Believe in Yourself Not in Your List

  August 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Peruvian shield mantis, Bribri, Costa Rica.

Peruvian shield mantis, Bribri, Costa Rica


Bloggers may feel a stinging sensation on reading this blog post title.


Most bloggers believe deeply in their list, displaying the faith of Job, yet keep no faith for themselves. Observing this tendency seems odd; don’t these bloggers realize that success flows to self-believing bloggers? Bloggers who believe deeply in self experience success not because of an email list, blog or other tool but solely because of the person’s mind.


Do you believe in your list before yourself? Or do you believe deeply in yourself and your abilities before anything else? Look long and hard at yourself. Observe your blog. Bloggers tend to place a great stress on building a huge email list. Some believe money is in lists. But this is not accurate. Money is in consciousness. Lists are one of 1 billion plus ways to infinity through which you receive money.


Issues arise if you believe deeply in email numbers being a money source. Worship follows. Stress nips at worship’s heels. One moment marks a certain hero-worship of email lists. Money seems to be in the list. You better worship that collection of numbers. But stressors arise as list numbers drop or remain constant. I traveled through this vicious cycle during ambitious list-building days.




I spoke to a few well-known marketers who shuddered on losing one list subscriber. I get it. Lists seem as precious as grandmother’s jewels. But treating inanimate numbers with such reverence sets a perverse precedent. Seeing your email list as the source of blogging profits instills a deep belief in the power of lists as some unending ATM. Bloggers believe they may profit because they built a huge list. Bloggers believe they will never profit because they have a small email list. But lists serve as one of the billions of money-making channels – and beyond – present in a universe of abundance.


Stop believing deeply in lists as being end-all-be-all sources of blogging success. Start believing in yourself and your abilities as sources of blogging success. Believing deeply in self allows anything you touch blogging-wise to turn to gold. Versus believing deeply in things you believe in self and skillfully use things to mine greater traffic and blogging profits.


Success flows from within your mind to and through any tools you use. I write these words now based on thoughts and feelings in mind. But using tools like a WordPress dot org blog lets me convey the words to you. Toss in internet tools and phone or laptop tools and you can read this post. However, the tools in and of themselves did not do anything. My belief system put all into motion. Everything begins with self-belief. Tools are lifeless. Blogging tools are inanimate. Emails lists simply reflect back to bloggers a blogger’s belief in self.


How do you view your list? Do you need to pump your belief brakes a bit? How do you frame yourself blogging-wise? Do you clearly believe in self and in your blogging abilities? Spend more time offline strengthening your mental muscle and less time online believing email lists serve as some god dictating your blogging success. Never attach to things as success sources because binding relationships with things lead to suffering based on fear. A blogger believes a thing-email-list promotes success based on the thing itself. But a list never seems to grow on its own merit.


The reason why the list never grew was because the blogger doubting himself believed deeply the list would grow itself. However, bloggers who believe in self grow email lists, readerships and profits seamlessly based on their believe. All they touch seems to turn to blogging gold based on their belief in self.




I recorded a video to discuss this idea.


You can watch it here:


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