How I Attracted the Best House Sitting Job on Earth (and How You Can Too)

February 18, 2015
By the pool in Jimbaran, Bali.
By the pool in Jimbaran, Bali.

His twig and berries stared me dead in the eye.

He should have just donned a jockstrap.

Why bother with formalities?

Some guys – like me – have this thing, where if they scan below another man’s waist line their eyes will combust into flames spontaneously.

I noted his underwear. Or jock strap. And something inside. Then, eyes scanned North of the Border. Fear of combusting eyeballs kicked in.

My almost nude neighbor warmly greeted me, reaching out for a handshake, being adorned in a tight wifebeater T-shirt and said jock-strap-sized underwear.

As you may have guessed by now I did not meet this guy in New Jersey. If I did, you’d be certain we were rendezvousing at a rest stop.

Turns out, my neighbor Wayan lives in Jimbaran, Bali, off the beaten path, up in the hills.

He lives next door to the couple who has just attracted the best house sit. Ever. On earth.

I will relay the reasons in a minute but first, let’s talk about why meeting Wayan’s bits was an important lead in.

Ummmm….it was hysterical! I mean, how many of you Western up tights would greet a neighbor wearing tight underwear on the bottom and a tight T-shirt on top?

How many of you could form a heart felt, intimate bond with a new neighbor if you were dressed like someone trying out for a porno movie?

How many of you would have met someone, today, who was dressed as if he were channeling John Holmes?

I reckon, not many folks NOT living in some tropical paradise.

Blogging from Paradise


Paradise, for the intent of this blog and post, is consistent with the tropics. More importantly, tropical islands.

Bali, Fiji, Penang, Koh Lanta and other tropical islands are just a few spots where I laid my little, itty, bitty head.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about living on tropical islands:

  • the locals adopt a slow, relaxed pace
  • stress is fairly non-existent among the locals
  • people aren’t too caught up on customs/niceties/social norms which tend to stress Westerners (imagine introducing yourself to a neighbor back home wearing tight underwear?)
  • people in the tropics, from my experience of being on the road for 46 plus months, own less things, and are generally happier, healthier and more peaceful than folks in Western countries

Wayan had Ryan a’crying after our meet. I found his scant garb hysterical, and even more so, he cared not about introducing himself to me, privates first.

Before I delve into another ding-dong joke – I have a few in my arsenal – I just wanted to drill home this point: living in a place where locals are laid back, jovial, jolly, happy and at peace inspires you to be laid back, jovial, jolly, happy and at peace.

As you may imagine, house sitting for 4 months in a place like Jimbaran, Bali, way off of the grid – or kinda off of the grid – up in the hills, on farmland, has inspired me to adopt the pace of the locals. That pace promotes my peace and happiness.

This is just one of the reasons why I feel we have attracted the best house sit ever. We all want to be happy, laughing, joking fools, and my man Wayan inspired me to laugh out loud via his graphic garb.

Reasons Why this is the Best House Sit Ever


As mentioned, Kelli and I are house sitting for 4 months – or longer – in Jimbaran, Bali. We were excited to arrive after a 22 hour long flight because the pictures of this crib sent our way were pretty inspired.


The images didn’t do the place justice. And they were damn inspiring at that!

Imagine a football-field sized plot of land, fashioned into 4 sweeping, dramatic terraces, with 4 guest houses (1 studio, 3 houses) generously laid out across the property.

You have sweeping views of Jimbaran Bay on the West Side and the mountains and farm land on the East Side.

The main home hasn’t been built yet but the owners originally intended to offer villa style accommodations. Evidence can be seen from the dramatic sign on the front gate, the guard house, the stunning, natural-looking pool at the base of the terraces and the attention to detail you’d only find in villas where nightly rates range from hundreds to thousands of dollars….on up.

And Kelli and I are living here, rent-free and utility bill free, for 4 months.

Our duties: every other week we feed and walk 3 delightful dogs – and the cutest puppy in Bali, or in Asia, for that matter – and feed those bad boys. We feed cats daily and make sure they’re inside before sundown, so they don’t become python or monitor lizard food. Yes, pythons, monitor lizards and cobras all reside in these parts. Neat. I guess. Until I see one on my way to the thrown.

(Note; said puppy is so cute I wanted to gouge my eyes with a broach like Oedipus after seeing him for the first time; it wouldn’t get any better after that, so why bother?)

Oh yeah, we also feed 35 chickens on the weekend and take care of a special needs chicken named Bonnie, taking her to and from her luxurious little villa style chicken house for the day.

The Reasons for Being the Best House Sit on Earth


  • location; Jimbaran, Bali…..and we’re about 15 minutes away from the busy part of town, way off the grid, a 5 minute motorbike ride through wilderness to reach the villa…I feel like I’m riding toward the Bat Cave each time we head home.
  • Size of property; this is a football field sized plot of land that offers Kelli and I unparalleled privacy if we require it (yes we never had a fight as the married couples say….but just in case)
  • Stunning landscaping/layout: imagine a Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot. Location; the paradise of Bali. Stone statues, vividly-colored shrubs, coconut trees, palm trees, papaya trees and a wide range of vegetation make this place not a property, but a secluded, private resort villa, a retreat from the stresses of the day….and hell, I don’t stress much to begin with!
  • Our neighbors….and I’m not only talking about Whacky Wee-Wee Wayan….Our friends Reinhardt and Leeanne are also house sitting here. Yes, the property is that damn big. We couldn’t be more perfectly aligned….which again, is a reason why this is the best house sit on earth
  • Pretty darn strong WiFi…..not bad for being in the wilderness
  • dramatic views of the ocean on one side and the hills/farmland on the other side
  • strength of the USD versus the Ruppiah; 1 USD equals about 12,670 Ruppiah as of this writing….which means in the hood here (where prices are cheaper than in the touristy spots of town) we pay 16,000 Ruppiah, or $1.26 cents USD for a HUGE jug of water….ya know, those big ones used in an office setting
  • being surrounded by loving dogs, affectionate cats, cute puppies and fascinating cocks (roosters…not my neighb….oh stop it!)
  • watching 35 chickens – some of whom strut through the kitchen – work the grounds all day long
  • being so close to civilization; Western style supermarkets, kick ass Western style restaurants, Balinese style warungs, shopping, whatever….all is a 15 minute motorbike ride away
  • being 15 minutes away from some of the most jaw-dropping beaches on earth…..yes, Pandawa Beach and its white sands, and turquoise-blue, clear, peaceful waters is a hop-skip-jump/motorbike ride down the road, as the crow flies

.If I published 15,000 word posts I’d go on and on, but for now, the fact that we’re living on a huge property, with 4 homes, a resort style villa, with gorgeous views, a stunning pool, and doing this all, rent and utility free, well, I feel it qualifies as the best house sit on earth…..ever.

