Anybody Want to See Some Big Doggies in Turkey?

February 11, 2019
Legend. This is Dido rocking the postcard shot in the Balkan Valley of Ortahisar, Turkey.


As we settle in to our Cappadocia Turkey house sit, I want to share our 3 buddies with you.


Kelli and I are caring for Puppy, Sheeba and Dido.


All 3 are biggies. Puppy tips the scale at over 100 pounds. But a resident Kangal dwarfs him, weighing in at well over 120 pounds, from a quick eyeballing. May even weigh more.


The Kangal and his bitch – female dog – seem friendly to humans but put a hurting on Puppy and Dido, via 2 incidents. Bitch really mauled Dido and the Kangal mangled Puppy’s leg. This happened well before we arrived. Anyway, we carry a Taser to send those 2 doggies to the hills during walks.


We take the 3 amigos on a long hike through the Balkan Valley aka Mars, for a long walk on waking. Feeding next. Loving and cuddling for a bit, then the doggies relax on the street or on the roof. Around dusk, the trio lumbers inside. Dido sleeps by the bed while Puppy and Sheeba sleep downstairs.


Click the link to enjoy the video.


Anybody Want to See Some Big Doggies in Turkey?


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