Do You Need a Big Budget to Build a Thriving Blogging Business?

  March 1, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Lyttelton, New Zealand

Lyttelton, New Zealand


Bloggers believe one needs a big budget to build a successful blogging business.


Clinging to this excuse leads to struggles, failure and eventual quitting. How can you succeed if you believe you need big bucks but have not big bucks? How can you thrive if you lack something you believe you need to go pro?


Let go of the idea immediately. Release the concept that you need a huge budget to become a successful blogger. Follow the fundamentals. Stick to the basics. Create. Connect. Monetize. Rinse, wash and repeat for years. Success will flow to you if you follow fundamentals for a long time. Whether or not you spend a big chunk of money matters not. Sticking to the basics for a long time matters.


Buying an expensive theme does not make you a successful blogger. An expensive theme is an expensive theme. People may seem impressed by your slick theme but readers simply want help. Help them through your content for a long time. Helpful bloggers succeed.


Whether or not your blogging content comes wrapped up in a snazzy-looking theme matters not. Who cares how help arrives, in terms of your theme-package? Who cares if benefits you receive seem wrapped up in a slick-looking, expensive theme? Presentation counts in the blogging game but service wins. Substance counts much in the blogging game.


Feel Free to Invest Money


Investing in a clean, clear theme strongly enhances the substance-content of your blogging campaign. For example, the recent changes on Blogging From Paradise allow readers to access my content and eBooks seamlessly. Adding No Follow comments for commentors boosts engagement. Of course, the theme upgrade helps oodles. But I wrote this post for new bloggers who falsely believe a big, massive blogging budget devoted to blogging makes the difference between success and failure.


How the process works for most bloggers: begin blogging on a bootstring budget, create helpful content and build blogging relationships, slowly but surely accelerate your blogging success, THEN invest a bigger chunk of money into your blogging campaign.


First, stick to the basics. Work your tail off. Be patient. Then, as your blogging reach grows, feel free to invest a bigger portion of money in:


  • your hosting
  • your theme
  • various other aspects of your blogging campaign


Make no mistake about it; content drives successful blogging campaigns. Invest time and energy in creating valued content to lay the foundation for a thriving blogging career.


Substance over Style


Publish meaningful substance in the form of useful content to make a seismic impact over the long haul. Be less concerned with the style you present through your blog. Invest money in your domain, hosting and a clean-looking theme. That’s it. This is the bare minimum investment one needs to make to become a successful blogger.


No blogger needs a big budget to invest in a domain, hosting and solid theme. But creating substance for a long time taxes you, challenges you and forces you to leave your comfort zone. Perhaps you do not need to invest big bucks but you do need to make a significant time investment to become a successful blogger. Of course, most bloggers prefer to focus on style over substance because emitting a clear blog and brand image seems easy compared to publishing helpful content for a long time.


Work gets results. Financial investments can enhance work but only if you put in work. Some bloggers invest significant finances in securing a slick-looking theme. But said bloggers never invest time and energy persistently to publish valuable content. Readers may be temporarily impressed by your theme but leave your blog the moment they scan your unimpressive content. First, invest time and energy in developing skills to help people. Gain credibility. From there, feel free to invest more money in your


Paid Advertising?


Engaging in a paid advertising campaign can help promote your blogging success. Buying a high volume of interested, highly targeted eyeballs may grow your business. But one needs a big budget to mine blogging success through a persistent, patient, paid marketing blogging campaign. Few bloggers possess such a budget.


Feel free to engage in paid advertising if you have the financial means to do so. But if not, make a huge time and energy investment by creating and connecting generously for a long time. Most bloggers do not succeed by investing significant money in a paid marketing campaign. Most bloggers thrive by putting in serious time and energy with a content marketing and blogger outreach campaign.


Content and Blogger Outreach


Publish helpful content to solve reader problems. Gain trust. Build credibility. Grow your blogger buddy network. Engage in a generous, genuine blogger outreach campaign. Publishing valuable content and making blogging buddies helps you to go pro.


Monetize your blog freely; be as generous with yourself as you are generous with your readers. Thrive by opening multiple streams of income.


Put in serious time. This is the difference maker. Bloggers need to work diligently in order to succeed if you do not have a big blogging budget. Spend years blogging the right way – creating, connecting and monetizing – to lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


Your Turn


Do you focus on the blogging fundamentals?


Or have you focused a bit too much on investing big money to go pro?


Do you blog on a bootstring budget?

  1. Tom says:
    at 2:58 pm

    I just loved your writing skills and the way you have described the budget for blogging business. I think we should spend a fixed amount on our blog until we start making profit from our blog and then we should spend maximum profit from our blog.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:03 pm

      Agreed on that Tom. First, building your blogging income patiently. Stick to the basics. From there, one can budget more to blogging as blogging income grows. No one needs to invest a fortune with money. But pros invest a fortune of time, attention and energy in creating and connecting to build a strong foundation for their blogging campaign. Thanks for reading.