Are You Still Teaching HOW TO START A BLOG? Here’s What You Should Do Instead

October 27, 2018


I don’t want to be rude; I think that this blog post could turn things around for, at least, two people somewhere in the world sitting on a couch and trying to figure out this blogging thing.


What happens is that when a person gets fascinated by BLOGGING, and they stumble upon different blogs to find out more about blogging, and what they perhaps see is that everyone is educating everyone else on HOW TO START A BLOG.


All right, you’ve spent hours making your free lead magnet to help guide your readers and to bribe them to subscribe to your email list.


Good for you!


But, what’s with the constant pumping of content on:


  • Launching a blog
  • Setting up the WordPress
  • Buying a web hosting account
  • Purchasing the new website theme


Listen up, I may sound harsh, but I want you to win.


I want you to try out new stuff.


The point is that if you think you can reach out to a starter who needs to set up a blog to kickstart his/her blogging career and you’d make quick money out of it, then think again.


Let’s assume that 3 out of your next 100 visitors are interested in starting a blog.


Do you think those three visitors would exactly land on your “how to start a blog” guide and buy stuff through your referrals? What are the odds?


Here comes the interesting part: it brings us to a situation that we can cash in on if we think smartly.


Instead of dreaming of selling website hosting and WordPress themes all day long, think practically what else you could do to stand out from the crowd. Think about the other segments of the audience that you could help out.


So here’s what you can do instead:


Try Promoting a Different Product


Go to your plugins section and see if you bought a plugin that you’re using right now and but it never crossed your mind, or look up your PC for a paid software you purchased for work, or check your inbox for some online subscriptions you got – there is a chance that you’ll end up finding a different product to promote.


It’s also true that some companies don’t have affiliate programs so 60% to 70% products you purchased would be off the table. You’ll be better off if you use the product before promoting it on your blog, anyway.


If you start promoting a different product than most of the bloggers in your niche, you would have less competition this way.


Share Your Experiences


It might sound crazy to many bloggers: money should be the last thing on your mind.


When you go after the money-making part in blogging, you just focus on creating content that could entice the transaction – remember that you can’t trick people to purchase something.


What you can do instead is start sharing your experiences with the readers, especially if you’re juggling various random topics to write about but unable to decide the one you like the most.


For instance, I wrote a blog post “What I Learned from Launching My First eBook,” and I shared my experience in it.


The point is that you have to find a different perspective; sharing your experience gives you an edge because your experience would be unique from others.


If you’re a regular reader of Blogging From Paradise, you’ll notice that Ryan often uses the analogies of his fearful encounters of deadly worms in Thailand or whatever. Haha! (Ed. note….LOL!)


You must be sharing what you have gone through; people are likely to pay more attention to you when you share your learning, vulnerability, or truth. Moreover, try solving a problem that you think might be causing trouble to your readers.


Become a Go-to Person


This is getting interesting; you can choose a specific niche, or even go deep in it to pick a specific topic in that niche and build a content plan around that. Also, make sure that you know what you’re talking about because if you’d just ramble to fill up the blog pages, it won’t work out. You have to be confident and authoritative in that area to be the go-to person that everyone starts to notice.


Becoming a successful go-to person is predicated on self-awareness. If you don’t know what you’re good at or what you like in life, you won’t be able to make a better decision. You can’t be an authority if you aren’t good at it.


Shaelin Bishop is a perfect example of what I’m talking about here. She is a Canadian fiction author and YouTuber. All she does on YouTube is talk about her fiction writing experiences and novel updates. It makes her a go-to person on fiction writing; some of her videos have thousands of views.




I didn’t want to upset anybody. If you like to write about blogging tips, I respect that because I like that too. All I’m saying is that we have to be more creative and put in the work so that we could touch the specific topics that nobody has ever picked up.


If your content strategy revolves around helping beginners, you got to find alternative keywords because you can’t compete with the top blogs on generic keywords like “How to Start a Blog.”


Some of the blogs have been around for more than a decade, which show up when you search using a keyword like “how to start a blog.”


All I want you to point your energies towards something that puts you on a pedestal.


I can’t wait to listen to your response after reading this blog post.

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Hassaan Khan

Hassaan is a blogger and freelance writer. He built a full-time freelance writing business from scratch. He loves reading books, walking his dog, making YouTube vlogs, and taking photos. Above all, he is passionate about blogging.
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