Are Blogs Still Relevant?

  June 17, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read

Nizwa, Oman


Are blogs still relevant?


Are blogs still a thing?


Is blogging dead?


Aspiring bloggers want a firm answer before investing time, money and work into blogging.


Struggling bloggers want to either jump ship now or see a glimmer of hope.


Seasoned professionals want to spot trends.


People seem to listen to podcasts and watch videos more than ever on their phones.


Asking if blogs are still relevant is a legitimate question.


Impatience seems rampant. Internet users want to consume content fast. Reading posts does not seem like the quickest way to consume content.


Other folks prefer to listen to podcasts. Yet another crowd watches videos to enjoy an entertaining medium.


Where does blogging factor into this fast-paced world trending toward visual content? How do bloggers compete with podcasting icons like Joe Rogan?


Are Blogs Still Relevant?


Before answering these questions consider the definition of “relevant”.


Per Oxford Languages:


Relevant: “appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.”


Are blogs appropriate to the current time? Since humans still read and write as of the current time, yes.


In the current period, circumstances dictate that people read words (blog readers) and write/type words (bloggers).


If in the present moment, most of the 7 billion humans on planet earth stopped reading and writing, then blogs would not be relevant.


For every video junkie binging YouTube offerings and podcast fan who listens to their favorite show while commuting to work, a high percentage of people still read online content.


Blogging is actually more important than ever.


Moeraki Boulders on the South Island of New Zealand.


As traditional media sites gate content through paywalls, skilled professional bloggers who publish genuine content can gain far greater prominence, influence and clout. Google continues to give bloggers an even greater platform for spreading their word.


Bloggers can make a real difference by helping people freely through the medium.


The time has never been better to build a blog.


Humanity wants reliable content. Blogs are ideal channels for delivering that content because branded, customized blogs supply readers with one stop shopping through:


  • written-typed blog posts
  • embedded videos
  • embedded podcasts
  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • various services


Highly interested individuals access not only the written word but other forms of free and premium content through well-stocked blogs.


In truth, blogging has never been more relevant because influential bloggers who patiently work to serve their communities can gain an incredible level of visibility in front of their ideal readers.




According to a post on Blogging Wizard, 600 million blogs are read by 77% of internet users.


About 8 out of 10 people are reading any number of well over a half billion blogs.


Considering these stats reveals that blogging is alive and well.


Blogging is not dead. But scarcity-focused bloggers intending to steer you away from blogging may try to convince you that blogging is dead.


Some bloggers blame blogging for their failure. Other bloggers want you to follow them from their blog to another medium.


Pay close attention to the intent behind any “blogging is dead” post. Spot the difference between a scared blogger and cold, hard facts backed up by statistics along with observations of basic human behavior. Observing raw data makes it difficult to believe that blogging is irrelevant.


Backlink Profile


Per post publish date, 34,860 backlinks point to Blogging From Paradise per Ahrefs:



Every backlink pointing to Blogging From Paradise is organic. I never asked for a link. I never engaged in link exchanges.


Every backlink reflects:


  • reader trust
  • high quality blog content
  • blogging skills, exposure and credibility


Blogging is still relevant if almost 35,000 links point to a single blog based on the credibility of the blog.


If blogging were not relevant few if any links would point to Blogging From Paradise.


If nearly 35,000 organic links point to just one blog how many organic backlinks point to the top 1,000 trusted blogs online? How many people still believe that blogging is a credible medium based on that titanic volume of organic backlinks?


Do People Still Read?


A hefty majority of people read online.


Bloggers publish online content through the typed word.


Blogging remains relevant.


As long as children learn how to read during their elementary school years there is a good chance that these kids will read blogs well into their adulthood.


Many people still read online content for their:


  • work
  • business
  • entertainment


If people read content online then blogs are still a thing.


Do People Only Watch Videos and Listen to Podcasts?


Individuals who predict the death of blogging often refer to video and podcast consumption rising dramatically.


Mobile users can seamlessly watch a video or listen to a podcast.


But most of the world’s population does not only consume video and podcast content. Even these individuals tend to read online content from time to time because the typed word trumps a video or podcast in some circumstances.


