3 Terribly Confusing Beginner Blogger Questions and Answers

  February 23, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 11 minutes read


Beginner blogger questions seem to hit on 3 common themes.


Confusion dominates beginner blogger minds in most cases. I felt lost 13 years ago because I had no:


  • mentor
  • handy blogging guide
  • definite blogging purpose
  • singular niche for my blog


Being confused saps your creativity, dissolves your focus and dissipates your powers of concentration. Some of my readers have the proper blogging drive but lack clarity. No blogger succeeds blogging from an unclear energy. Unfortunately, most beginner bloggers lack clarity. Lacking clarity creates mental confusion. Feeling confused makes blogging difficult.


Three common new blogger questions cross my cyber desk often. I want to answer each question to accelerate your beginner blogger success. This journey feels overwhelming in moments but getting answers to your questions lessens heaviness concerning your blogging direction.


Do you feel lost on your new blogger journey? I know how you feel. Information overload may paralyze you into inaction. Or perhaps bloggers bombard you with hype, trumped-up claims and a heavy focus on outcomes without offering you proven, practical blogging tips. Been there. Suffered through that.


Let’s answer these questions to give you clarity, confidence and a renewed focus as you proceed with your blogging campaign.


1: Is Blogging Profitable in 2022?


Stats may confuse you regarding this question. Blogging has been highly profitable for a number of years. But what about 2021? Ample changes swept through the blog-o-sphere over the years. What worked in the past with Google does not work now. Readers have become more sophisticated. No longer can most people be fooled by empty promises, false claims and hype.


Can you actually make money blogging in 2021?


Yes you can. Blogging is profitable in 2022. Blogging was profitable in 2021. But my answer to your question will probably confuse you because I will not refer to statistics to prove my point. Blogging is still profitable in 2022 because money is in consciousness.


Money is an idea in your mind. Acting on prospering ideas from:


  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • trusting


energies yields profits in year 1, 2021, and 5001, if humans survive to that year. This concept applies to every single business and job model in the history of human civilization. Imagine having an idea to get a job. Apply. Interview. Get hired. Do your job. Get paid. Each step involved acting on an idea in your mind to eventually get paid.


As long as I act on prospering ideas, I will profit in 2021 because readers whose trust I earned will buy my stuff or click ads embedded on Blogging From Paradise. Again; money is an idea in your mind. Acting from generous, trusting, patient and persistent energies makes blogging profitable for you in 2021.


Blogging Ideas to Keep in Mind


However, new bloggers need to keep a few things in mind:


  • doing generous, intelligent things with a detached energy for a long time earns you profits; good things require time and generous service
  • you will need to rid yourself of the employee mindset of expecting a blogging paycheck after doing specific things or blogging for a specific time frame; blogging is a business and businesses do not work that way
  • blogging is a skill anyone can master but few do because new bloggers generally avoid facing, feeling and releasing fears concerning success, money and worthiness, all fears fueling their struggles


Success can and will find you. Targeted traffic and blogging profits are possibilities and even probabilities in 2021. But it requires prospering ideas, a lot of work and a lot of time to become skilled enough to actually earn profits.


I rarely talk about profits but wanted to share how I received a royalty payment for my new social media manual. Have you checked it out yet?


Anyway, the profits I earned through the eBook flowed to me because I worked for a long time to be skilled enough, seen enough and credible enough to influence people to buy my eBook. Everything began with an idea, though. I generated an idea to write an eBook, asked my readers for eBook ideas and my readers planted the social media eBook idea in my mind.


Sitting down to write the eBook required some writing skills and observational skills, in addition to having sufficient experience using social media for over a decade. New bloggers cannot possibly have these levels of skill and experience, just like new blogger me, 15 years ago. Profits build but after generating prospering ideas and acting on these ideas for a long time.


Put in the Time and Effort


Making money through blogging in 2021 is about generating prospering ideas, putting in time and effort working the ideas, honing your skills, publishing valued content, making connections and eventually, boosting your profits. Blogging may be profitable in 2022 but your work, patience and persistence determine if and when you profit. Stick around. Be patient. Put in the work. Focus on the process. Profits will come.


