Are You Paying Your Blogging Dues?

  August 5, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin, Thailand


Are you paying your blogging dues today?


I am having fun and being generous. Being generous is your tax. Paying your blogging dues does not mean hard work, struggle and striving for years. Straining and forcing and busting your ass is for hard work consciousness types. Nope. Have fun. Face fears. Edge through discomfort. Keep paying your blogging dues.


Giving precedes getting. Being generous precedes receiving aka getting success. For example, I rewrote this post a bit after the initial publish date solely because my:



changed quite a bit from the initial publish date. I noted frequent cursing, rougher styles and a general course approach perfect for us back then but not resonant for us now. Paying my blogging dues involved re-writing this post today even though doing so ate up a bit more of my time. Blogging is paying dues. Serving involves shifting toward others. My time becomes your time. My blog becomes your blog. In essence, me and you becomes we.  Our blog trends toward the idea of community. We all pay our dues to become liberated through the community concept of blogging.


I work to help you. But you work to:



Everyone pays their dues on the blogging journey. Creators and consumers put in time and work to better their lives.


No one gets something for nothing. Sear this idea onto your mind. Put hacks aside. Release shortcuts. Let go urges to get rich quickly. Stop trying to get quickly. Blogging is paying dues. No blogger skips paying dues. Successful bloggers pay their dues to become successful.


Imagine blogging to be a job in some regards. Humans work jobs by spending 8-10 hours daily working in office settings. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Drive to work. Work. Go home. Collect weekly paychecks. Pay dues to get paid. Blogging is similar save receiving the steady paycheck. Wake. Eat breakfast. Fire up your laptop. Work. Shut off the laptop. Gradually receive blogging income tabulating exponentially over the long haul.


Turkey vulture

Turkey vulture, El Valle de Anton Panama


Bloggers pay dues as employees pay dues. But blogging is a business. Business owners work generously to pay dues for a bit before income flows to entrepreneurs. Frame the “for a bit” time lapse differently for everyone. But know how generously paying dues leads to business success in the proper time frame based on your clarity.


Blogging short cuts do not exist. No one gets something for nothing. Trust no one who promises blogging short cuts. Imagine short cuts in the offline world. Does a fad diet work long term? Do financial short cuts yield riches? How do relationship short cuts work for panicked people desperately looking for love?


Every short cut leads to nightmares since fear pokes and prods at people to take short cuts.  People fear some scenario. Fear goads people to take short cuts. Taking short cuts from fear produces scenarios people feared because what you try to avoid comes true until you feel the fear fueling aversion. Consciousness reflects back to you what you fear or love based on your intent, your predominant state of mind and how you choose to act, either from love or fear.


Take the long cut. Long cuts yield:


  • freedom
  • love
  • peace
  • worldly success
  • generous service
  • calm
  • balance
  • poise


Take long cuts by paying your blogging dues. For example, re-writing this post means taking a long cut. But since I paid my dues I have 2500 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise to link to via this post. I blogged the right way for a long time. Now I can simply inter-link to 5-10 helpful, older blog posts to:


  • better help you
  • increase time spent on site
  • boost my SERPs
  • increase Google traffic


Paying your blogging dues leads to exponentially increasing benefits.


Inle Lake, Myanmar.


Taking short cuts to avoid paying your blogging dues leads to failure.


Is this even a decision?

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