What Do Few Bloggers Understand About Getting Backlinks?

  June 4, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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(Updated 6/4/2021)


I often get pitched by bloggers desiring a link or guest post on Blogging From Paradise.


I reply with a stock message: “Thanks, but guest posting is permanently closed.”


Even when guest posting was open on my blog I told stranger-danger bloggers that guest posting was closed. Anyone who has not the time and energy to build a genuine friendship with me does not receive the opportunity to spend their time and energy gaining increased exposure through my blog. If you do not give me love by helping me out and asking for nothing in return I do not give you love by allowing you to guest post on Blogging From Paradise.


Earn the right to guest post on any blog. Posting on my blog or nailing down a backlink is not particularly easy because you need to spend thousands of hours:


  • practicing your writing
  • publishing content


In addition, you need to spend many hours:


  • promoting my blog posts or eBooks or courses on your blog or via social media
  • or, commenting genuinely on my blog
  • or…..both


The only way to get my attention is by being generous or by being famous. 99.999999% of bloggers ain’t famous, so you better be generous.


Helping me without asking for anything gets my attention. You prove to me that you are interested in ME, not in what I can do for you. Bloggers who cold email pitch me are interested in what I can do for them and have zero interest in me. I tell them thanks, but guest posting is permanently closed because guest posting is permanently closed to strangers who have not earned my trust. However, guest posting is permanently open to bloggers who create content generously and generously help me out because I always hear out my blogging buddies.


blogging struggles

Mountain, High Peaks Wilderness, New York.


Editors note; guest posting is closed to everyone temporarily on Blogging From Paradise. I intend to spend most energy promoting old blog posts by updating and re-publishing the posts.  For now, I do not require new content in the form of guest posts.


Months and Years of Effort


Becoming skilled enough, connected enough and trustworthy enough in pro blogger eyes requires thousands of hours of generous effort executed over months and years of your life. 9 out of 10 bloggers cold pitch veteran bloggers, so even if they put in thousands of hours toward creating content, they did not earn pro blogger trust by helping pros out, so they did not earn the right to guest post on a respected blog and gain a Do Follow link on the blog.


Creating is only one part of the backlink equation. Connecting (networking genuinely and generously) plays a vital role in gaining backlinks organically.


Bloggers who put in months and years of effort to be skilled bloggers and patiently bond with pros by helping pros earn the right to get a link or guest post on pro blogs. I never give out links or guest posts freely because it takes generous service, time, patience and detachment for me to trust you.


One cold pitch email requires virtually no time, no generous service, no patience and detachment, so I never trust these folks as far as I can throw them…and I am a skinny, these days. PLUS….cold pitching bloggers almost always proves you are struggling because if you were really as skilled and connected a blogger as you say you are, links and guest post invites would flow to you easily, organically and frequently.


cold pitching bloggers almost always proves you are struggling because if you were really as skilled and connected a blogger as you say you are, links and guest post invites would flow to you easily.Click To Tweet


Use Logic


If getting featured on established blogs was easy, everybody would email established pros, get links and guest posts placed, and we’d all have DA 60 blogs, tons of traffic, tons of profits and stunning blogging success, easy peasy. Logically, cold pitching top bloggers makes little sense unless you have a huge name, high profile connections and rabidly loyal tribe…..and…..guess what? Blogging big dawgs need pitch no one because links and guest posts flow to them easily.


Honeycreeper, hummingbird and tanager in El Valle de Anton, Panama


Established, pro bloggers who generously create and build genuine friendships ask for virtually nothing because all backlinks and guest post opportunities flow to them.  Observe established pro bloggers like Moss Clement. He created and connected generously for years to allow links to flow to him organically. But he still creates and connects generously; although he receives backlinks passively through past creating and connecting, networking is never a passive activity. Bloggers put in time, energy and love to both strengthen old friendships and to build new friendships.


Bloggers earn backlinks. Respected bloggers never give backlinks like candy to a baby. No professional blogger gives backlinks:


  • as a favor
  • from guilt
  • from a sense of duty
  • to strangers
  • to bloggers who have not earned the right to get backlinks


Practice writing daily. Publish helpful content frequently. Help fellow bloggers daily. Ask for nothing in return. As your blogging skills increase and you gain exposure you will gain backlinks organically.


All bloggers who get backlinks earned those backlinks.




  1. Faizan Tahir says:
    at 7:19 am

    Great Article! You have shared valuable thoughts on this article which proved very beneficial for me. I must follow your tips to generate organic traffic to my blog. It takes time and continuous effort. You have discussed on your article that bloggers can sell their content in the form of eBooks, is it a resourceful way to make money online in the beginning of your blogging career and what are the methods?


  2. Moss Clement says:
    at 7:52 am

    Hi Ryan,

    You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. That’s what I consider true generosity. It means that one should give his/her all and yet always feel as if it costs him nothing. In this situation, you’re not asking or looking for anything in return.
    Awesome insights, and thanks a lot for the shoutout and links. It means a lot to me.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:24 am

      I love your definition of free giving Moss; give your all and feel like it costs you nothing. In giving, we never lose. We only gain.

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