Do You Blog Boldly?

  August 4, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Hidden Beach, Bali.


I felt an intuitive nudge to look up Thai Lee yesterday.


She runs the largest female owned company in the USA.


Thai founded Software House International and helped grow the company into the empire it is today.


On a side note, my wife Kelli and I “partially” helped grow SHI into its current day success.


I worked at SHI from 2000-2001 while Kelli worked there from 2003-2006 (before we met in 2007) as it was based in Somerset, NJ, a quick commute from our respective New Jersey hometowns.


When I Googled Thai’s name I noted this article on page 1:


Meet Elon Musk Superfan Leo Koguan the Singapore Billionaire and Physics Nerd Who Claims He’s Tesla’s 3rd Biggest Individual Shareholder


Leo is a co-founder of SHI and former husband of Thai. I recall him speaking at sales conferences.


Now he is the 3rd biggest individual Tesla shareholder behind Elon Musk and Oracle titan Larry Ellison.


Be a Bold Blogger


I decided to tweet this visionary for a few reasons:


  • I had a connection to him; I worked at a company he ran for a bit and partially owns
  • I wanted to compliment him on his vision, daring and work ethic
  • I wanted to leave my comfort zone.


He decided to retweet my tweet:


Obviously, when you engage and get a retweet from entrepreneurs with investment stakes similar to the richest people on earth, there are only upsides.


On a worldly level:


  • Based on the retweet, I wrote and published a post about being a bold blogger to empower you
  • I engaged a billionaire visionary who in part is directly responsible for the net worth of the richest person in the world
  • this billionaire retweeted my tweet to be seen by his loyal following


At the end of the day, being bold positions you to free yourself and to empower your readers to free themselves.


Playing small only leads to struggles, failure and quitting.


Be a bold blogger.


Put yourself out there.


Don’t be afraid to tweet billionaires you resonate with because each billionaire started out just like you: at zero with their business.



Forget Strategies for a Moment


Stop focusing on specific blogging strategies for a moment.


How do you feel when you blog?


Do you blog scared? Do you fear what people think about you and your blog?


Do you blog boldly?


Do you put yourself out there?


Check out the Richard Branson tweet above. I saw how he had been sailing in the waters of NYC and decided to chat with him. He replied.


Tweeting him felt uncomfortable because he is an icon and I am not. Knifing through fears revealed my faulty self-image, limiting beliefs and a golden opportunity to blog boldly.


Move into Higher Blogging Circles


Being bold moves you into higher blogging circles.


Moving into higher blogging circles amplifies your blogging success.


Instead of observing tire kickers hanging out around your blog, moving into higher circles aligns you with prospering people who freely pay for your products and services. High level entrepreneurs introduce you to fellow successful business owners. Leo’s retweet registered 22 Likes, mostly from his following. His followers did not know about Ryan Biddulph or Blogging From Paradise before I made the bold move to tweet him; now they do.


Being seen by, engaging and being retweeted by a billionaire who likely has the ear of Elon Musk only has upsides for me, you and Blogging From Paradise. But I only experienced these benefits because I:


  • left my comfort zone
  • faced my fears
  • blogged boldly


Don’t Talk Yourself Out of It


Bloggers may feel an intuitive nudge to reach out to a successful entrepreneur. But fear invades their thought process.


“He won’t check my tweet.’


“Who am I to reach out to her?”


“He gets so many tweets.”


“Nobody reads my blog, anyway.”


Stepping through fear and doing it anyway is the price of freedom.


Stepping through fear and doing it anyway is the price of freedom.Click To Tweet


Pro bloggers pay one tuition: pros leave their comfort zone to act boldly on a daily basis.


Face fear. Blog boldly.


We Are All Connected


Me, you, Leo Koguan, Elon Musk and Larry Ellison are all connected.


Boldly reaching out to targeted individual with like-minded ideals taps strongly into this inter-connectedness.


Becoming more connected in successful circles:


  • frees you
  • inspires you
  • aids your readers


“The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki


You Never Know….


Each time you blog boldly by leaving your comfort zone you never know where the fearless or quite uncomfortable action will take you.


Every bold blogging act opens doors you could never imagine.


15 years ago I bought my domain and hosting with $120.


Today I circle the globe.


I worked for Thai Lee and Leo Koguan 2 decades ago.


Today, as a 15 year entrepreneurial veteran, I see how their:


  • vision
  • customer-centric mentality
  • employee-focused community


helped build beneficial companies and massive wealth for each entrepreneur.


I also nabbed a retweet from an individual in circles with Elon Musk and Larry Ellison.


If a guy blogging boldly in gym clothes can do it… can do anything.


Blog boldly. Exit your comfort zone. Buy your domain and hosting. Write and publish your first post. Open your first income stream. Reach out to the billionaire. Promote your products. Help fellow bloggers. Drop a genuine comment on a respected blog from your niche. Broadcast live. Record a podcast.


You never know where your bold blogging moves will take you.


But you will always free yourself and amplify your success with each bold blogging act.

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