Are You Building a Powerful Blogging Tribe or Struggling Horribly as a Blogging Lone Wolf?

  March 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
I am enjoying my time in Nizwa, Oman. So much so that I took my first official seflie with my snazzy camera today. Our neighborhood is a quiet, conservative spot in a chill city. Generous, warm folks invited us for coffee and dates multiple times already.

Nizwa, Oman


Blogging works well as a team sport.


Blogging works terribly as a solo endeavor.


Most bloggers try to succeed solo and fail. People believe blogging is a gig for one person. Write a blog post. Publish a blog post. Repeat the process until you succeed. But blogging is a team effort. Many human beings come together to build one successful blog.


Think of blogging as being a community activity. Even though you appear to write and publish blog posts solo the true definition of blogging consists of a group of people co-creating for the benefit of all.


the true definition of blogging consists of a group of people co-creating for the benefit of all. #blogging Click To Tweet


I published a blog post about blogging lessons learned by evading swarming bees in Oman a few years ago. Linking to 4 blogging buddies made the blog post a team effort. Perhaps you read the blog post; I appreciate your kind act because you:


  • co-created blogging success for us all
  • prevented my blog from being a cyber-diary


Blogging solo leads to issues.


Mount Cook, New Zealand

Mount Cook, New Zealand


Do not go solo guys.


Blogging solely for yourself leads to traffic and profits struggles because traffic and profits flow through human beings other than yourself. Imagine sitting down, writing a blog post, publishing a blog post and doing nothing else. How can people find your blog if you do not reach out to:


  • fellow bloggers?
  • potential readers?


Reaching out means helping human beings without looking for anything in return. I may write a guest post for my blogging buddy Sazzadul Bari but expect nothing in return from him. He generously invited me to guest post on his blog. Perhaps I link to one of my eBooks through the post but I expect nothing from him because my intent is to be truly helpful. Our bond grows. He generously Likes my:


  • tweets
  • LinkedIn updates
  • Facebook updates


Each time he Likes my social media updates these updates gain more organic reach. Gaining organic reach gives me greater exposure. Gaining greater exposure allows me to help more people. Helping more people accelerates my blogging success. But we all win. As I succeed, you succeed. People who succeed empower others to succeed who empower others to succeed. We are all one. Teams grow our collective success because we are one, huge, 7 billion member team as it is.


As I gain greater exposure, more people gain access to my blogging help. As more people follow my blogging advice, more people become successful bloggers who help more people succeed. Do you see why blogging needs to be a team sport for you to thrive? Blogging works wonders for team players. Blogging becomes a nightmare for lone wolves.


Trying to do everything by yourself is doing everything for yourself. Good luck succeeding online if you do all for yourself because people need you to do things for them, to gain their trust.


Friends like Cori Leigh and Janice Wald have played a huge part in my online success, similar to Sazzadul. I have reached their readers because both bloggers generously invited me to guest post on their blogs. I drove blog traffic without relying on Google because I mindfully guest posted on blogs from within my blogging tips niche. Building a blogging tribe made it all happen.


Blogger Outreach


Engage in a genuine blogger outreach campaign.


Help fellow bloggers from your niche by:


  • reading their blog posts
  • commenting genuinely on their blog posts
  • retweeting their posts
  • sharing their posts on Facebook
  • linking to their posts via your blog


Mediterranean Sea Paphos Cyprus

Mediterranean Sea Paphos Cyprus


Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Gain their trust. Make blogging buddies. Observe how your blogging buddy network:


  • reads your posts
  • comments genuinely on your posts
  • shares your posts on social media
  • buys your courses and eBooks
  • hires you


Traffic, profits and blogging business flows to a connected blogger. Connected bloggers employ the idea of teamwork through an authentic blogger outreach campaign. Helping bloggers goads bloggers to help you. Gaining help from a high volume of loyal, loving bloggers multiplies your success.


Observe my latest blog post shared on Facebook:



Blogging teamwork co-created this volume of Likes; although viewing the update via Facebook itself versus an embed reveals 97 Likes. Anyway, either 82 Likes or 97 Likes in response to a blog post link is a hefty accomplishment in a world of alleged dead Facebook organic reach as far as updates, let alone links.


Blogging tribes do what algorithms attempt to prevent. Love wins. Community wins. Groups of people working together wins. Facebook wins too; we co-create helpful content and give it an organic boost that makes Facebook look good. Facebook enjoys users who make Facebook look good. All of my recent updates sport a solid organic reach because Facebook likes users who co-create inspiration for all.


Build a blogging tribe.


Stop trying to blog lone-wolf.


Teams reach the top. Every one who attempts to go solo, fails.


Observe companies. Amazon, Facebook and Google became empires not by one person trying to will success but by large companies employing a group of people working together to succeed. Blogging is no different. Build your blogging tribe to build your blogging company. Pay fellow bloggers in generosity versus money. Keep making generosity payments. Bloggers can and will return to promote you, endorse you, hire you, spread your word and to help you reach blogging heights you never imagined.


Cappadocia, Turkey


Keep building your blogging tribe every single day. Help more bloggers. Be of service. Allow bonds to form organically. Get connected. Reach higher in blogging circles by building a blogging tribe versus being a blogging lone wolf.




I recorded this video reminder a while back.


Check it out here:


Are You Building a Blogging Tribe or Struggling as a Blogging Lone Wolf?


Your Turn


Do you blog solo and struggle?


Or do you build a blogging tribe?


What blogging strategy works for you?

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 1:25 pm

    Great question Ryan, some days I feel solo, and other days with many others in the journey together. Working together does work best with blogging. You really can’t survive going solo forever.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:40 pm

      No you cannot Lisa. You are definitely a team player but we really do need to go some of the journey solo in some ways, only because our individual choices when no one seem to be watching do shape our destiny, in many regards.

  2. zacy says:
    at 12:33 am

    Keep building your blogging tribe every single day. Help more bloggers. Be of service. Allow bonds to form organically. Get connected. Reach higher in blogging circles by building a blogging tribe versus being a blogging lone wolf.

  3. Janice Wald says:
    at 8:34 am

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you so very much for including me in your article. Since you are a talented blogger, it just makes good sense to promote your writing on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and other places. By the way, you have been a huge factor in my blogging success too. You are right. Support works both ways. That’s the beauty of helping. We help because we believe it’s the right thing to do, not to get anything in return. Then, when good things do come our way, it’s the icing on the cake. Thanks again for the mention.

  4. John Ravi says:
    at 1:40 am

    Hi Ryan,

    It was a very helpful article! I remember when I started blogging. I greatly underestimated the value of having a tribe. I resisted it for so long and suffered losses due to it. I am glad that I learned the value of a tribe, and found a great team. I can’t think of taking a step forward without them. Now, my niece is starting her blogging journey, and I recommended that she find her tribe as well. I really hope she doesn’t make the same mistake as I did.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:13 am

      Ditto here, John. Building your tribe allows passive blogging success to flow to you. I love my tribe.

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