Why would a blogger be interested in doing house sits?

The Digital Nomad Bit


Have you noted that I don’t do income claims?

Here’s why: I inspire you to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

You may manifest said life through:

  • making more money
  • cutting down on your expenses
  • moving to tropical lands where your net worth jumps 5 fold or greater

If I wanted to limit you, I’d say:

Hey Pal, you’ll need to make X amount of money to live in Bali for 4 months.”

Since I want to free you, I say:

Hey Pal, create value, connect with leaders, make more money, do house sits in paradise locations where your currency is super strong, and then, not only will your savings grow, you’ll be cutting expenses, and you can live in the lap of luxury while doing so.”

I feel like Magnum PI here, minus the thick, impressive mustache. I can’t grow one. At least to Tom Selleck-sized proportions. I’d rather not run around in paradise with a millipede on my lip, so I’ll save you the selfie horror by shaving and by sticking to what I do best: growing a Chia Pet style coif, looking a tad bit younger than my 40 years of age (birthday on Feb 8th, woohoo!), and inspiring you to retire to a life of island hopping, through smart blogging.

Magnum helped watch over a stunning estate; Kelli and I are helping to watch over a stunning villa-style resort nestled into the wilderness, in Bali, the Island of the Gods.

Not a bad gig.

I’d rather know the guy with the big boat instead of buying it myself. That’s just me.

I prefer being a digital nomad (check out Jeremy’s bold move and fab blog!); many of my readers feel the same way. We dig experiencing new places, checking out new digs and living a blessed, inspired life, doing our best Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” impersonations while generating steady cash flow online and enjoying the hell out of living in paradise.

Anybody who knows WHY they want to live this lifestyle can:

  • attract luxury house sits
  • create a lifestyle engineering blog
  • become a full time, professional blogger
  • travel anywhere in the world, indefinitely
  • retire from the 9-5 gig for good

I prefer to do the house sit bit because I can save more, and invest more of my savings, to grow my net worth, and I can do this from some of the most stunning areas on earth, rent-free. I’ve only attracted 3 house sits to date:

  • Savusavu, Fiji
  • Manhattan, NYC (stunning view of the East River)
  • Jimbaran, Bali

..but each house sit rates as a 10, on a scale of 1 to 10, so I’m batting .1000 so far.

How Can You Attract the Best House Sitting Jobs?


Take a 2-pronged approach.

Work on your mindset.

Follow practical, simple tips.

Bloggers, I am telling you; even if you’re mainly looking for practical blogging tips here on Blogging from Paradise keep on reading…..because I betcha you wouldn’t mind living in paradise, rent-free, for a week, or for 4 months, right?

If you like taking vacations…..for free… on.

1: Mindset Tips


Have you noticed how most people struggle through life?

I’m not talking house sitting here. Well I am. And I’m not.

The point is most people do ZERO mental preparation for the day.

Everything they touch/do turns to crap. Or custard. Depending on your detesting of either feces or whipped cremes.

Anyway, most people or bloggers or house sit seekers will follow the practical tips, or work, but will never seem to manifest their desired outcomes….because most folks in the world do a horrible job at changing their vibe (this woman cooks my dinners; PLEASE click on the link) from “feeling bound” to “feeling free.”

These mindset tips are 15,000,000 times more important than the practical tips because if you do the mindset work you’ll get the jobs, even if you flub up the practical tips.

If however you ignore the mindset tips, you’re screwed, in most cases, because you can’t trick your energy. Or, you can’t outrun your limiting beliefs. Or, you can’t create what you believe is impossible.

In the past year we’ve manifested house sits in:

  • Fiji
  • New York City
  • Bali

Kelli and I didn’t desperately grab at house sits in Aussie-land, Great Britain or France, just to “improve our resume” because we prefer exotic tropics and a lower cost of living.

We had authority, or posture, or a spine, and patiently followed a few practical tips while continually doing the mindset work to manifest 3 brilliant house sits in one year.

Again, logically, you’d go bonkers trying to think through how we were picked from so many applicants but if you do the mental work, and raise your vibe, your thinking mind will largely go, “Night-Night”, and you’ll listen to your intuitive nudges, your Guides, which lead you in the direction of some sensational sits (more alliteration).

Get So Busy with Your Business/Blog/Profession that You Detach from Outcomes


We were hella busy with business after applying for each sit.

OK, I cheated here. I was hella busy after applying for the Fiji sit trying to survive. I was overcoming giardia, during my “Damn that guy looks like Gollum” days in India. My mind was elsewhere. Kelli was focused on her blog, her clients and heck, we were doing our best to enjoy our stay in lovely Kovalam Beach, which we adored.

Kelli was going all Ayurvedic on me. Scrubs. Massages. Potions, lotions and all types of emotions were flowing, let me tell you.

Her energy, and my energy, was almost entirely detached from getting the house sit.

The entrance to the villa/resort/coolest house sit on earth.
The entrance to the villa/resort/coolest house sit on earth.

It was like we were delighted to see the Savusavu, Fiji sit pop up and it would have been a blast to do it but we could almost care less about it because our energy was focused elsewhere.

Ditto on the awesome NYC sit. We were in Bali at the time, working and enjoying the internet lifestyle. We actually landed this current Jimbaran, Bali sit while living in Ubud, Bali in late 2014.

Again, we weren’t married to the outcome at all. Sure we’d jump up and down like a kid dancing on hot coals if we scored each sit but we gave our logical minds b*tch slaps when our ego/logic/mechanical minds tried to figure out:

  • how to land the sit, obsessing over practical tips, social media link ups, video blog introductions, etc, etc….
  • how many people had applied
  • what “the competition” (what does that mean, in an abundant Universe, anyway?) looked like
  • how many times we should check our email daily for notifications

So, get so damn busy with life outside of house sits that you forget about trying to nail down the awesome house sits.

Or, become deathly ill with giardia. To focus less on the house sit deal.

Your call.

One note; going with the former is both a spiritual experience and a 6 pack builder. My abs have never been the same. In a good way.



Meditation not only brings you peace of mind, increased health, a sense of detachment from outcomes, and serene, calmness….it’ll also help you land kick ass house sits on some of the most sought after spots on earth.

Here’s the 411 on meditation from a Blogging Biddulph in Bali who is like Buddha insomuch as that we both breathed air. I think he did at least.

Meditation is not magical, amazing, miraculous, or anything like that. It just expands your awareness so you can observe what is.

That probably sounds as sexy to you as seeing Dame Edna in a bikini.

Visualize that without hurling.

Anyway, the whole expanded awareness bit just means that you’ll face, embrace and release emotions more quickly if you meditate daily.

