BFP Podcast Episode 26: 5 Annoying Blogging Strategies That Gotta Go

August 25, 2017
Rivas, Costa Rica.


These 5 blogging strategies gotta go.


At least if you want to build a rocking blog.


Listen to this short (2 minute) podcast:



12 Annoying Strategies That Torpedo Your Blogging Success


This podcast was a wee lil’ appetizer. If you want the full buffet grab my latest eBook.


I discuss 12 blogging no-no’s that you need to let go in order to enjoy the sweet taste of successful blogging.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Please do bro! Would love to meet up if our schedules match up.

  2. Things are quite alright here in MA, just saddened by the unbelievably short summer :/
    Ah, i love NJ as much as NYC. I might actually go to NJ in September or October, so I should totally give you a shout out if that happens lol.


  3. Actually no course or eBook on that yet Kim but thanks for the idea 😉 Wheels are turning. A contact form and email works awesome for most folks. My forms were buggy in the past so I focused on an email link, quick copy and paste and we were set. But having forms makes it a wee easier to connect with bloggers. I may have to add one again.

  4. X and out Chery 🙂 Quick, easy and a fabulous way to let go what we do not want to make room for what we do want.

  5. It could lead to some spam Lisa but I am learning that as you grow and expand online it is impossible to avoid it. Comes with the territory 😉 I’d place the contact form on all pages to make yourself available for legit folks, and simply delete the spam that comes with increased availability and exposure. Thanks for the PUSH! You likely received a notification a few minutes ago. Sounds awesome. Have a fun week Lisa 🙂

  6. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I wondered about the contact info using email on every page. Would that lead to a lot of spam email? I use my contact page where they have to fill a form. Is that the best way?
    I just started using the push notifications – I’m starting to like them 🙂 Just subscribed to yours that way this morning.
    You got me wondering how many people clear their cache and how often for those that do.
    Thanks Ryan and I may be grabbing your latest eBook for the collection – thank you!

  7. Hey Ryan! Those Pop Ups do annoy the heck out of me, but I know, they say they work LOL Like you said, I just look for the X and get rid of them… Awesome Podcast my friend! I do appreciate YOU!!
    Have A Crazy Good Week..
    Chery :))

  8. Kim Says:

    Solid list, Ryan. I agreed with all your points! Multiple pop ups can be super annoying, especially when they interrupt you as you’re trying to read or even enter the site. And I have been working on my contact page. Not sure what else to add besides a contact form, since I worry adding an email address would bring in the spam bots. Bet you have a course on that somewhere though! I’ll sift through your site 😉

  9. On one level this is maddening but on another level, I know this is a sneaky subconscious conviction of “nobody’s gonna contact me anyway” or the even more damaging “I don’t want to deal with folks; just buy my stuff and get the hell out” LOL! The blogger believes these ideas. Acts on them. Does dingbatish stuff.

    NYC was awesome, thanks Elvis! Back in NJ for a few weeks but we return to the Big Apple in late September. How are things on your end?

  10. This year alone I have run into at least 3 blogs without contact information, or those with details that were so hard to find that my jaw dropped every single time. Worst of all, one of those occasions was to warn the blogger about a broken product link. So guess who’s probably losing sales as a result? Sigh….

    Oh well. Hope you’re well, bud. Still in the Big Apple?

  11. AAAMMMEEN Drewry LOL. I do recall those agitating days. A few ads here and there complimenting solid, helpful, evergreen content is the way to go. I see comments on many of my old posts because I am always thinking long term on BFP. Sometimes I go topical for the Huffington Post or Blogging Tips guest posts but here it is all evergreen, pretty much all the time. Thanks much dude!

  12. That is the killer Ravi. Folks have awesome content but their lack of clarity around using pop ups hurts user experience and also sends many readers heading toward the cyber hills eventually.

  13. DNN Says:

    I remember back in the day when pop up ads “in the MySpace layout template days” were soooo annoying. So many large allegedly 300×600 ads came up from the footer of the website or blog. Ultimate pain in the rear deltoid and

    All I do nowadays is write content with not too many ads on the site. Focus on churning out lots and lots of content evergreen style and connecting deeply with your target audience. I’m learning from you and others Ryan. Thanks for being a blogging leader to admire! 🙂

    Can you say —> Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr??? 🙂

    L 😛 L!

  14. Ravi Says:

    hello Ryan.. glad to read your post again. i love this paradise site.. honestly speaking pop ups are irritating.. sometime i leave that site who pop ups and many time it is difficult to read even interesting post…

  15. I do like pop ups Bhargav. Which is why I use this form of marketing 😉 Neil is huge on pop ups too. He is super duper clear on using PU’s frequently so I know the strategy works well for him.

  16. Bhargav Says:


    Awesome post. I really enjoyed listening your podcast.

    Well if you ask me popups is really a good way to collect email id’s.

    Infact neil patel suggest the same thing. if you keep popups and show it after 20 secs. then its cool.


  17. Pop ups can be maddening Joy when used too frequently. My pop up appears once yearly I think, unless you clear your cache. But beyond that it is a slider and then a PUSH note pop up for folks who want quick and easy updates via PUSH, as opposed to email. Subtle works nicely.

  18. SSUP Says:

    Totally understandable! Thanks for explaining these points. Popups and specially those bright shiny images that sell Backlinks, aah! Those really annoy hell out of me and I don’t want to go to that blog anymore even though it is on the top of the search results for some of my query! Explained well !

  19. Joy Healey Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Even single pop-ups drive me nuts when they splat right across the page I’m reading within 5 seconds of me landing on the page. I mean… how do I know if I want to subscribe? I haven’t even read 500 words! And then, to irritate me more…. I have to hunt for the X to get rid of the blasted thing to read the post. Haha – sorry rant over.

    I hope people will get smart and use subtle pop-ups in the bottom right, after I’ve read for a while…. just like you do 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  20. Good deal Shantanu. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  21. Hello Ryan,

    Another rescue material for the bloggers who are willing to success with their blogs.

    I have book marked this one, so that I could be taking lessons from this on this coming weekend.

    Thanks for the share.

    Have a great weekend ahead.


  22. Pop ups are funny Monna. I see some polarizing views on ’em. Singles work A-OK if you are clear on using them. But double pop ups or pop ups on every page can turn off readers because it diminishes user experience. Interruption marketing. But folks who really dig what you are doing with your blog develop pop up blindness in a good way. This crowd doesn’t mind pop ups at all, just X-ing out the form. Thanks much and enjoy your weekend!

  23. Hey Ryan,

    I’ve always wondered about pop-ups. Personally they annoy me but so many say they work. I’ve tried with pop-ups and without and I don’t see much difference. Maybe it depends on the niche?

    Thanks again for all you share. Have a great weekend.

  24. I left a thought.