Video nuts read text messages. Podcast fans scan traditional news sites for articles. Even hardcore video and podcast followers may stumble across a blog post here and there via a:


  • Google search
  • YouTube description
  • Twitter search
  • Facebook search


Blogs maintain relevance even for online entrepreneurs who claim that blogging is dead because these people publish typed blog post content to claim that blogging is dead. Do you see the irony in that statement? Did they publish a video? Did they publish a podcast? They published an article on their blog because they know blogging is still the most relevant platform to reach as many targeted people as possible.


Blogs maintain relevance even for online entrepreneurs who claim that blogging is dead because these people publish blog articles to claim that blogging is dead. Did they publish a video or podcast to claim that blogging is dead?Click To Tweet


Even online entrepreneurs who predict the death of blogging tend to use blogging to reach as many targeted people as possible.


Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India

Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India


Isn’t it odd that this crowd uses an alleged irrelevant medium to stay relevant?


Do People Still Write?


Since human beings enjoy writing blogging remains relevant.


Reading demand needs to be met by writing supply.


The world needs bloggers for blogging to still be relevant.


Since tens of millions of bloggers enjoy writing then blogging remains alive and well.


Are Videos and Podcasts as Comprehensive as Blogging?


People tend to believe that blogging is dead because videos and podcasts seem to be pushing blogs aside.


Video content can only offer video content.


Podcast content can only offer podcast content.


Blogging offers consumers:


  • blog post articles
  • video embeds
  • podcast embeds
  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • services


Blogs are comprehensive solutions compared to one-dimensional videos and podcasts.


Blogging remains relevant because “cyber variety stores” tailor to consumer preferences. Videos and podcasts severely limit audience potential. Blogging appeals to a potentially wide range of targeted individuals who prefer consuming content through multiple mediums.


In truth, you can get pretty much whatever you want about a specific topic through an authority self-hosted WordPress blog owned by a highly-skilled, talented blogger. Blogging is as influential a medium as it’s ever been because of this simple fact.


Do Entrepreneurs Thrive by Monetizing through Multiple Streams?


Minus a small altruistic community, most bloggers have professional aspirations.


Blogging relevance does not necessarily depend on professional bloggers but since more people work remotely these days blogging evolves into a logical choice for home based entrepreneurs.


Few if any virtual businesses offer individuals the income potential of professional blogging.


Professional bloggers profit through:



From 2020 going forward, people realized that they can earn income from the comfort of their homes. Full time employees increasingly want to open part time businesses online to free themselves.


Blogging is relevant because it offers people a way to monetize their skillset from home.


Humanity has largely learned that you can earn money:


  • without the commute
  • sans office drama
  • by being your own boss


People are beginning to realize the sheer potential in quality blogging as remote work becomes more popular.


Quality Blogging Is Still Relevant


Adam makes a good point through his Blogging Wizard post referenced above.


Blogging has changed dramatically since its earlier days.


Less sophisticated readers, lax Google algorithms and a general Wild West mentality in the blog-o-sphere led to:


  • relatively easy rankings for substandard content
  • greater worldly success with mediocre effort
  • blogging shortcuts that appeared to work for a sustained period of time


Lazy blogging to get traffic and profits quickly is no longer relevant.


Publishing in-depth, targeted, SEO-optimized blog posts is the way to make your blog relevant.


Blogging requires significant:


  • work
  • time
  • patience
  • persistence


to establish a professional career through the medium.


Koh Lanta, Thailand


Ranking on page 1 of Google is entirely possible and quite probable but only if you spend a long time developing skills to gain SERPs. Most bloggers quit during this period of developing their skills. A few bloggers see the journey through to build credible, relevant blogs followed by a loyal readership.




Do you overlook old posts on your blog?


Avoid making this mistake.


Check out this simple way to drive Google traffic:


1 Simple Way to Drive Google Traffic




The demand for blogging exists but you as a blogger make your blog most relevant.


Learn how to blog from established professionals.


Follow a simple blogging strategy persistently.


Help your readers with detailed, targeted blog posts.


Don’t believe that blogging is dead. Blogging is alive and well. Both supply and demand for blogs exist.