Practical Tips for Earning Money through Blogging


  • strengthen your mental muscle since money is in consciousness; feel abundant, count every blogging win and emit a wealthy vibe to blog from a wealthy energy
  • learn how to blog the right way from professional bloggers; pros know how to earn money through blogging
  • create helpful content serving the needs of your readers; earn reader trust to earn blogging income
  • network generously with pro bloggers in your niche; pro bloggers can help expand your reach and boost your profits by promoting you to their readerships
  • open multiple streams of income; start with 1-3 streams then slowly but steadily add income channels to maximize your earnings potential


Have you checked out my blogging course?


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging


This could be helpful as a guide to follow for becoming a successful blogger.


Be generous, patient, persistent and trusting in the blogging process. Profits eventually come but good things take time and generous service.


Beginner bloggers; if you do not make money in 2021 you laid the foundation to profit in 2022. Be patient. Success is yours but usually takes it sweet time finding you.


2: Is It Easy or Hard for New Bloggers to Get Backlinks?


Neither. Getting links as a newbie blogger is pretty much impossible. Confusion plagues most new bloggers seeking backlinks for the fact most believe getting links is either easy or hard. Most beginner bloggers seem flummoxed by the fact that newbies simply will not score backlinks.


Be realistic as a new blogger. New bloggers do not have:


  • skills
  • connections
  • credibility


solely because you are new. No human being new to any venture has skills, connections or credibility. New bloggers earn skills, connections and credibility by patiently:


  • learning blogging from pros
  • creating helpful content
  • bonding with pro bloggers in your niche


until new bloggers become skilled, connected and credible. From there, backlinks will slowly, steadily and organically flow to your blog.


With these ideas in mind, getting backlinks as a beginner blogger is not easy or hard but impossible. Bloggers link to respected, trusted content published by credible bloggers. Bloggers do not link to new blogger blogs because newbies simply have no skills, connections and credibility. Do not beat yourself up; I was in the same new blogger boat 15 years ago. Every new blogger sits in the same boat.


I found it hard to get backlinks because I did not harbor realistic expectations. Getting backlinks should be easy, I assumed. But both assumptions proved to be false. Getting new links was neither easy or hard but impossible because no credible, intelligent blogger links to untrusted content published by new bloggers.


Pro Sports Analogy


Would an NBA franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers offer a tryout to an 8th grader who picked up a basketball for the first time today? Of course not; the Lakers only offer tryouts to skilled basketball players who earned the right to a tryout with an NBA team after practicing basketball for 5, 10 or 20 years.


Would an established, professional blogger offer a backlink to a blogger who only published 3 posts after buying their domain and hosting? Of course not; established, professional bloggers only link to established, credible bloggers who earned the right to get high quality backlinks after practicing blogging for years. So, just like it’s impossible for a 14 year old who picked up a basketball today to get a tryout with the Lakers, it’s equally impossible for a new blogger with little to no skills to get a backlink from any blogger, let alone a professional blogger with real clout.


Earn Backlinks


New bloggers who spend time creating, connecting and building their skill set eventually become experienced bloggers who influence respected bloggers to link to their fledgling online real estate. But experienced bloggers only get backlinks by earning backlinks.


Picture a professional blogger linking to this blog post. Years of blogging work earned me the right to get backlinks from seasoned pros. In essence, you need to practice diligently for a long time before successful bloggers perceive your blog as being backlink-worthy. No blogger skips the hard work earning them the right to get backlinks. No blogger knows secret shortcuts to getting backlinks.


Either you pay your blogging dues to get quality backlinks organically or you do not pay your blogging dues and get no backlinks. Everything is on you.


At the end of the day, getting backlinks for new bloggers is not hard or difficult but a sometimes uncomfortable process demanding your:


  • generosity
  • trust
  • detachment
  • patience
  • persistence


until you become experienced, leaving your newbie days behind.


I wrote and published this blog post not to get links but to help you. Being of service for a long time influences bloggers to link to Blogging From Paradise. My generosity, trust, detachment, patience and persistence was tested over the years. However, I saw the journey through. Getting backlinks becomes easier for committed bloggers.


Dial Down Your Beginner Blogger Expectations


New bloggers are new bloggers. Beginners in any field need to lower expectations because newbies need to generously, patiently and persistently practice to gain skills and credibility.


Release the urge to get backlinks fast. Focus on the process, not the results of your labor. Expect little. Give a lot.


Create Robust Content


Publish robust content regularly to position yourself effectively as a new blogger. Write quality blog posts over the course of months. Eventually, new blogger you begins to develop a positive reputation for being a value-provider in your blogging circles. Slowly but surely, bloggers link to you but only after you put in work for a while to solidify your reputation.