Emotions which accompany thoughts like:


Desperation repels. Confidence, clarity, confidence and detachment attracts neat things into your life.

It was no accident that since I started meditating for 30 minutes or more daily, EVERY day, that these house sits lined up.

I experienced those negative thoughts/emotions here and there, but not for long. I faced, embraced and released these feelings, so I could return to being the good old, largely detached, calm, confident house sit manifesting machine I am.

I didn’t need any house sit. I am whole and complete, as is. Meditating helps me become aware of the needy emotions so I could feel ’em and let go of them. Leaving room for positive, inspired emotions, the types of feelings which move me into positive, inspired, detached actions, which helped me attract these brilliant house sits.

Meditating Tips


Sit for 10 minutes in a quiet spot.

Relax your body. Let peace reign. Feel tension vanish.

Relax your Monkey Mind. I often feel a wild jungle calling out, up in my dome, before meditation sessions. By meditating daily I tame the beast.

OK, once you relax your body and mind focus on your breathing. Follow the air flowing into and out of your nostrils. If something appears to grab your attention, note the thought or feeling, and move your focus back to your breathing.

Continue for your 10 minute session. Add a minute or 2 each week.

Meditate for 30 minutes or longer daily. Preferably on waking. To tame your Monkey Mind. To detach from outcomes. And to manifest a ridiculous house sit, like our sweet, sweet gig here in Bali.

Realize – and Express Fullness – for What You Have


I am a broken record. Or annoying. Or, I may stumble upon truths here and there.

I recall telling Kelli over and over – and myself – that we were whole and complete, living our internet lifestyle (check out Sammi and Yeison’s blog it rocks!), being in Kovalam Beach, at the time that the Fiji house sit was coming together.

I was on a high for I’d just began to recover from my hellish, “there’s an alien inside of my stomach” illness in India. Business was booming. My old blog saw record traffic. Times were lovely. Hell, even if they weren’t lovely I still needed to feel full, to feel grateful and to feel free for what I had, and for what I was experiencing.

This is probably the one part that trips up most folks on the house sit bit. They are sort of aligned with a way cool, life-changing, rare and endangered sit, then they muck up their energy by moving their focus from their blessings to all that they don’t have; including the house sit.

I am no Zen Master in this area but I’m getting better. I would start off each day with:

  • building a gratitude list for all that I have
  • feeling amazing about the present
  • feeling free through my present circumstances

Different routine now but I still get in at least 1 hour’s worth of personal development daily. I still intend to focus on The Universe as the Source of my supply and I don’t depend too much on people or conditions for my prosperity.

Yes I am a Catherine Ponder fan (click that link).

Magnetizing yourself to a lifestyle few experience requires you to elevate your energy to a level few ever reach. Most people focus heavily on what they do not have, sending off an energy of lack. A select few keep most of their focus on what they have, sending off an abundant vibe, which is met with stuff like kick ass house sits, inspiring, prospering ideas and prospering, successful folks.

Beleaguered in Bali


I was terrified.


I was also sick of the goddamn routine.

Every time I took a trip to the john I had to carry a flashlight to the bathroom because:

  • scorpions
  • centipedes
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • whatever the hell else

.could very well be doing a delicate dance beneath my feet, waiting to stick it to the Booley (white guy) who was visiting Bali. I blame them not. If a big, foreign, Jolly Green Giant invaded my home I’d be lobbing spears at the SOB. That’s what you call a dangerous insect/snake centric view.

Anyway, Kelli and I had been living in a villa in the *middle of the rice fields* for about 2 weeks. This is code for a stunningly beautiful place that is frequented by every type of critter imaginable.

Ummm….if no people are around for miles in some directions you will have foot long Tokay Geckos sprinting across your roof, sounding like enraged elephants trampling rough shod on a wooden floor.

The thing was, I was pissed off in paradise. I was terrified in the tropics.

Folks, we’re talking in the middle of the rice fields. Ain’t no lights out there. Which means we’re talking pitch dark conditions. And walks to an outdoor, open air bathroom at 3 AM for wee wees, which means I had to gingerly navigate through grounds with flashlight in hand, and yes, it means large fruit bats with wing spans rivaling Rodan’s would fly above my head when I was doing what one would do in a bathroom (this happened once).

I was living in paradise and everybody jealously threatened to kill me on sight through Facebook messages yet I was a tad bit miserable. I had forgotten what I had, where I was and what I was experiencing.

But my morning ritual soon woke me up.

I couldn’t NOT notice the Balinese Hercules.

Balinese Hercules


His pecs glistened.

His abs were rippling.

He routinely hauled 100 pound bags of rice over his shoulders.

And he looked to be Yoda’s age, some 700 years old. Or, like 70 years old.

I saw no gymer stick on this man’s person (Google it, non Star Wars nerds). He was ripped to shreds. Really ripped to shreds. Like, I could grate Parmesan cheese on his abs, ripped to shreds.

He probably worked just about every day of his life since he was 5 or so. Or younger. Farmers bust their ass bringing bales through the fields of Bali. Every day. Hard, manual labor here, we’re talking, for like 50 or 60 or 70 years of their lives….or longer.

Here’s the kicker: the Balinese Franco Colombo, the Ubudian Mr. Universe, the Ring of Fire Ronnie Coleman smiled. Quite a bit. He would look up at me in my fancy dancy villa compound and would smile. He was not alone either.

I’d see guys who would have been knocked over by a stiff, 5 MPH breeze, walking to and from the rice fields daily, not 95 pounds, my arms bigger than their feeble legs, and these jokers smiled and hit me up with a “Selamat Pagi” in the morning.

These people were genuinely happy for what they had, even though rice farming is one of the most brutal jobs on earth, with workers being subject to the wicked heat and humidity of the tropics, along with the dangerous deluges consistent with monsoons, in addition to dealing with the venomous, lethal snakes that call the rice fields home.

But the pack mules, the manual labors, these folk were genuinely happy with their simple lives and their backbreaking (literally, in some cases) jobs.

If they were happy, I could be happy, despite being annoyed/agitated/scared/worried/anxious about hitting the loo every night, not knowing what critters may High 5 me before stinging the hell out of me feet.

The lesson? Easy to see; in moments of agitation, or anger, or annoyance, you likely forget all that you have, and you may not see how free you are. Learning to cultivate the emotions of feeling:

  • whole and complete
  • blessed
  • grateful
  • free

.is perhaps the #1 skill for you to develop as a blogger, as a house sit seeker, or as a human being for that matter, because when you feel whole and complete a slew of neat people and things and ideas flow into your experience.

