Being Attacked By 2 Wild Men In Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal.


How I Was Attacked By 2 Wild Men In Kathmandu Nepal


Jerry Jaws.


Cheshire Cat Charlie.


Both wild men made it on my list of 27 Of My Most Netflix Worthy Travel Experiences.


The Scene


Kathmandu, Nepal.


The name just *sounds* exotic, right?


But with the exotic comes the at time, zany, wacky and yes, 3rd world encounters one may see in Kathmandu.


No judgments; I could be popped in the shoulder or bitten in my U.S. hometown. Yet such happenings tend to find me in more exotic, mysterious areas of the world. Kathmandu is one such place.


Jerry Jaws


Jerry was not running from Ryan. He ran toward Ryan. Unlike sprinting from Tom the Cat.


Kelli and I spent evenings strolling around the Thamel section of town. Enjoying scenery. Grabbing a bite to eat. Getting nose rings. Being used as a Nepali Chew Toy.


Ok; we cruised through a corner popular with pan handlers. One regularly asked me for money. I usually keep it moving but that particular night he seemed wide-eyed, energized and persistent.


I rounded the corner. I heard “Give me rupee for a buttered roll! Ahhhh!”


Next thing I knew, small Nepali nibblers latched onto my triceps. Jerry Jaws sunk his incisors into my pipes, nobbling away like a guppy sucking at dry food, slowly worrying my ample tri’s (I do many dips).


In one sweeping motion I jerked away and twisted my body, quickly turning back with a “What in the FUCK are you doing?” type stare that would either have roused or woken the dead, based on your view of the afterlife.


Kelli and vacated the area. Jerry was left with a tiny taste of tourist.


But this was only Wild Man Attack #1 in Krazy Kathmandu….


Cheshire Cat Charlie


His eyes were saucers.


His mouth gaped wide like Guy Smiley.


Cheshire Cat Charlie was coming for me.


Kelli and I were walking toward one of the sacred temples in town.


Some holy men in Kathmandu are not too holy. But enjoy this Holy Moly. Or whatever hallucinogen the holy men are doing these days.


I suspect Charlie forget his chill pill and instead enjoyed an upper this fine day.


A legendary grin slowly formed on his face. Distance from me: 20 meters.


He smiled a bit more wide. Distance from me: 10 meters.


The smile was accompanied by a twisting motion as Chas The Spaz leaned back to wail me.


Wait a sec; was this guy really winding up to punch me?


Before I could answer my question, Charlie’s Non Angel leaned in with a powerful straight right, slamming into my shoulder, the whole time wearing that shit-eating grin on his face.


I felt the repercussions of the well-placed, properly-punched, straight hard right to my shoulder, being knocked back a few feet and reeling, all the while smiling back at Cheshire Cat Charlie, creating a bizarre scene for onlookers.


I regained my balance. Jogged to Kelli. Let her know what had happened a few seconds before.


I left my heart in Kathmandu.


And 2 wild man encounters too.