Jimbaran, Bali.


Bali Boobies At The Bensin Station










As I work through my list of 27 Netflix Worthy Travel Experiences I wanted to link the 4.  For your reading pleasure.


Boobs Bensin And Biddulph In Bali


I pulled up to the bensin – aka “gas” – station in Ungasen, Bali. Main drag in town.


Busy motorbike traffic flying by. Me spying the gas stand. For the large gas bottle. To supply my sepeda-moto with dat sweet bensin.


To the uninitiated, gas stations in Bali are typically mom and pop type, little stands with a shelf and 10 to 20 old whiskey or alcohol or whatever bottles lined up, filled with gasoline. This ain’t Shell, you can tell.


Anyway, I hopped off my motorbike. While spying the day’s choice gas selections my eyes were pulled toward the gas station attendant. Aka, the lady who worked the warung with the recycled Jack Daniels bottles filled with gasoline, lined up in front of the little shop.


Neck up, everything seemed as one would assume it would seem, when seeking gas for their motorbike in Bali. Or anywhere on God’s green earth. But a little south of the neck piece border, things began to deviate a wee boob bit.


As the woman casually walked toward me – smiling like the Cheshire Cat – her baby was firmly affixed to the lady’s bosoms, greedily grabbing lunch on the run. I quickly averted my stare, robotically positioning my head North of the Booby border.


I tried to concentrate on asking for the bensin bottle of gasoline while a peculiar sucking noise worked its way into our chat. Imagine a young, attractive Balinese woman breast-feeding a baby with a “Maggy from the Simpsons” sucking sound carrying on.


I did my best to keep my game face on. Asked for the big bottle of gas. She took 1 step toward the gas rack but I placed my hand up as if to say, “Please don’t overextend yourself; I will gladly pour the gas from bottle into tank so your Balinese swaddling babe can refuel in the privacy of your warung”, and I figured she’d get the hint.


She did. But then turned around and poo-poo’ed my attempt at gallantry (who said chivalry is dead?), waved me off, smiled, and carried babe, boobs and her body over to the rack.


Picture this scene; a Booley (white guy) in Bali receiving service at a tiny little warung style gas station from a breastfeeding woman on a busy ass road as that weird, ever-present, somewhat discomforting slurping sound continues.


She filled up the motorbike. Screwed on my cap. I reach into my wallet, pull out the ruppiah, and while keeping my peepers North of the neck border I smiled and hand over the cash.


She smiles back. Returns to her warung.


I drive off and chuckle to myself, having just seen boobies at the bensin stand in Bali.


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