance writing or blog consulting business

  • Engineer a freeing internet lifestyle through blogging


I offer a wide range of services. If it’s related to your blog, or more importantly, the mental aspect of blogging – like getting clear on your blog topic – I can help you.


What I review:

  • top-down layout of your blog

  • clarity around choosing/changing/keeping your blog topic

  • your title

  • your domain name

  • header banner

  • sidebar widgets

  • marketing strategy

  • blog images

  • length, depth and overall presentation of your posts

  • traffic generation questions

  • sales generation questions

  • income stream ideas

  • selecting your ideal reader

  • your product/services page

  • About Me pages (critical one here)

  • pretty much anything related to your blog


What you get: a detailed, personalized report explaining how you can reach your blogging goals.


Rate: $1000


Contact me at: with any questions.


All sales are final.


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