BFP 211: Be Careful about Envying Pro Bloggers

  October 27, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Before envying a professional blogger remember what the individual:


  • thought
  • felt
  • did


to become a professional blogger.


Aspiring bloggers tend to envy pros but do not understand the:


  • work
  • fears faced
  • fears felt
  • fears released
  • time


involved in becoming a professional blogger.


Some envy my life of circling the globe through blogging. I still have not come across a blogger who envied the 15,000 plus blogging work hours I executed since 2007. Imagine what you were doing in 2007. Picture 14 years of your life passing until now, 2021. During this 14 year time frame I blogged-worked for 15,000 plus hours. Does that make you jealous? If so, you will go pro. If not, you will probably never go pro because if you envy the spoils of going pro but not the work, you never go pro.


However, falling in love with helping people through blogging makes the work the reward. What once seemed burdensome becomes fun. Sure you face discomfort along the way; various fears pop up during a long blogging journey. But if you simply fall deeply in love with having fun helping people you will dissolve your envy into:


  • admiration
  • appreciation
  • observation


Admire pro bloggers. Appreciate their effort. Observe their ways. Pay close attention to how professional bloggers handle themselves on a daily basis. Do not envy rewards and scoff at work. Never feel jealous because you too can live your dreams through blogging. Feeling jealous is an insane state of mind created by the ego rooted in the delusional belief that someone has what you cannot have in a Universe of abundance.


Feeling jealous is an insane state of mind created by the ego rooted in the delusional belief that someone has what you cannot have in a Universe of abundance.Click To Tweet




Check out this podcast episode to listen to me chat about the topic:


BFP 211: Be Careful about Envying Top Bloggers


Appreciate the dream life and workload pros put in to go pro to dissolve envy into admiration.


I recall watching John Chow speak at a conference years ago. He genuinely said how even if he did not earn a dime online he would still be blogging well over a decade after he bought his domain and hosting. Pay close attention to this abundant mindset. John began blogging for fun. He had no aspirations for going pro. He wanted to share his thoughts with people close to him. Gradually, he experienced greater worldly success as he monetized his blog but picture the sheer amount of work one executes to blog persistently for well over a decade to thrive. If you feel jealous about John’s dream life do you feel jealous about the work he put in to experience his dreams?


Refrain from feeling jealous about pro bloggers. Change your mindset. Appreciate their hustle. Study pros closely. Buy their online courses, Learn how to blog the right way. Position yourself to prosper.  Get a better idea of the workload pros put in for becoming a professional blogger. The moment you begin to understand the mindset and work investment one pays to go pro, any idea of:


  • envy
  • jealousy
  • luck


completely vanishes in your mind.


I personally recall a few high level bloggers I followed during my newbie blogger days in 2007. Goodness I envied these pros. I felt jealous about their success. But searching fears fueling my jealousy revealed:


  • each of these pros worked generously, patiently and persistently for a long time before going pro
  • each of these pros exited their comfort zone frequently, facing, feeling and exploring deep fears
  • every one of these pros worked for free – by publishing helpful free content and by networking generously – for a long time before becoming professional bloggers


Why would I envy someone who worked their tail off to become a professional blogger? I eventually understood how being jealous is an insane idea because if I worked as generously and knowingly as these folks I would go pro, too.


Turn your envy into admiration.


Turn your jealousy into observation.


Study how pros work to live their dreams.


Develop the proper blogging mindset for living your dreams through blogging.


  1. Sushma says:
    at 12:35 pm

    HI Ryan, I am a new blogger and to be honest I was jealous about so many pro-bloggers before I even knew what blogging was lol ! Now that I know how much work is involved being a FT blogger its no joke!!! No success comes free of cost. You are soooo right!!! SO much hard work goes behind this and often we tend to judge people by their success. Thanks for this awesome blog!! Being consistent is the key!

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