Blogging is as relevant as ever.

  1. Randall Magwood says:
    at 3:59 pm

    Good blogs are a content hub that (I believe) people will continue to migrate to. As video and podcasts become ever more popular as ways to absorb content, the blog will still be a preferred choice for some readers who prefer to read through a webpage – rather than wait and listen to content. If the blog is good, it can still generate a fan base, subscribers, and of course income through the various means of monetization.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:11 am

      Well said Randall. People will gravitate toward blogging in part because their preferred video and podcast content will be embeds on sites owned by bloggers. Consumers and bloggers are beginning to smarten up; owning your blog and supporting individual bloggers is changing the world in a fabulous way.

  2. Morris Grand says:
    at 3:01 am

    Ryan, I LOVE this post! You’ve presented the facts and also acknowledged today’s media and consumer environment. I think when people say “blogging is dead” they refer to the times when you could throw together a key-word stuffed article and generate Google traffic almost immediately. Similarly how people can gain thousands of followers within a few days on TikTok by producing a few videos that are not even 30 seconds short (Hence the mantra “blogging is dead, short-form video content is king”). It’s the need for instant results that makes people scream “XYZ is dead”. If something takes months or even years to ramp up, very few are interested in going down that road. Anyways, just my two cents! For sure blogging has changed over the years but people still read online and search engines are still looking to rank the most relevant content.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:09 am

      What a great point Morris. Guess what? Insta-success Tik Tok ers, Instagrammers and other folks who get a lot, fast, will have long faded away into obscurity when patient bloggers are gaining even more influence, success and a platform to serve people. Fast success flows in and out just as quickly over the long haul. No short cuts exist in this world.

  3. Jeremy says:
    at 5:20 pm

    Appreciate the insights here from a seasoned blogger. We’re walking the path and as another commentor mentioned here, it’s not an instant success or overnight thing.

    Thanks again for the reassurances and guidance provided here.

  4. Simon Brocher Köln says:
    at 10:02 pm

    its nice to hear wisdom from some seasoned blogger. thanks for the insight and the reminder that blogging is still thriving. keep up the great work, Ryan!

  5. Nitin Dabas says:
    at 12:14 am

    Hi Ryan,
    I like your writing style. This is the most common question people ask and you answered this question so well.
    Of course, blogging is still a great medium to transfer your views and to gain monetary benefits as well.
    No matter how popular videos and podcasts are, blogging still exists and will sustain for sure.
    Thanks for such nice information.

  6. Morris Grand says:
    at 4:12 am

    You’re right, the numbers they gained quickly can disappear just as quickly! Mayyyybe some of the smartest content creators can tap into trends to fuel their email list but even that is exhausting: Always trying to identify new trends and not losing your identity along the way. Like you said, at the end of the day there are no shortcuts.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:36 am

      All great points Morris. We need to follow the fundamentals patiently for exponential long term growth.

  7. Mudassir says:
    at 12:47 pm

    Love the credibility you add to the fact that blogs are still relevant.

    As long as there is the Internet, blogs are not going anywhere, Ryan.

    People like to Google to find helpful information, considering that there will always be a supply in the form of blogs. Besides, bloggers can monetize their skills concurrently while offering value.

    Have a good day!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:40 pm

      Agreed fully Mudassir. People will read blogs for the foreseeable future so blogging is alive and well.

  8. Brian McClellan says:
    at 2:35 pm

    Thanks for this great post Ryan. As someone who always aspired to have a blog, but never did anything about it, it is great to know that I am not too late. I am just getting started and have a lot to learn, but having these stats to show that blogging is relevant means that the time I am investing into it has the potential to be worth while for more than just myself.

  9. Moss says:
    at 7:57 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Blogging is relevant today, tomorrow, and in the future. In fact, blogging will always remain relevant within the digital marketing space. Considering your blogging statistics above, you realize marketers who prioritize blogging get 13x more return on their investments (ROIs) than those who don’t. For that reason, more than half of business owners focus on blogging as their major content marketing strategy
    And if you look at the current stats for blogging, you’ll see that it thrived in the last five years with a 12% increase.
    Thanks for sharing this piece of content, Ryan!😊

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