Beware Instagram Impatience

January 11, 2019
Throwback photo. Sunset in New Zealand.


Instagrammin’. We be Jammin’. Microwave Culture reigns on Instagram. People want success, yesterday. I seen it with my very 2 eyes. Plus I talk like a prospector on the outlook for varmints after spending a good month working Instagram proper.


Guys; I dig the network. Ample fun in dem der parts. Impatience blankets many users though, from loads of spammy comments, lame pitches and the general “spend 5 seconds to 5 minutes crafting updates and get 10,000 Likes” culture on IG.


Some people do it right. Patient, persistent, generous types. But beware getting swept up in Instagram impatience, allowing this fear-filled energy to sweep through your blogging campaign. I explain in this Facebook video, in a funky kitchen. You’ll see.


Beware Instagram Impatience


Blogging Buddies


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Blogging Resources


Take a look at my blogging resources. Helpful for boosting your blogging success.




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