Are You Serving Up Blogging Pot Luck?

September 9, 2018

Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog: Blogging Pot Luck?


Cover 1 topic guys.


Stop serving up blogging pot luck.


Single Topic Vs Multi Topic Blog


Peep my prior post:


Single Or Multi Topic Blog?


I make the point; blog on 1 topic. Be an expert.


Some folks get away with blogging on multiple topics because said bloggers are clear on each topic. Most bloggers struggle horribly because they cover multiple topics from a heavy energy of fear, being scared they aren’t covering enough topics and getting enough traffic.


Said bloggers offer a jambalaya of blog posts. 1 day, self help. The next day, blogging tips. Law of attraction the following day.


You confuse readers, then lose readers, who follow your blog for 1 niche, then wonder why in the hell you cover a different niche. Imagine if Darren Rowse blogged about how to castrate alligators today? What does he know about nipping gator nuts? Nothing. He is Aussie; maybe he knows a wee bit about gator nut nipping.


But likely, he knows nothing on the topic. Why would readers trust his advice on nipping gator nodes? Readers would NOT trust him. Nor should they. No offense Darren.


Of course you trust his blogging advice 100%. Dude is a legend. Spent years learning and teaching blogging inside out.


Strangely enough though, my blogging sweet robbins, a shocking number of bloggers serve up a jumbalaya of blogging topics, covering all the topics under the sun. Why would anybody trust you if you change topics with the wind? Sure you may know a little about multiple topics, but not enough to get people to trust you, to where you turn blogging into a full time gig. Very few folks are THAT good.


I discuss in the video.


Are You Serving Up Blogging Pot Luck?


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