Are You Shackled by Stats?

January 12, 2019
Bahla Fort view in Oman. We visited this UNESCO World Heritage site recently to enjoy its immense size and stunning views of mountains in the region.


My blogging sweetlings; I enjoyed a sodium-rich lunch 5 minutes ago. Sweating it out and feeling dried up like a raisin here in Oman sometimes. I replenish both fluids and sodium to feel rested, energized and recharged. Toss in some potassium, too.


Checking stats obsessively is like sitting in the desert sun for hours; exhausting, depleting, de-energizing, life-sapping. Replenish yourself my Young Blogging Padawans…..stop looking at blogging stats every 2 hours!!!! Seriously; numbers on a screen are no big deal if you:


  • follow your passion
  • learn blogging from pros
  • practice writing
  • create helpful content
  • connect with top bloggers by helping them out


I have no idea what stats Blogging From Paradise yields. Numbers never bought my eBook. But David Boozer bought all of my eBooks. Numbers never chatted with me on a podcast. But Alonzo Pichardo invited me to chat on his podcast. Numbers never featured me on Fox News. Tyler Leslie did, via an article picked up from the wires by Fox News. Numbers never invited me to speak at NYU. Matthew Capala did. Numbers never wrote a guest post for our readers. Agness Walewinder just did, though. Numbers did not invite me to write for the 2.5 million member community at Positively Positive, being a contributor alongside Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Christy Turlington, Gary Vaynerchuk and other world famous celebrities. Humans did, though.


I give 100% of my energy to helping humans. I give 0% to checking numbers. Do ya think that worked out OK, for me?Click To Tweet


If you are INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE about checking stats, having oodles of fun doing so, testing and tweaking and enjoying it from a detached, generous energy, stat check a lot. But out of the over 100,000 bloggers I observed during my decade online, I can count these bloggers on one hand, out of obsessive stat checkers. Most stat obsessed bloggers reek of fear.


Stats should be checked sparingly by most bloggers, because stats can help nudge you in one direction, or turn around. That is it. Quick glance, little analysis, that is that, because if you fearfully obsess over stats, stats shackle you, versus guiding you.


You can watch the video here guys.


Are You Shackled by Stats?


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