How Much Attention Do You Give to Blogging Daily?

  November 23, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Weston, Connecticut.


Do you give 5 minutes to blogging daily?


Do you give 5 hours to blogging daily?


Do you blog for 4 hours today but take the next month off from blogging?


Where your blogging attention and energy goes, grows. Commit to blogging. Blogging commits to you. Do not commit to blogging. Blogging does not commit to you. Everything depends on your personal decisions. Blogging simply gives you whatever you give to blogging. 


Blogging problems arise if you do not commit to blogging. Work this gig to prosper. Do not work this gig to struggle, fail and quit. Most bloggers believe blogging is easy because writing and publishing blog posts sounds easy. Some less than genuine pro bloggers feed into this image to draw easy blog traffic. But honest pros explain that blogging is hard work because going pro involves blogging for 1000’s of hours to develop your:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


to professional levels.


I wrote and published this blog post at 4 PM. Responding to everyone on Twitter put me back a few hours today. Being committed means writing and publishing this post before midnight, no matter what. Be committed to avoid making excuses bandied about by uncommitted bloggers. Unfortunately, readers do not pay much mind to your excuses because readers simply follow other bloggers who blog generously, patiently and persistently. Far from blogging being a competitive gig, bloggers simply blog persistently to gain attention or make excuses to lose attention, to fail and to quit.


Everything depends on you and your willingness to blog through thick and thin.


Scanning backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise revealed my guest post on Christopher’s blog:


7 Tips for Consistent Blogging


I simply committed to blogging consistently for a long time to churn out a steady volume of backlinks pointing to BFP. Being committed to blogging carries a power dissolving excuses instantly. One may pine to make an excuse but being committed dissolves the mental block before you make the excuse. Before you explain why you cannot blog, you just blog. Far from being logical or rational, giving attention to blogging for 2, 4 or 8 hours daily is purely emotional. Feelings rule the Universe.


Face fears fueling excuses. Feel fears. Clear fears. Blog. Blog for fun and freedom to be pulled through fearful moments. Allow your racing mind to run itself tired with lame excuses, mental blocks and burdensome limiting beliefs. After the ego tires itself and goes to sleep you blog to your heart’s content.


Look honestly at yourself. Do you need to give yourself a blogging kick in the pants? Do you think pro bloggers are lucky, per my guest post on Enstine’s blog?


Pro Bloggers Are Never Lucky No Matter What You Think


Luck excuses, time excuses, energy excuses and flat out any excuse dissolves in the light of truth. Any human being has 2 hours to blog today but needs to shift values to migrate from fear-value-choices to love-value-choices. Stay up late. Wake early. Blog. Get in the time by changing what you value. Any person who values comfort over freedom seems to have no time to blog daily. Any person who values freedom over comfort has all the time in the world to blog for 2-3 hours daily.


Let go your excuses.


Give attention and energy to blogging every single day.


Lay a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.




I recorded a video reminder to goad you to blog on a daily basis.


Even if you only do a bit of blogger outreach daily it is important to keep building blogging momentum on a daily basis in order to succeed.


Check out the video here:


How Much Attention Do You Give to Blogging Daily?




Do you need a blogging course?


Check this out:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging

  1. Sushma says:
    at 2:39 pm

    HI Ryan, this is an excellent article for how to distribute the workload. I’m still having a hard time deciding how much time to devote to blogging, social media promotion, and keyword research. As a result, I wind up wasting a lot of time on social media because I am distracted by non-related stuff. I’ll have to schedule time for each of things and make sure I get everything done and keep ahead of my schedule.

    Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:38 pm

      Thanks so much Sushma 🙂 I’d consider giving most time to writing and creating content before all else. Keyword research plays a factor but far and away, writing content related to your niche that solves reader problems positions you to succeed. Get in writing and publishing time and work social for a little bit while giving a little time to keyword research.

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