Are You Being Gentle with Your Blogging Self?

  November 11, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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The head trash in your mind is your most vicious blogging enemy.


Think of the last time you beat yourself up over:


  • low blog traffic
  • no blogging profits
  • getting no blog comments
  • getting no blog engagement on social media
  • seeing no blogging business


How does it feel to appear to struggle? How does it feel to appear to fail?


Are you gentle with yourself? Or do you beat your blogging self up viciously?


Bloggers usually get hard on themselves by being their own worst critic. How do you expect to rise if you cut yourself down? How do you expect to grow if you hold yourself back with harsh criticism? How can you become successful by:


  • thinking
  • feeling
  • acting


like a failure, beating yourself up, criticizing yourself and lowering your self worth into the cyber sewer?


Stop being tough on yourself. Be gentle with your blogging self. Relax. Stop beating yourself up over perceived blogging struggles. Stop bemoaning perceived blogging failure, complaining about how you came up short. Chill. Calm down.  Focus your mind on helping people versus beating yourself up. Concentrate on having fun befriending people versus making an enemy out of yourself, by trusting your inner critic and drowning out your inner cheerleader.


My friend Alonzo Pichardo often explains how you need to be your own cheerleader for a bit because a deep knowing gives you energy during your newbie or struggling blogger days when nobody follows your blog. Cheer yourself on. Stop cutting yourself down at the knees.


I had a horrible time learning how to be gentle with myself because I believed myself to be somewhat worthless, deserving of punishment and a miserable, lousy sinner. People with fear in their minds imprinted these fears onto my mind when I was a little kid; I had no idea back then that I could reject these ideas. I did not love myself. Naturally, I picked myself apart and really hated myself on some level.


Embodying this self-loathing mindset destroyed my blogging campaign. I experienced some success but ample failure. Anytime I appeared to fail I became disgusted with myself and quit for a while on working proven blogging strategies. I had only seen people criticize themselves and shy away from success as I grew up. I repeated their example because my mind knew self-loathing, fear of success and a general critical aspect toward myself.


Facing, feeling and releasing deep fears in my mind gradually allowed me to be my own blogging cheerleader versus being my own blogging critic. Cheerleading myself allowed loyal, loving friends and fans into my blogging experience. Each of these friends cheered me on, supported me and helped boost my traffic and profits but only because I began being gentle with myself, cheering myself on, learning from my mistakes instead of beating myself up and learning how to love myself.




I recorded a video reminder for you:


Be Gentle with Yourself Bloggers


Be gentle with yourself. Would you surround yourself with friends who only criticized you, picked you apart and drove you down? Why do you allow your nasty inner critic to stick around when you cut off former friends who turned sour, negative and critical? Trash your inner critic. Embrace your inner cheerleader. Being honest with yourself begins by loving yourself because life’s – and blogging’s – problems often spring from self-hate, self-judgment and a general loathing of one’s self.


Being gentle with yourself allows you to spot:


  • blogging mistakes
  • blogging solutions
  • blogging lessons


in the appearance of struggles and failure. Spotting errors, correcting errors and learning lessons allows you to succeed.


Be gentle with yourself. Stop picking yourself apart.


Feel good about yourself. Spot mistakes. Correct errors. Accelerate your blogging success and feel good during your blogging journey.

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