The Beastmaster In South Pacific Opotiki New Zealand

April 4, 2018
The Beastmaster in the South Pacific. Opotiki, New Zealand.


House sitting rocks.


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Kelli snapped the above image of The Beastmaster playing tug of work with Corporal Jake and Admiral Scuddy – I give dogs we house sit for military nicknames, sometimes – in the South Pacific. The South Pacific laps at the calm shores of Opotiki, New Zealand. Yep; spot of our current house sit.


Grab a drink – adult or not – and pull up a chair. I want to take you through a day in the life of a New Zealand house sitter.


6:30 AM


Wake up. Look at a stunning, jaw-dropping sunrise.


See dogs get all geesed up for their morning run.


Low tide means a beach run. High tide means a run through the dunes. Beach vanishes in some spots and the surf a bit rough for Scuddy stick fetching.


6:45 AM


After rounding up the troops (military theme) – aka getting Kelli’s ass out of bed – we hop into the ride. I remember to drive on the left hand side of the road. I also recall; blinker on right side of steering wheel, up means left turn and down means right turn.


2 minutes later, beach time. I run around like a moron, tossing sticks, getting in cardio, tuckering out dogs.


Kelli and I towel down the dogs, hop back in car, and head back home.


7:45 AM


Scuddy and Jake enter the mess hall. Meaning we feed them.


I water the plants – glorious gardens here including Mandarins, lemons, spinach, parsley, basil, peppers, grapes, pumpkins and more – if it did not rain the night prior.


8:00 AM


40 minutes of yoga. 20 minutes of meditation.


I brew a cup of delicious New Zealand coffee.


I meditate on a paragraph from A Course In Miracles.


9:10 AM


Work/fun day starts.


I write and publish my first post of the day. Some Warrior Forum and Quora work, helping people. I broadcast a Facebook Live video, Periscope video and write a guest post on Blogging Tips.


I may write a 2nd guest post for another blogger. All depends on how I feel.


Toss in various client work.


12:00 PM




I usually catch a rat with my teeth.


13:30 hours (military theme)


Back to work/play. But of course, I spend some time with the doggies, rubbing and hugging and cuddling.


Networking aka making blogging friends in the afternoon, I promote other bloggers, read blog posts, comment genuinely on blog posts and keep being a generous dude.


15:00 hours


2nd run of the day with poochies.


We hit the beach now since 3:00 PM is low tide, these days at least.


Kelli snaps candid, fun, action shots like the number above, during afternoon running sessions. Fab lighting. Low tide means I toss sticks in the water for the seal I mean Scuddy to fetch. He is a 1000% water dog, diving in, wanting to spend hours in the ocean.


Wifey snapped an absolute gem with dramatic background, as dark clouds billowed in, while I played with the beasts in the surf.


20 minutes of afternoon play and off to the house again, but not before a toweling session.


A bit of work, then dinner, cuddling with the dogs, some Netflix, and off to bed. Work in 1-2 sessions of running the dogs around the yard when each poochie goes mad, play-fighting, barreling into one another, running amok. Scuddy is a big brute and Jake was trained to be a pig dog; he hits like a Mack Truck, slamming into Scuddy and your legs, if you aren’t careful and aware of the load a’ bricks rocketing around the yard.


This is the normal day in Opotiki but we work in day trips here and there to enjoy the area.


Any fellow house sitters out there?

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  1. I need to get that power nap thing going JR. Especially when I am woken by earthquake tremors at 1:38 AM like I was 2 hours ago LOL!

  2. John Roberts Says:

    This sounds like a blissful existence. Two runs a day, huh? You are a beast of a Beastmaster, indeed.How is there no nap scheduled in there? I usually get a power nap each day around 3 p.m.
    Keep on rocking it, dude!

  3. I left a thought.