As each house sit flowed to me and Kelli we were feeling largely whole and complete. We didn’t need the house sit. We already had it all, from having food in the fridge, to our blogs, to our friends, to our travels, to animals we met and befriended on the road, to our families, to everything we were experiencing at the time.

What You Should Do to Align Awesome House Sits


If you want to attract the best house sitting job on earth you should practice feeling whole, complete and free now.

Start each day by meditating, by feeling grateful for your blessings, then, by affirming something to this effect:

I am whole and complete, as is.”

Repeat the phrase like 5 or 10 times with real feeling.

Feel the truth seep through your being.

Feel whole, complete and free.

In time, and with practice, you’ll note 10, 20 or 500 things going on around you, daily, which inspire you to see that you are whole and complete, as is.

Whole and complete folks are set. No need to stuff more food down the gullet, you are already full. No need for dessert. You are satiated.

Once you feel satiated, the desperation, or the heavy longings, or the grabbing, well, all this stuff dissipates, and you become freaking seriously magnetic to awesome ideas, people and circumstances. House sits being one of those awesome circumstances, or things if you will.

Get Super, Uper Duper Clear on Your Dream House Sit


I cared not to scarf down croissantes by the Eiffel Tower.

No tea and crumpets for me, sitting by Big Ben.

I wasn’t keen on eating kangaroo jerky by the Sydney Opera House.

I’ve nothing against France, England or Australia. All countries rock. I just have no desire to apply for one of the 32,364,957 house sits available in these countries.

Here’s how it works:

  • people from Australia, France, England and New Zealand travel a lot
  • the traveling crowd needs house sitters
  • a gazillion trillion opportunities open up in these lands
  • more than a few house sitters dive at any opportunity to fill up their resume

As for Kelli and I, we were always 100% clear on what we wanted in a house sit, which was:

  • a tropical location, preferably by the beach
  • a spot with a low cost of living
  • one of our dream/fave tropical hot spots: Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Costa Rica
  • limited responsibilities; since neither of us are uber handy – okay, what the hell’s an Allen wrench anyway? – and since our gardening skills range between a moderately knowledgeable vegetation tender to a slug (slugs make poor gardeners) we decided to only accept sits with few tasks
  • sits with animals/pets, since we love being around cats, dogs, chickens and any other furry or feathered friends we figured that our house sit would make a beeline for us.

With clarity comes patience. We knew deep down our desired sits would come to us, even as we saw a deluge of Western country sits pop up daily. A few intriguing house sits availed themselves in places like Mexico but they didn’t pop. Or like, they were semi-fits, which didn’t feel like matches.

Time for a massage.

One day, while I was sitting in a less than powerful but a bit beyond feeble state, in India, Kelli notified me about the Fiji sit. Aha! Clarity.

We knew what we wanted. We were patient. Naturally, what we wanted found us.

The process manifested nicely.

Get super, super, super clear on what you want in a house sit. Add as many details as humanly possible. You can’t get specific enough. Really. Getting clear helps you let go poor matches to make room for perfect matches.

Perfect match = The best house sit ever.

The Rest of this Post Is Worthless…..


.unless you do the energy work.

Imagine trying to cut concrete with a butter knife. Pointless. Impossible.

Now, imagine trying to effectively use practical tips when your desperate, crappy, hopeless energy literally pushes away the awesome house sits you want. Like a horse being led by a carrot on a string, you’re never getting what you want. It’ll always elude you.

BUT….if you do the personal development, and if you learn to vibe high, you’ll have the awareness to cut the string and to enjoy the carrot…..or, you’ll attract glamorous, inspiring house sits in places like Bali or Fiji or New York City.

While Kelli and I both do the personal development/energy work thing, she handles the practical tips exclusively. I shall consult her now.

Be right back……

2: Practical Tips

My wife has the logistics down. Straightforward stuff here.

Create accounts on house sitting sites like:

These are 2 of the better sites around.

OK, now on how to create an account that attracts those fab gigs.

Be Honest


Be honest. Like, share your intent for the sit.

Example; I might say I enjoy doing handy work around the home, that I am a certified plumber, that I am a pro landscaper, that I have my own Jeep to traverse around the grounds and that I am as handsome and as worthy a house sit guest as Magnum PI (were you expecting multiple Tom Selleck references? I think not!).

My nose grew to Pinocchio-sized proportions as I wrote the prior paragraph. I fibbed. I lied. OK, I outright told the tall tale of tall tales, bragging that I’d be the house sit whopper than got away if said home owner wouldn’t select me and my mad Bob Vila-esque skills.

I am about as handy as a pig loves a neat, tidy, orderly environment.

I once set up a desk from IKEA. 4 steps. I nearly missed each one.

Some house sit hustlers lie through their scummy teeth to score a sit. Not I, not I, because the Universe has a clever, ingenious way of calling you on your Bullisht resume doctoring.

Step 1: tell the truth. Explain why you wish to house sit. Share your qualifications. No need to be a staff member on Extreme Home Makeover to make an impression.

You can be:

  • trustworthy
  • reliable
  • dependable
  • an animal lover who has experience walking dogs, feeding cats, etc

Just tell the truth. Or at least, don’t lie. What a smart start, telling the truth.

No Need to State How Wonderful You Are


We spoke to fellow world travelers who use house sitters frequently. Said couple shared an intriguing turn off; house sitters who bragged about themselves and their accomplishments, said accomplishments being totally unrelated to house sitting.

I get sharing that you are not a scumbag, dirt bag, or rascal who’s on the lam, trying to outrun extradition policies (why do you think this US resident is in Bali? Just joking, INTERPOL)……but going overboard bragging about yourself, your businesses, the fact that you won the softball toss during a school sanctioned track and field event in the 2nd grade (I did, so there) repels home owners more than you’d think. If you’re sharing anything, make it your Facebook Profile and perhaps your Youtube Channel, to prove you’re not a mindless cretin….or that you’re a nice, trustworthy peep.

In essence, who the hell cares if you won “The Best Homemade Pizza Award in Dubuque, Iowa for 2009”?

Can you watch animals? Do you love animals? Are you trustworthy? Are you NOT a party guy or gal? Are you a homebody (you better be, because you’re house sitting, not home renting)?

What Home Owners Want


Someone who’s not a piece of excrement, who will spend most of their time in the house, who’s of high enough moral character not to run off with the silverware, who’ll just plain watch the home by spending most of their time in the home.

Make no mistake about it: I am not doing my best Howard Hughes impression here. I am no recluse, no shut in, no eccentric wild man holed up in a resort compound here in Jimbaran, Bali.

Kelli and I head to the beach, and we go out to eat, and we enjoy shopping at the local supermarket but our job is to watch the home and take care of the 4 dogs, 4 cats and 35 chickens on the premises, so we spend most of our day here.