Bloggers tend to link to thorough, 2,000 plus word guides solving some pressing problem in your niche because doing so provides immense value to their audience. Thin content rarely nabs backlinks because bloggers intend to link to resources, not short posts lacking blogging heft.


Do not hold back. Write and publish thorough content targeted to pinpoint your niche. Picture being a blogging tips blogger. Writing and publishing a 2,000 word blog post targeted for blogging tips bloggers positions you to get backlinks from fellow blogging tips bloggers. Perhaps you do not score links today, tomorrow or even next month but patiently and persistently publishing robust, beneficial content boosts your credibility. As your credibility and exposure reach a tipping point more bloggers link to your blog.


3: Should You Pick Blogging or Being an Affiliate Marketer?


Newbies feel unclear on even picking the blogging path in the first place. Affiliate marketing may feel like a better choice. Confusion arises in your mind. Should you blog? Or should you begin with affiliate marketing?


Beginner bloggers ask this question with prying eyes focused on:


  • profit potential
  • ease of prospering
  • the lesser work load


Keep a few ideas in mind before answering this question:


  • blogging offers a greater upside and a more demanding workload
  • affiliate marketing requires less work but offers you fewer benefits
  • blogging provides you with a single platform through which you can sell virtually anything
  • affiliate marketing seems easier as far as getting started but offers you limited income channels compared to blogging




I advise you to pick blogging because:


  • bloggers own their self-hosted WordPress.org blogs
  • bloggers control their blogs
  • most bloggers brand their blogs however they want to brand their blogs
  • bloggers can open unlimited income streams through their blogs
  • bloggers can sell affiliate products and virtually anything else through their blogs


But blogging involves:


  • a significant time and energy commitment
  • diligent practice
  • mastering many moving parts to hone your blogging skillset
  • a financial investment involving your domain, hosting, premium theme and blogging education


Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi, Panama


Every blogging demand pales in comparison to blogging benefits. I am writing these words from the sunny beaches of Panama. Work yields freedom. Giving leads to receiving. However, understand how committing fully to blogging forces you to face your fears, leave your comfort zone and devote years to blogging the right way.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing could be your gig if you:


  • want to begin working a business model with a limited financial investment
  • have no interest in creating products and/or services
  • wish to ride the coat tails of successful entrepreneurs by selling their products and services as an affiliate
  • begin prospering more quickly compared to blogging


But affiliate marketing:


  • generally yields lesser profit returns than blogging
  • dramatically reduces your potential income streams
  • completely forfeits your branding potential


The main issue with choosing affiliate marketing over blogging is surrendering massive:


  • profit potential
  • branding potential
  • creative control


because bloggers are owners while affiliate marketers are simply sellers of entrepreneur’s products and services.


Scanning my blog, you see that I sell:


  • courses
  • eBooks


But affiliate marketers can only sell affiliate products, said products building the brands of entrepreneurs who created and published the products.


Do you want to get started quickly and earn some money by selling someone else’s products and services? Dive into affiliate marketing.


Do you want to build a thriving online business based on multiple income streams by creating and connecting? Begin blogging.


Follow your path based on your clear intent. Blogging is not for everyone. But do not choose affiliate marketing to get rich quickly because prospering fast proves to be impossible.




I hope you gained clarity through the beginner blogger questions I answered today. Blogging can be profitable in 2021. Newbies virtually never get backlinks but earn backlinks after gaining experience, skills and exposure. Pick blogging over affiliate marketing for greater freedom.


Your Turn


What answers can you share to these questions?


Do you have pressing questions as a new blogger?


Were any of the questions I mentioned in your mind?

  1. Shyla Elza says:
    at 10:57 am

    Hi Ryan!

    This post is so amazing and absolutely full of truth. When you say that it is impossible for new bloggers to get backlinks you are truly correct! Only until you build those lasting connections will you see those backlinks coming in. It simply isn’t possible to magically have them from the start and some people see it as something they’ve done wrong. Totally not the case. Thank you once again for shedding light on the beginner blogger world. While I don’t 100% consider myself a beginner these days I still find myself learning from your teachings and other bloggers on a daily basis. Great share!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:17 am

      Shyla I LOVE the note of new bloggers believing they did something wrong as a root cause of not scoring links. Brilliant! Few bloggers understand how as a newbie, it is not so much as doing something right or wrong but simply not possibility having enough practice and time under your blogging belt to be:

      – skilled
      – credible
      – seen

      enough to draw in:

      – traffic
      – profits
      – backlinks.

