Are Blogging Courses Worth it?

  June 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
Savusavu, Fiji

Savusavu, Fiji


Before investing in online learning most bloggers ask: Are blogging courses worth it?


Rather than publishing a running online commercial for my two blogging courses I want to share the pros and cons of investing in a blogging course.


Every new blogger needs guidance. Struggling veteran bloggers often need just as much guidance as beginner bloggers to break bad blogging habits. Spamming, writing and publishing thin posts, avoiding genuine blogger outreach and resisting blog monetizing are a few common mistakes made by most new bloggers.


Helpful courses provide bloggers with potential solutions to pressing problems. Investing in the right course opens your eyes to not so obvious mistakes made, obscured by the ego.


Everyone has blogging blind spots. Beneficial blogging course reveal blind spots to correct in order to succeed online.


Are Blogging Courses Worth it?


Weighing the benefits versus cost of a good blogging course sits within the mind of most bloggers. What will you get from the course? What returns can you expect from your financial investment? Should you spend money on a course? Can a blogger go pro by learning from free content alone?


What are your needs? Blogging courses are not for everyone. Advanced professionals usually need a small nudge in the right direction versus a full course load to reach the next level of blogging growth. However, beginner bloggers require strong guidance to make the right decisions. How you begin blogging dictates the direction of your online career.


Never base your decision on financial reasoning alone. The most expensive mistake you can make is to not buy a course for the fear of losing money. Bloggers struggle to make a penny for 5 years for the fear of losing $200 on a course. Does wasting your blogging time for 5 years to make zero dollars seem like a wise trade for not investing $200 in your blogging education? Do not be afraid to lose $200. Fear wasting 5 years of your life struggling with your blogging campaign.


The most expensive mistake you can make is to not buy a course for the fear of losing money.Click To Tweet


Create a vision for your online career. Train your mind to see a course as an investment versus an expensive loss of money.


Bloggers genuinely value saving money more than learning how to blog like a professional. Stop thinking upside down. Think right side up to make the right decision.


Before investing in a blogging course keep these ideas in mind.




Blogging courses package the best advice from successful bloggers in one easy to follow format.


Long-form blog content solves pressing problems. Detailed videos list proven steps to become a successful blogger. Listening to a thorough podcast empowers bloggers to overcome common obstacles. In-depth, free content hits the mark in most cases.


However, blogging courses outperform free content for a few clear reasons:


  • blogging courses contain the best blogging information from the best bloggers
  • blogging courses present content in the ideal format
  • blogging courses lay out solutions in step-by-step fashion
  • investing in a blogging course gives you confidence, clarity and posture


Buying a blogging course makes most bloggers feel:


  • professional
  • credible
  • serious about blogging


during their amateur blogging days.


Similar to paying an offline tuition, investing in your blogging education can give you the extra boost you need to take blogging seriously.


Learn How to Blog in the Right Environment


Online courses offer learning in one spot.


Similar to learning from an experienced professor in a college lecture hall, online course learning feels like a good match in terms of formatting and environment.


Invest in an online course to learn through the online course alone versus distracting yourself with varied blogging schools of thought..


Investing in an online course dissolves overwhelm consistent with trying to research through a fragmented mix of blog posts, videos and podcasts.


Learning from multiple courses creates confusing blogging crosscurrents.


Buy one course to get help through one source. Stay on point. Put your newfound blogging knowledge into action. Avoid confusing yourself with a haphazardly built list of blog posts, videos and podcasts sourced from pros who teach opposing blogging strategies.


Learn How to Blog from Professional Bloggers


Investing money in blogging courses gives you a professional blogger education.


Lake Pukaki, South Island, New Zealand

Lake Pukaki, South Island, New Zealand


Professional bloggers know how to succeed. Learning from pros positions you to succeed.


Top bloggers share their best advice in thorough fashion through blogging courses. Learn from the best to become the best.


Bloggers tend to struggle by following unproven advice from struggling bloggers. Investing in a course positions you to learn how to thrive from professional bloggers.


Buy, Time, Energy, Knowledge and Experience


Investing in a blogging course buys you:


  • time
  • energy
  • knowledge
  • experience


Buying a blogging course accesses the time, energy, knowledge and experience offered by seasoned professional bloggers.


Imagine investing in a course published by a 10 year professional blogger. The 10 year pro shares 10 year’s worth of time, energy, knowledge and experience.


Instead of struggling for years you capitalize on experience gained by a pro blogger who shares their knowledge with you. Versus wasting years doing what doesn’t work you do what works the moment you apply course knowledge.


Few bloggers understand how buying courses actually buys you time and energy. Most bloggers waste time and energy doing what doesn’t work. Blogging course students save time and energy by doing what works.


As a rule, almost every blogger wastes considerable time doing what does not work until buying a course to learn from professional bloggers. Some bloggers seem to be know it all types. Other bloggers prefer to stick their head in the sand, being oblivious to their mistakes. Yet other bloggers want to prove pro bloggers wrong.


Wasting time and energy adds to your blogging work load.  Successful work you skip now needs to be done later.


For example, I resisted optimizing posts for SEO spanning most of my online career. I began to drive Google traffic after learning from professionals why and how to SEO-optimize posts but need to put in SEO work now I resisted doing for over a decade.


Invest in a blogging course now. Save yourself time and work down the road.




Blogging courses may not be worth it for a few clear reasons.


Before investing money in a course consider the downsides.


Courses are not for everyone. Some bloggers don’t have the budget to blog. Other bloggers lack the drive to follow courses closely. Putting course knowledge into action feels highly difficult for many bloggers,


Keep these downsides in mind before choosing to invest in blogging courses.




Blogging on a budget makes buying expensive courses difficult.


Most bloggers can purchase a $100 blogging course with a credit card. But investing $500 to $1000 or more sits outside of most blogger budgets.


Breaking the bank is no option for shoestring bloggers.


In this case, investing in an eBook gives you a less comprehensive framework for successful blogging. Bloggers hellbent on saving every penny can access thin but helpful tutorials through pillar-style content as temporary learning aids.


Learning Motivators


Even easy to follow courses feel uncomfortable to follow for bloggers lacking learning drive.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


Learning from a blogging course feels difficult in moments similar to diligently keeping up with offline studies. Courses present full guides. Patiently stepping through rich resources feels:


  • intimidating
  • overwhelming


sometimes to the scared mind even if the course flows in seamless fashion with an intuitive UX.


Knowing why you want to learn blogging compels you to follow a blogging course diligently through thick and thin.


However, some bloggers better take to long form blog content as newbies to baby step their way toward investing in an online course.




What is blogging? Why should you begin blogging?


Investing in a helpful can seem wise if you know what blogging is and why you should blog.


Check out the video:


What Is Blogging and Why Should You Blog?


The Verdict


Make the right decision for you by considering your blogging needs.


Bloggers on a tight budget may explore less robust alternatives but if you need a blogging guide investing in course seems like a wise decision.


Ultimately, weigh the pros and cons to make the right choice for your blogging campaign.


  1. Randall Magwood says:
    at 10:12 pm

    I think blogging courses are worth it, especially for those who want all the information needed to be successful in one central book.

  2. Rosy Chauhan says:
    at 1:38 am

    Blogging courses are absolutely worthwhile because they are the best way to make money online. All people want to learn blogging so they can earn money smartly.

    Thanks for sharing your meaning ideas about this topic!!!

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