We also stress this idea of being homebodies on our house sit site profiles.

No doubt, we aligned ourselves nicely for sits because we marketed ourselves as being responsible folks – and we are, honest to goodness my kiddies – trustworthy, good with animals (or completely animal obsessed) and willing to spend most of our time in the home.

Make sure your profile is attractive to a homeowner who wishes to have a trustworthy home body watch their home.

One Caveat


I’m not suggesting you up and get married anytime soon, or you shack up with some dude or broad, just to score sits but realize this: in many homeowners eyes it’s better to find a couple to house sit, versus a single person.

Scratched my head a bit on this one, until I realized that: single people tend to head out, to either party, or to get some tail.

Tail” means strangers, and strangers aren’t welcome inside most homes. Strangers haven’t been vetted. Strangers may be dirt bags, or miscreants, or High Plains Grifters, so home owners, even if they do trust single folks not to bring venereal vermin back to the house, may just focus their efforts on couples house sitters.

No need to wear the same outfits or finish each other’s sentences; just being a couple could be attractive.

And if you’re single, tough crap! I am joking. You can nail down sits by being transparent, honest and upfront. Single folks get plenty of jobs so keep at it, get your name out there and persist to find house sitting jobs which vibe with you.

Making the First and/or Second Cut


After receiving an email from a homeowner sharing that you made the cut you’ll likely do an interview on Skype.

Be natural, be honest and just relax. Here’s where all of your mental preparation comes into place. You’ll be magnetic to the perfect house sit for you.

Each person we’ve connected with has been awesomely positive, loving, caring and the perfect match BECAUSE we did the mental leg work. The practical tips are easy peasy, the interview is easy peasy and all the action stuff is easy peasy, after you do the mental leg work/inner preparation.

Kelli and I aced 3 awesome house sits, from Fiji, to New York City, to Bali by rocking out our interviews. Our energy is as infectious as the flu in the Tri-State region during winter-time.

That’s pretty infectious.

After making the cuts and nailing down the interviews, we received offers, accepted, and move forward, blogging and house sitting in paradise.



Would the plane tickets be astronomical? Would we watch our bank accounts fly into orbit, making Neil Armstrong jealous?

We asked ourselves both questions – OK maybe fibbing on the second one – after pondering the Fiji sit. We hadn’t been offered the job. Heck, we didn’t make the cut, yet we didn’t want to waste anybody’s time.

We knew Fiji was in No Man’s Land. If you ever fly to Avatar – and if you do, let me know if the visa process is a b*tch or not, as I reckon it is – you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to fly to Fiji.

We’re talking:

  • some of the best scenery on earth
  • pristine, crystal clear/blue/turquoise/1,403 different shades of ocean
  • deep green, lush, tropical jungles
  • an Avatar-like setting of rivers and valleys
  • the odd encounter with tall, blue, thin fellows and gals, who oddly resemble Olive Oil

Fiji is paradise. In the middle of nowhere.

Something funny happens if you ever travel to the middle of nowhere; you’ll generally pay a ton more scratch to get there. May even need to be squeezed by an airline who owns a good old fashioned Monopoly (yes, Fiji Airways kinda has Fiji to Fiji flights on lock and yes, Rich Uncle Pennybags serves as chairman and CEO).

KC and I spoke to a few folks who told us to expect to pay an arm, leg and kidney (international organ donor stuff is hella prospering) for flight tickets.

Undeterred, Kelli got down to researching flight plans. Turns out, people were full of crap. Booking flights from Phuket to Malaysia, Malaysia to Australia, Australia to Fiji, and from Nadi to Labasa in Fiji was an affordable way to do it.

We were offered the sit, took it, bought our tickets and off we went a few months later.

So, before you even decide to investigate a house sit you better:

  • check how much it costs to travel there
  • check how remote the location is (we were kinda in the middle of nowhere in Savusavu, Fiji, which was OK, but it was quite a test for us, in both the patience and “I’ll kill Ryan if I have to be around him for 1 more day” department)
  • do a bit of due diligence on the person you’re house sitting for; if you can find this information on social networks or on house sitting sites
  • understand specifically what’s expected of you financially and responsibility-wise…..what bills do you pay? Or do you not pay? Are you taking care of pets? What are your daily duties?
  • Visa processes for the country
  • language barriers for remote areas (never an issue for us)

This is all stuff to think through and research before you even make the first cut because as noted before, why waste anybody’s time? Including your own?

Our Gigs


We prefer house sits in paradise, thank you. Branding stuff, preference stuff, golden-bronzed, Kelly Slater looking-like, I just plain love the tropics type stuff.

We also dig having pets around because pets lighten the mood and we’re animal crazy.

Minimal responsibilities as far as around the house stuff; I am as handy as a cat (see; will sit there and stare) when it comes to home improvement stuff. If you’re looking for a guy on the Home and Garden channel to fix stuff, I ain’t that guy. I’ll gladly pay one to do it, though.

Since our vision has always been as crystal clear as the water on Nagigi Beach, we were able to zero in on sits which flowed our way.

Why Do People Pick You to House Sit?


I think, perhaps, my square jawline and somewhat All American Guy looks may have played a factor, not due to any form of handsomeness, but just because the homeowners saw branding potential in my selfies, with their beautiful spreads in the background. Or not.

People pick you if:

  • you’re trustworthy and honest
  • you’re authentic
  • you’re dependable
  • you’re the right fit (for example, a couple in their 30’s, etc)
  • you are enthusiastic about the sit
  • you created an enticing, transparent, glowing profile on house sitter sites
  • you do your mental homework

I keep returning to the mental homework bit because doing the inner work helps you nail down the perfect house sits.

As within, so within.

Doing the mental work inspires you to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

Island hopping can be quite the lucrative venture if your blog continues to rake in that cheddar while you cut serious costs by doing house sits and while you cash in on the strength of your currency versus the domestic currency.

That my friends, makes for a perfect storm of wealth, a Holy Trinity of House Sitting, Making Money through Blogging and Taking Advantage of a Strong Currency Exchange Rate (in Your Favor of Course).



If you really, really think this one through, it’s quite insane.

We’re living in paradise, on a villa-style, resort, on a huge, football-field sized compound, for free……for 4 months or longer.

Duties include:

  • feeding dogs
  • feeding cats
  • walking dogs twice daily
  • giving dogs and cats TLC throughout the day
  • feeding chickens on weekends
  • watching the home

That’s pretty much it. And we’re 15 minutes away from one of the world’s most beautiful, peaceful beaches.


The pool on the grounds. I’m not kidding.

Do the mental work my kiddies and follow the practical tips. Set up profiles on the above 2 house sitting sites but first, get serious about doing the meditating necessary and get clear on your perfect sit and detach from outcomes to become hella attractive to the perfect sit for you.