      Create, connect, relax, and the backlinks will come but down the road. Focus on the process for a while. The outcomes take care of themselves.

      I am learning from you too. Thank you for grounding me in basic, successful fundamentals to keep me on the straight and narrow. You rock 🙂


  2. Eric Cole says:
    at 12:16 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    A couple specific things which have been helping me in my blogging journey. One is the power of limits. While I am working with limits in an occult sense the concept translates nicely to building my blog. Limits on where I direct my attention and spend my energy for example are like compound interest. The benefits build and compound over time.

    I am applying limits to social media, niche topic selection, blog article ideas, and other areas. The idea isn’t anything new. What is new for me is shifting my world view so it is not just an intellectual idea. Once I began to see how not having well chosen limits was diffusing my effectiveness both growth-wise and blogging I made the shift. Still working on it but I can already see the benefits.

    Stated another way, unity of will translates to more effective action.

    The other idea I want to share has to do with networking. Taking your advice I have been commenting in authentic and meaningful ways on the forum and blog of a very well respected author in my niche. Yep, I am getting traffic building a bit everyday. What is rather exciting is I am branching out from the authors website. I realized the other people who comment on his blog might have blogs I want to read and comment on as well. The network expands! I have more places to connect with others.

    Thanks for all the help Ryan.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:37 pm

      Limits. Bingo. What resonance we have, Eric.

      I limited:

      – blog post topics
      – blog post styles
      – networking circles (in some regards)

      to feel clearer on my blogging campaign. The limiting-shift occurred about 1 month ago. Yesterday I decided to listen to one of my readers by checking out my recent posts written and published during this limiting cycle. 3 ranked on page 1 of Google. One ranked at position 2, right behind SEO guru Neil Patel. Limiting has great benefits because restricting aspects of blogging is a powerful clarifying agent. Most SEO wizards are master limiters because they are master targeters; limit your audience to one specific person and write for no one else, save that customer-reader avatar.

      As for networking, ditto buddy. I took my campaign to Twitter. I comment genuinely on the blogs of folks from my niche or related niches, but limit to said bloggers who:

      – retweet my posts
      – Like my posts
      – I find by scanning who my followers follow; again, sticking close to my blogging niche

      Everything expands beautifully for us because we are doing the inner work.

      Thanks for sharing Eric.


  3. Eric Cole says:
    at 1:42 pm

    Nice work on the Google PR!

    Now that I have deleted my accounts on Facebook and Twitter I am getting traffic from both platforms. I suspect a Schrodinger’s Cat situation. As long as I don’t look in the social media box the link sharing wave function doesn’t collapse.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:59 pm

      Nice! Amazing how letting go allows certain energies to do their job without any ego interference.


  4. Vishal Meena says:
    at 12:10 am

    Hello Ryan!

    Really awesome post.

    I think hardest work is getting Backlinks for newbies. As I recall, the first 2-3 months of my website’s backlink were nominal. Besides, publishing guest posts is also difficult for a new blogger.

    Work hard at all.

    Thanks and Regards
    Vishal Meena

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:53 am

      If we see the journey through as you have Vishal, everything comes together. Old fashioned smart, persistent, patient work brings great returns over the long haul. Backlinks flow in with greater ease. Bloggers collaborate with you. Everything seems different because success appears to flow to you easily. But the years of generous work did not always feel easy to engage in. This is what bloggers do not emotionally accept. The generous service through thick and thin sets the table for long term blogging success. Thanks brother 🙂


  5. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 12:48 pm

    Lots of great points here. Money does come from blogging, but it takes time. Lots of new bloggers miss that point. And building backlinks is super challenging for new bloggers. Without a ton of great content, and with a limited amount of traffic and low DA, people don’t really want to link back to your site. That’s why it’s so important to first be passionate about what you do and be in it for the long-run. If you are thinking the money will start rolling in and you can quit your day job in the first 6 months, you’ll likely get frustrated and quit. This is a great piece for beginning bloggers to read and understand!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:40 pm

      Spot on points Anthony. The time frame thing seems so confusing to new bloggers who cling to unrealistic expectations. I feel it is because we are almost always raised to be employees who do specific work things and always get a set paycheck every Thursday. Blogging is a business. Businesses never work that way. Backlinks, traffic and profits flow in based on your full time commitment to blogging for a long time. New bloggers need to work generously and intelligently for a while before people trust you, admire your skills and actually want to link to you or hire you or buy your stuff. But when you understand this basic truth you will begin to be generous, patient and persistent; success will be on the way.


