Big Buddha Phuket Thailand


Big Buddha Phuket Thailand


Visiting Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand is likely high up on your tourist itinerary.


For good reason.


After visiting this gem twice I strongly suggest spending some time at Big Buddha for a fun morning activity.


I’d avoid afternoon trips; things get uncomfortable in the hot, humid, jungle climes of Phuket when the sun beats down on you high atop a mountain.


The Trip There


The trip there was as much fun as the morning spent at Big Buddha.


The Big Guy sits at the top of a mountain in the center of the island.


He is easily accessible from Chalong, where Kelli and I are often spotted feasting on delightful Buddhist vegetarian fare at the Jai restaurants.


Easily meaning you have a motorbike with enough cc’s to make it up the hill. And that you aren’t nearly as heavy as the Big Buddha statue.


Because you will face extremely steep grades at a few points during your journey from sea level to up there in to the atmosphere.


This is not a towering mountain by any means but it has a decent elevation and again, the steepness at some points is quite impressive, if not intimidating.


After working our way through a few Thai villages near ground level we slowly began our ascent. Homes turn into trees.


On the way up you will be met with thick jungle greenery and a few elephant camps too. Like anything, do your homework before visiting to be sure the elephants are treated with love.


Winding roads, and in some spots, the motorbike seems to take a vertical path toward the sky. Again guys, make sure you have some juice on the bike and if driving with too, please avoid the Long John Silver’s Seafood Combo platter before the journey. For both weight/loading purposes and because you’d likely not want to have to drop a few Texas Yule Logs in a jungle that is likely inhabited by both regular cobras and its close relative, the massive King cobra, some of which grow up to 15 feet long in Phuket.


Eventually, after enough curves than on a Kardashian, you will find your way to the Big B.


The View


The views from atop this hill are dazzling.


I had to include my snap of Kelli because of the background.


See that shade of Andaman Sea blue? Brilliant. Blogging From Paradise branding fodder there, a perfect snapshot and reason why I circle the globe.


Kelli at Big Buddha Phuket Thailand


Phuket is a mountainous island. Evidence of such hilly-ness abounds in this photo.


Picture green. Lots of green.


Toss in rolling hills, winding roads and fabulous views of the Andaman Sea.


The ride up is definitely worth it, guys.


Big Buddha Himself


How people built this guy impresses the pants off of me.


The scale of the statue leaves you scratching your head.


Big Buddha is *huge*. He obviously didn’t turn down many healthy dishes of Thai mixed vegetable curry, please, not sparing any rice.


This guy is 25 meters by 45 meters, width by height. For all of my American buddies – us metric allergic folks – you likely know this means 75 feet by 135 feet, roughly.


He also weighs 135 tons. Portly dude? No. He wears the weight well.


Huge, towering and impressive, Big Buddha still emits a calm, enlightened vibe. Can’t you just tell from the look on his face? Serenity and a sense of poise, balance and love permeate any Buddha statue, figure or photo I enjoyed viewing.


Monk-y Feel


The place has a monk-y feel to it. Or a monk-like feel.


To be expected, of course. We are talking about the Enlightened One Himself.


But the shops and temple at the site gives off a serene, calming, peaceful vibe, along with a wee bit of a commerce vibe too.


All good in both regards.


Kelli and I looked around for a few minutes at the various goods for sale. We dropped some Baht in the donation bin. Always good to keep that scrilla moving.


We also spent a minute relaxing in the prayer area near the back of the temple.


Monkey Feel


Monkeys live in the hills surrounding Big Buddha.


I spied a few working the canopy as I visited the loo.


Not sure if this is common; only seeing monkeys while you….ummmm…, in the restroom. But either way, the cute little primates hopped here and there in the dense jungle foliage around the site, which was kinda neat.


Big Buddha Phuket Thailand


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