Hey….I’ll see you in paradise.

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Share this post on all of your social networks and if you know friends who’d be inspired by these updates tell them to sign up for my list.

Until next time…..enjoy paradise!

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  1. Rahul, way cool.

  2. Rahul rajput Says:

    Thank you sir, this is my first time when i read your blog posts. I really enjoy your blog with full of fun, thanks again.

    Rahul rajput
    Get Paid andriod for free

  3. Laura you guys are living the life! So cool to land sits in places like Aussie-land and Europe because you cut the cost of living quickly with no rent due. Brilliant. Keep on inspiring guys and thanks for commenting!

  4. Laura Says:

    Hi Ryan

    What a great insightful post with lots of useful tips for newbies. This sit is certainly a contender for the best house sitting job.

    We’ve house sat in Australia, because it is the one place we’d always dreamed of going to. It is, of course, a very expensive country but we managed to stay there for nine months rent free – which made it a very affordable country! We had sits with swimming pools, breathtaking views and nearby deserted beaches – it truly was paradise!

    We are now in Europe and are house sitting here too: we’ve had a superbly placed Berlin sit with a sauna, a beautiful villa in Spain (naturally with a pool) and a vineyard in Italy with views that were to die for and all the wine you could drink! Plus lots of fancy sits in the UK.

    We now have tons of good free relevant content for others wishing to live a life of luxury – rent free – in Europe and Australia

    Awesome post!

    Travelling Weasels.

  5. Arbaz, it’s SUCH a cool spot. Thanks so much man, for reading and commenting!

  6. Guys, you’re doing it! SO inspired by your blog too. Keep up the great work and see you on the road!

  7. Wow! You definitely are living the dream! We hope to visit Penang sometime this year (if we have the money) or next year. We love to pump up our adrenaline there. 🙂

  8. Arbaz Khan Says:

    I really like the location from where you are working an living an Internet lifestyle.
    Enjoy man and I hope you will be exploring more exotic locations.

  9. Wow Heidi, what a success story! SO happy for you guys!! Rock on, Wagoners!!

  10. Okay, so I know I already commented, but I just had to come back! So after reading through ALL of this and even hopping over to Kelli’s blog (and staying for a long time). I so reconnected. It dawned on me that I had left my here and now state somewhere in our travels (probably Vietnam) and became stressed about finding a house sit sometime in April or May (to save $). I had applied to more than a dozen, any that popped up in that time frame and not even one reply.

    Then you and Kelli tapped into my brain and gave me the good shake that I needed. I worked on my mindset that very night. I let go of the fear that was driving me to panic and want to take anything that came by, to settle. I refocused and wrote out on a paper exactly what would be ideal for us and what we really wanted, not going to settle!

    The very next day the absolute perfect housesit popped up in my inbox, in the perfect location, with the perfect dates and type of pets! I applied with my new mindset and within 7 hours we had an interview and within 24 hours, the house sit was ours! That same day we were also accepted for 2 others, but they were the same dates as the one we just accepted and they were 2 that we applied for our of fear of not having a place.

    So clearing the mind and getting back on the path of a clear vision was all I needed. Thanks to you both for hitting my reset button!

  11. I try my best Sayantan to set aside writing time for at least a few hours a day 😉 Thanks much!

  12. Awesome Lauren please do!

  13. Hey Ryan!

    Checking these pictures of your trip in Bali is making more or less jealous of you. :p

    Must say Bali is no less than a heaven, will try to visit it once in my lifetime.

    And also how do you manage to write such long, epic and exciting posts? I always wonder to that.

  14. Lauren Says:

    Wow! House sitting seems like an amazing way to travel low-budget! I’ve never thought of this before, but such a good idea! Some day when I have more time, I’m going to look into this!

  15. Sherryl, I recall that same exact scene. Thanks so much for sharing and hey, I say, go for it!

  16. Ryan,

    I could feel my stress level dropping almost immediately as I watched your “View of the Villa” video. It brought back memories of that scene in “Romancing the Stone” when the doors swing open and that amazing scene unfolds before your eyes. No one expects to find that sort of opulence hidden in a jungle. (I was surprised to learn that you’re only 15-minutes away from both civilization and jaw-dropping beaches. )

    To be honest Ryan, I read your blog because I enjoy your writing. I never expected to seriously consider house-sitting but now you have me thinking – why not? My husband took early retirement this year and we’re way too young to sit back and do nothing. I’ve always wanted to make a living while traveling (but I’ve never pursued that dream). Now, you’ve got me thinking my friend. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. Hysterical – as always!

  17. 😉

  18. [ Smiles ] You are welcome, Ryan.

  19. Sudeep much appreciated dude!

  20. Thanks Erik we’re loving it! Appreciate your support 🙂

  21. Erik Says:

    Amazing place, you are really living the internet lifestyle, Ryan.
    A fantastic place to be inspired from.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  22. Sudeep gupta Says:

    its really nice man , i visited your blog for the first time , though i heard your name allot . I never thought that i will enjoy your blog posts this much… thanks brother
    sudeep gupta

  23. Thanks so much Phil and yep, adding creature videos!!!

  24. Adrienne, I can tell that you really enjoy your life, and as for those extra few things I know pretty much all of us are in that space. Meditating, and building that gratitude list helps us align with those few extras 😉 Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

  25. Go for it Charles!

  26. Thanks Sachin!

  27. Way cool Sam, congrats on that! We’ve been looking at Costa Rican house sits and would relish a stay there. Thanks for sharing 😉

  28. LOL Lewis, you have quite the penchant for making me ROFL 😉 In truth, yes, back in my young shorts days, I was Bandit Bait in Thailand 😉 Thanks so much!

  29. Oh yes Sylviane, have to get going on the pet pics 😉 As for internet it changes at each spot. In most cases the owner pays for internet so you’re set. In Fiji, we paid for the internet. Thanks so much!

  30. Yep Meg, sitting is so fun, and in most cases, an easy way to stay somewhere long term. Thanks so much!!

  31. Meg Jerrard Says:

    Well Ryan you had me at “Bali” and I didn’t need any further convincing of your house-sit being the best gig in the world, but if that hadn’t convinced me then the pretty darn strong wifi definitely did 😀 Kudos on the wicked gig, sounds amazing, and especially for 4 months!!

    We need to get more into house-sitting, we’ve done a few gigs here and there but nothing major. Great tips!


  32. Hi Ryan,

    Fantastic post. This only missing things are pictures of those cute pets. Can watch the video now, but will later.

    I agree you’ve got the best house sitting and as you know, this is really something I’m looking into.

