Beginner Blogger Tips: Never Underestimate Your Blogging Learning and Serving Curve

August 20, 2018
beginner blogger tips
Hidden Beach, Bali


Beginner blogger tips litter the web.


But few get it; learning and serving curves are part of the beginner blogger game.


Beginner Blogger Tips


Working hard does not cut your learning curve. Patiently learning blogging from top pros, and patiently studying blogging, does cut your learning curve.


As for your blogger serving curve you need to patiently create helpful content and promote other bloggers for months, then years, to lay the foundation for a successful blog. Takes time, guys.


This is a skill guys. Takes years to develop the skill of blogging. Some learning is required and some serving is required before the earnings flow in. Like if you were a doctor, or lawyer, you must needs learn your craft to better serve your audience, and as you freely serve your audience and hone your skills, earnings increase in proportion to your skills, your creating and your connecting.


New bloggers tend to focus on profits over process. But my blogging sweetlings; if you fall in love with the process of becoming a pro blogger you will succeed wildly over the long haul.


I explain in this video.


Never Underestimate Your Blogging Learning and Serving Curve


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