1 of the Toughest Blogging Obstacles to Overcome

  January 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Ubud, Bali


I note more of a trend these days.


Some bloggers love what I do.




But other bloggers intend to lob critical bombs my way.


Since I focus on love and harmony over fear (all critics are afraid of not being good enough themselves) I dodge the critic bombs, letting ‘em explode somewhere else.


One blogging mistake arises in front of these critical bloggers, tripping them up. Most fall flat on their cyber faces, struggling until they throw in the blogging towel.


A few bloggers wake up and own their critical nature, tossing the cold water of truth into their face, freeing themselves of this damaging blogging trait.


Why Criticizing other Bloggers Holds You Back


You see the world as you see yourself.


Or we see the world as we see ourselves.


The blogger you criticize is a mirror, reflecting back to you what you do not like about yourself.


Some bloggers joke around about my globetrotting lifestyle in a good-natured fashion. No problem here.


Other bloggers jealousy criticize me, believing I am:




Connected (Duh; you *work* at building connections….nobody hands you anything)

“A Natural” (thank goodness my first blog post and first video from 10 years ago have been deleted; you’d vomit if you read or viewed either one)


None of these ideas are true.


But since critics believe you need to be lucky, connected, or a natural to succeed, each critical blogger has these ready-made excuses in hand, explaining away their failures.


Each excuse is like a pair of handcuffs. Instead of owning their failures and breaking free of the cuffs, critics fight to keep themselves bound, trying to tear down successful bloggers, living in their own little suffering world of delusion and fear.


What I Did


I worked intelligently and persistently for 10 years to become a skilled, pro blogger.


I followed my passion for years. Even when it seemed like I wasn’t growing, I still practiced, like clockwork.


I dove into deep fears habitually, doing fun, freeing and uncomfortable stuff to become the blogger I am today.


Luck does not exist in a Universe of cause and effect.


Connected people busted their ass to build loving, genuine connections by serving influential bloggers for years.


Do you think I am a natural writer? Sure I am; after writing millions (yes “m”illions ) of words.


Do you think I am a natural on camera? I have created over 3,000 videos during my 10-year career.


I write and do live videos like most people breathe because I gave my life to blogging.


But the critics don’t believe I did any of this stuff. They believe in the delusional, crazy, nutzo concept of LCAN blogging success:


Lucky, Connected, A Natural.


Holding onto these insane, false ideas holds critical bloggers back? How can they proceed if they aren’t lucky?


How can they grow if they aren’t connected? How can they outshine me if I am “a natural” on video as I am?


Here’s how….


The Solution to the Delusion


Instead of criticizing successful bloggers, study them.


See what makes them tick.


If you believe I am a calm, confident, present and dare I say, a charismatic chap on video, I have a secret for you: you too will be as calm, confident and charismatic if you record over 3,000 videos like I did.


If you believe I can write my ass off, here’s another secret; write 1000 to 10,000 words daily for practice for many years and you too will write your rear end off.


The solution to the delusion of criticism: follow your passion and practice, practice and practice some more…even when you are afraid to practice!


If you criticize any blogger, the blogger is a mirror, reflecting fears, loathing, disgust, grief, and anger back to you. The blogger has nothing to do with the criticism. It is all about you.


Bite your tongue before you say something you regret.


Appreciate successful bloggers.


Observe successful bloggers.


Stop holding yourself back by criticizing blogging big dawgs.


Instead of criticizing these folks, try commenting on their blog, promoting them, learning from them and helping them in as many ways as possible.


Generous, humble bloggers make it up to the blogging penthouse eventually while blogging critics sink into a blogging swamp of their own fear and hatred.


You up for living in the blogging penthouse?


I thought so.

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