    I need to be in Europe for a year, but after that I want to spread my wings to the rest of the world. LOL!

    Hey I had a question for you, how does it work as for internet access? Do you take advantage of the owner’s internet or do you get it yourself?

    It’s just something that’s been worrying me a bit for some reason.

    Great share, man!

  33. Okay, I’ve determined that this site will be complete and that you will be fully actualized as a human being when we finally start seeing videos shot by Kelli of you strolling around in nothing but your Ronnie Coleman posing trunks or your Borat mankini, abs and buns of steel on display, tanned and glistening, giving us the presidential tour of latest house you’re sitting… with a puppy in your arms. 🙂

    PS. Are you sure you weren’t jogging around that neighborhood in Thailand dressed like your Bali neighbor? It would seem that this attire would DEFINITELY catch the attention of the Baht Butt Bandits. Hahaha

  34. Samantha Says:

    Dang you guys really do house sit in the most exotic places! But I’m glad you wrote this because we were just actually stressing out over house sitting – I applied for a bunch and got rejected by all. Self doubt started washing over, I thought we’d be homeless in Costa Rica and then after letting it go and realizing that whatever happens, it happens for the best, boom we got a bunch of opportunities all at once. We get to house sit two kitties in Coco starting next month which I’m super excited about! Nothing compared to your 30 something chickens though 😀 If you guys come back to Costa Rica do let me know! 🙂

  35. SACHIN Says:

    It’s nice and intertsting article …… Really enjoy

  36. I would like to try housesitting, probably starting in 2016. will check out those 2 resources and create a kick-a$$ profile.

  37. Adrienne Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Wow, Wayne would have been a shocker to me too I’m thinking. Guest it’s all what you get use to when you’re living in paradise.

    Nice digs, sweet! I think I’d be roaming that property daily just in awe that I’m staying there which I’m sure you’ve done many times over. To think they have that many homes on the property, that’s so cool.

    Thanks for taking us through what you do mentally in order to put your mind in that special place. As I had mentioned to Kelli just earlier today, I’m pretty much living the life I love. I have a few “things” I still deeply desire so I probably need to focus on meditating more each day. I do the gratitude, I do the visuals, I pray, I have my mindset in the right place but obviously something is still messing with me and I’m going to figure out once and for all exactly what that is.

    I think house sitting would be a cool way to even vacation. I may have to look into that the next time so thanks for sharing these sites with us.

    Another enjoyable and awesome read Ryan, thank you.


  38. Chicken video is in the queue Lorraine, thanks for the reminder!

  39. Oh you’re nice and close Bob, cool 😉 Food is excellent, and the island is awesome. One key is, if you’re not into the heavy tourist area thingee, to get about 20 minutes away from spots like Kuta and Ubud, up in the hills. Thanks so much!!!

  40. Heidi, come on down for a visit! Or, you can visualize the fam visiting, and even if we are booked up with a few folks staying here, a day trip is in order 😉 Thanks so much for sharing!

  41. Yep Donna, it’s just so smart to both hire sitters and to sit. Many folks love having their furry fam members looked after and more than a few just want live bodies in their homes during long stays. I imagine you have quite a few applicants too, living in paradise as you do. Thanks so much for the awesome comment as always!!!

  42. Yep Tiffany it’s really an energy thing, this you know after doing sits. Thanks so much!

  43. Yep Agness definitely give it a look see, it’s great 😉 Thanks!

  44. Oh shoot Paula, we are literally a 2 minute motorbike ride from Goa Gong, at the top of the hill in a remote spot. Hope to see you soon, and thanks for sharing!

  45. Bob it’s really fun, and a great way for travelers to see more of the world. Thanks for commenting!

  46. Bob Says:

    What a great place. I have never done the house sitting gig but it is definitely on my list. I know many people that have and they really enjoyed it. Great tips on how to present yourself to potential home owners. it’s always good to get tips from people who are successful in doing what you want to do.

  47. Hi Ryan,
    It is this positivity and hard work that gets you this lovely house. Sorry we missed you in and Kelli is Bali, and we were probably quite close to you in Goa Gong. It certainly is an inspiring island so i look forward to reading a lot more. Paula

  48. Agness Says:

    I have never done house-sitting, but that’s something I would like to try in the future!

  49. Tiffany Says:

    Great post on house sitting. House sitting has been one of our favorite gigs and you are so right – it’s all about putting the right energy out there.

  50. Hi Ryan,

    I always look forward to your next post because you take me into another world with your writing. The stories you share are so wonderful, it’s like reading an adventure book sometimes.

    The video says it all. When I meditate each day, I put myself in a certain surrounding. Living in a place like this, I would easily trance out a few times a day!

    The duties you need to do – taking care of those wonderful animals are awesome. Well, I’m a dog lover, so it would be a treat for me to care for them…they give so much love.

    But back to house sitting: In today’s economy, here in the states, especially the tri-state area as you and I know it, it is so expensive to live. I watch the “slaves of New York” commute, have 9 to 10 hours a day of work, put up with so much crap it just doesn’t make any sense. Why? Because they have to survive.

    When I look at the unemployed (the real stats) Many would make great house sitters. What a great opportunity it could be for them. To be prepared, and then live anywhere they want.

    For me, I do hire house sitters from time to time when I travel because I have two fur babies. My dogs are used to being with people and I cannot leave them without a dog lover. I have one gal that loves to house sit for me, here in Maine’s Vacation land. She even sleeps with my dogs!

    When I travel to Cali to see the “kids” I’m gone for a few weeks. My mind is always at rest knowing I have a great gal to take care of things. So, you and Kellie are a blessing to many people that need you.


  51. So have you yet visualized the Wagoner Family coming to live with you in Bali? 🙂 After watching that video, that is where my thoughts went. You are just great. Of course I am completely into the Secret, law of attraction, etc.. so this is right up my line of thoughts. That said, I think the past few months, I have been hanging on to the other side of “I need” etc… and need to let that go and get back on track. This was a great reminder to “Wake up Heidi!” Of course I had to follow your call to action as well.

  52. Bob Jones Says:

    It’s be a short three hour flight for me to get there but for some reason it has never really appealed to me. What’s the food like? Congrats on getting married btw! 🙂

  53. Okay, Ryan, it’s about time we saw some videos of the chickens and you and/or Kelli in the pool.

    C’mon. Make me jealous!

  54. Naomi thanks so much for reading and yep, just being in quiet for a minute or 2 opens up a world of possibilities. Appreciate it!

  55. Hi Ryan,

    I can truly feel your love and enthusiasm oozing out of my computer for your love of your current destination.

    It’s beautiful an exactly where I want to be right now! I love your tips for achieving a beautiful house sit.