  6. Deepak Patel says:
    at 11:28 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Again a wonderful post at BFP. You are right Ryan blogging is a business, not a job. So, once we starting a business we need to devote timing to it and think wisely. There is no time frame defined for success. So keep working on it until you don’t get succeed. We don’t know when things will be changed but if we consistent with work and stay focused. Things will improve and we get some idea with the time. I am also in the learning stage of my blogging career and making nothing so far. So, I am reading the ideas of other sucessful bloggers to motivate myself.

    Thank you

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:22 am

      Well said Deepak because you mention of thinking wisely is timely for me. About 1 month ago to the day, I changed my blog. I began to think wisely for perhaps the first point of my 13 year blogging career. I am not kidding. I finally fully realized how publishing thorough, SEO-optimized content is the way to go for me. In addition, list-building is also vital to my blogging success. But I only made each realization by devoting time, facing fear, gaining clarity and finally seeing myself and my blog in the light of truth. Thanks brother 🙂


  7. Treehouse Trippers says:
    at 11:43 am

    New blogger here and just wanted to say thanks for the tips! My main question would be how to start getting backlinks to a niche site? I’ve guest posts work well, but would like to avoid going that route, lol

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:43 pm

      Welcome to the blog-o-sphere TT 🙂

      Getting backlinks to a niche site involves:

      – publishing helpful content solely addressing your reader’s needs; bloggers in your audience and fellow bloggers in your niche will link to high quality content solving pressing problems in the niche.
      – building friendships with top bloggers in your niche; commenting genuinely on posts and promoting fellow bloggers without asking for anything in return builds friendships, and blogging buddies link to your quality content freely
      – yep; guest posting 😉 It is worth the work-practice because really, you get out of blogging what you give to blogging

      Since you want to start getting backlinks keep giving more and more value through the methods I shared above.

      Any other questions, please email me at: rbbidd@gmail.com

      I am happy to help you!


  8. Becca @ The London Lifestyle says:
    at 10:35 am

    A really encouraging read for a relatively new blogger! And very reassuring to read that gaining backlinks as a new blogger IS hard. Definitely agree that it can still be profitable though, makes me so sad when people say blogs aren’t ‘in’ any more.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:43 pm

      Awesome Becca 🙂 I am happy that you enjoyed this read. Gaining backlinks as a newbie – like, a super duper newbie – is impossible because backlinks respond to:

      – experience (green newbies have none)
      – skills (green newbies have none)
      – exposure (green newbies have none)

      However, in your relatively new blogger stage, impossible transforms into hard-difficult, but possible. Seeing your blog, observing this comment and watching how you are following the fundamentals, you will have few problems gaining backlinks as you keep at this blogging gig.

      As a rule, whenever someone offers the advice that “blogging is dead” or something to that effect, these individuals are:

      – scared
      – afraid
      – lazy
      – critical

      and I never, ever ever trust scared, afraid, lazy, critical people because fear is an illusion; fear is not real. I do trust loving, compassionate people who offer advice from:

      – love
      – harmony
      – generous service
      – compassionate feedback

      because they speak the truth.

      Thanks much.


  9. Naseeem Mariam says:
    at 12:57 am

    Answering the 3 most often aske questions helps ease the new blogger’s mind. As the mind dominates success, this article is of immense help to newcomers. Difference between earning from blogs and affiliate marketing is explained so well. Thank you for the great work , sharing and caring attitude.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:53 am

      I genuinely appreciate your kind words Naseem. Success is in mind. When we follow simple tips for a while, that success mirrors back to us as worldly blogging success.


  10. El says:
    at 6:58 am

    Thanks for sharing the information. it is really important for new bloggers to get visitors but without a proper strategy, they cant achieve the target. SEO all depends on backlinks

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:59 am

      New bloggers need that strategy in place to be successful El. Gaining quality backlinks forms a big part of that beginner blogger strategy. Thanks much.


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