Do You Heavily Invest Yourself in the Blogging Process?

  October 2, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Kovalam Beach, India


I want to check you up.


You and I need a check up from the neck up sometimes during moments of truth. Sometimes, the ego intends for us to scramble back to comfort, shirking blogging responsibilities, lessening commitment. Being truthful with self goads one to scamper back to being fully invested in the blogging process.


Today I drove 8 hours from North Carolina to rural Pennsylvania. I am writing this blog post at 6:30 PM. Being invested in the blogging process – ruthlessly – means doing work to get the job done pretty much no matter what. Forget about hard work. Let go forcing yourself. Be all in to seamlessly, organically commit to blogging pretty much no matter what. Be fully invested in the blogging process to see the journey through. Glide through obstacles, resistance and other seeming blogging roadblocks. Be all in to become a successful blogger.


Know why you blog. Tie the reason to fun and freedom. People live according to what they value. Valuing fun and freedom MAKES time for blogging. Valuing anything else makes blogging a passing afterthought. Think of times you let go blogging for days, weeks or even months. Whatever you did during that time frame held a place in your head or your heart. What you do, you value. Valuing something influences you to do that thing.


For example, if I deeply valued comfort I would take a warm shower, put my feet up and sleep right now. Deeply valuing distraction means watching streaming videos online. Valuing freedom goads me to write and publish this blog post. Remove any idea of working hard from your consciousness. Hard work does not work because hard work reflects conflicting values. Bloggers who work hard fight against values seemingly a full 180 from the valued values. Imagine possessing a desire to be free but also clinging to a desire for comfort. Valuing freedom plus comfort means resistance arises in your being.


How can you be fully invested in the blogging process if you value comfort? All blogging growth – by being 100% all in on the blogging process – occurs outside of your comfort zone. Value freedom. Stop valuing comfort. Value fun. Stop valuing fear and its nasty little cousins, comfort, distraction and guilt. Shift your value system to become a thriving blogger. Blogging gets easier if you deeply value freedom because you make decisions to allow freedom to manifest.


Pros often influence aspiring bloggers to scratch their heads: how do pros do it? How do pros put in the work for years? Pro bloggers value freedom. Everyone else values comfort. Aspiring bloggers often value comfort because many aspiring bloggers hail from environments dripping with growth-strangling, freedom-killing, comfort. Shifting from valuing comfort to freedom feels uncomfortable because bloggers need to face, feel and release fear to make the shift….or what seems to be a quantum leap.


Make the leap! Stumble, trip and fall, if you must! But DO IT. Value freedom. Dwell on the idea of being free through the blogging medium. Find space to be truly helpful. Understand how freedom flows from being truly helpful.  Blogging can and does become easier and easier by focusing your concentration on fun, freeing aspects of blogging. Imagine circling the globe. Picture yourself blogging from home, being around your family. Decide whatever version of freedom inspires you to. Get after it. Being ruthlessly invested in the blogging process occurs when you deeply value freedom over comfort.




I recorded a video a while back delving into this process.


Check it out here:


Be Ruthlessly Invested in the Blogging Process

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