    Sometimes in life you just have to swap the western hustle and bustle to be in a quieter surrounding and remind yourself of wants important or just to hear your own thoughts for 2 minutes.

    Plus, I love natural wild life and would love to see a wild python… from a safe distance, of course.


  56. Hi Ryan,
    Wonderful Going!
    Lovely pictures!
    Oh My,,, Rent free living for 4 months with some attached duties like feeding the creators. Very interesting, but Ryan, hey why didn’t you add those lovely living creators pics? so sad, anyways in the next post hope you add those if not in the video!
    Hey the video showed everything i felt i was with you both, you should have added some background music with it, anyways, indeed that is lovely too.
    Keep going my friends,
    With you both a wonderful stay and travel back
    ~ Phil

  57. PD WHAT a comment! NYC was a short 1; 1 week. We lived on the East River in a posh little apartment. Not many pictures though as I slept through the day – getting over jet lag – so evening pics were not too hot. Love your neighbor’s take on life, and his boldness lol……yes a Skype’s in order! I’ll check in later 😉 Thanks my man!

  58. KC, it’s all energy 😉 Thanks!

  59. Catherine this is SO true….thanks for stopping by and great to see ya!

  60. Hi Alberto! 30 days, 30 day extension = 60, then leave the country, activate second visit = 90 days, extend one more time. NO problems, all bagus lol….you can also get a 6 month social visa no problems. Terima Kasih!

  61. Yep that good old LOA Renard 😉 Thanks!

  62. Haha Glenn, we have a bit of everything in paradise 😉 Thanks dude!

  63. Hey Ryan,

    What I enjoy most about your posts is I ALWAYS have a chuckle, usually at multiple points throughout. Your description of your experience with Wayan is priceless!

    I loved the video. That place is so beautiful and the property is amazing! I reckon you’re right, that seeing it on a screen just doesn’t do it justice, I’m sure it’s totally breathtaking to actually be there.

    But pythons, monitor lizards and cobras? Uh…… I’ll just be, erm, over here….!


  64. [ Smiles ] I am happy for you.

    You are indeed blessed and from the looks of things, the Law of Attraction is working in your favour.

  65. Alberto Says:

    i have been in bali and the tourist visa in indonesia is for just 30 days (+30).. 4 months of house sitting sounds quite illegal lol

  66. Well you can’t say you get bored can you Ryan! That truly is awesome, and really the perfect spot to be blogging in. The more relaxed you are, the more in tune you will become and the clearer your mindset will be. All sounds like it’s falling into place perfectly 🙂

  67. kelli Says:

    Just reading this post gave me an extra dose of appreciation for this situation. I think the mindset tip is super important because there is the idea that housesitting is competitive and it is hard to get jobs. Yeah, technically it is ‘competitive’ because lots of people apply, but when you are aligned mentally, you will get jobs. You will be the one applicant people like best for one of a dozen reasons, and you’ll be the one to get picked.

  68. Phillip Dews Says:

    Funny you should say that Ryan. Two weeks ago I met up with my new neighbor whom has just moved in the previous two nights before.

    Now being the friendly helpful neighbor I am I decided to give him my SSID and Passcode to my WIFI as I was more than sure they had not sorted out their internet yet!

    I was greeted with a huge 18stone muscle-bound chap in a tight white t-shirt and Y-Fronts at his door! My eyes nearly popped out of my head! He was not embarrassed at all dude. He kept me there chatting at his front door for more than 20 mins.

    I could not get away quick enough, he even tried to invite me in for a coffee, trying to keep my eyes away from below the waist was a mission and I could feel myself getting more and more embarrassed with him just stood their in Y-Fronts.

    I can relate with your experience dude! My neighbor is happy and relaxed and not embarrassed at all! However I was for some reason. why should that be I wonder he is perfectly entitled to answer the door in his underwear! Thankfully though we went for a pint later that day and he did put a few more threads on.

    Lou just said to me and I quote “Ryan really is lucky to be in a place like that aint he? What will he be doing there everyday for 4 months then”

    I replied by saying “Of course not. Kelli and Ryan are not Lucky, they have worked to get to all this. Not hard Work but smart Work and we can do the same. Just takes a little dedication. You can achieve anything your heart desires all it takes is finding the obstacles and overcoming them! Simple really”

    Money Claims dude! I have to agree with you there! Why oh why do people do it! There are loads of people on FaceTube with claims of money their earning. It’s not big and it’s not clever it just makes people look like fools by them saying “Oh look at me I am making 6 figures a month for doing little work”. I for one will never make what i earn public knowledge why would I.

    I assume you not got the Ferrari as Magnum did on that estate then! I love that show, we get it here on a channel called Pick and it shows 4 shows daily back to back! Not bad at all. BTW How was your 40th and whats it feel like? I got another 10 months to go and cannot wait to meet up in NJ later in the year will be an awesome week methinks! Better get some arctic gear though as I hear it’s cold at that time of year.

    I had no idea you had a house-sit gig in NYC dude! What was that like then? I did not see any videos of that one then! Have to agree there with you Ryan Mindset is everything! As you know I sacked a client last week as she wanted the Ferrari but only wanted to pay for the handle.

    I kept thinking and saying to myself “Man why am I doing this for little and no reward.”
    I have spent 10 years cutting my teeth in this trade I deserve a little more respect than this, so I sacked her. I was not nasty in the email. I was to the point, courteous and professional and at the end listed lots of options for her to consider not wanting to put her in a bad feeling or situation and not wanting to leave a bad taste in her mouth but I said that I felt it the right decision at the time.

    The reply was not a good one though and she took it upon herself to be nasty and demanding. I have since ignored her and moved on! Just as you said though it was a freeing feeling after taking that step and one that I am glad I took, Do I feel bad and unhappy for it though! Nope of course not feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    Some might say that it’s counter-intuitive though sacking someone who is willing to pay you £££’s for your skills. However I would say that unless there are paying the right £££s then no it’s not counter-intuitive. whats your thoughts Ryan?

    A colleague recently said to me that I should also raise my prices as I was just Too Cheap and I was attracting cheap clients which is not the way I want to come across plus he said that I need to raise my prices to have more respect for my skills! I am not attracting a better quality of client now!

    That one caveat is a good one dude! Something I will be doing in the near future, lets just say that when I and Lou are in NYC in December I have something planned while were at the top of the Empire State on the day of her 40th before meeting up with everyone as some rooftop bar/restaurant in NYC (Remember to keep the 5th free dude as that’s going to be a night to remember buddy and you got no choice in the matter)

    Anyway that’s me dude! Loved the tips and will be seeing you guys soon! Also think it’s about time we skyped hey!

    – PD

  69. Are you into the house sitting bit?

    What tips can you add?