How to Annoy the Crap Out of Your Readers

July 11, 2018


A few strategies annoy the hell out of readers. Or most readers. Annoying readers repels readers. So if you avoid doing these things you tend to NOT repel readers and even attract more readers, increasing your blogging success.


I write these posts when I see a bit too much fear-annoyance seeping into the blog-o-sphere. So…..let’s dive in guys.


1: Check the Box Under Comments to Sign Readers Up for Your List by Default


Of course this happened 5 times today. Why write this post? Those 5 times I checked OFF options to join an email list that were checked by default below comments fields.


100% of the time, if I miss the check and get your email I block your email address and junk it because I never signed up for your list. You signed me up for your list. Even if your blog and emails rock and even if I have known you for 10 years I junk and block your emails because spam is spam.


If enough readers junk and block your emails because you signed them up for your emails without their knowledge and consent, 100% of your emails will eventually go to spam, and you will fail horribly at blogging because few human beings check their spam folders.


Put the ball in your reader’s court. By default, make sure email list boxes are unchecked. If they want your emails they will check the box.


2: Bog Down Your Site with Ads So It Loads Snail Pace Slow


Today is one of those days where every other travel blog I visit seems bogged down with 453 million ads. I know you make a living through ads – in part – my little blogging sweet robbins. But if readers exit your site because it loads as slowly as a Galapagos tortoise smoking weed, few folks will stick around to see the ads and click on the ads.


This feels frustrating to me. I want to befriend you but have little time to make contact, so I close ya blog out unless it loads fast.


Lighten your ad load. 1-3 ads tops. Ensure each ad loads lightning fast. Buy a CDN and use a VPS to ensure your blog loads lightning quick. Create a seamless blogging experience. Boost blogging profits too.


3: Promise the World But Give Away Jack Shit through Your Content


I am generous, methinks. I give away oodles of helpful content both for free and for a fee.


Some bloggers fear losing money so they do something silly; promise the world but give away little in terms of helpful content. Promising readers you have the secret to making $100,000 a year in 6 months but giving away little or no free content explaining at least the first step in the process is greedy, asinine and flat out annoys readers. Making this promise is bullshit too; it takes years to make 6 figures with virtually all bloggers.


How can I trust you if you don’t show me you know what you’re talking about through your free content and premium offerings?


Be generous with your knowledge. Stock your blog and premium library with helpful content.


4: Pop Up Forms Multiple Times


Strangely enough I have not seen this one in ages. Thank the blogging gods.


Do not use multiple pop ups because readers saw the pop up form the first time. Or readers need you to NOT scream at their attention span like a kindergartner that says PICK ME PICK ME OHH OHH OH PICK ME WOULD YOU PICK ME ALREADY!!!!


Avoid being an asshole. Avoid annoying readers. If you use pop ups, one is just fine. We will gladly sign up for your updates via an opt in form on your sidebar. No need to beat us over the head with pop ups.


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