Letting Alpaca into Paddock Timaru New Zealand

April 25, 2018

alpaca timaru new zealand




Now *that* is something I never envisioned myself doing.


Kelli and I arrived to our Timaru, New Zealand house sit on the South Island. We are watching over a wee little farm type setting. 2 pigs, 4 chooks, a herd of alpaca, 5 cats, 3 dogs, a frog, fish, and probably other creatures we are forgetting.


This morning I let the alpacas into the new paddock for fresh grazing.


Lawn mower time guys; these chaps and gals do a fine job keeping vegetation in check.


Click the play button if you want to see me feeling uncomfortable around a herd of alpacas:



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  1. The gummies are getting real pop John LOL. Well do bro and thanks for watching!

  2. John Roberts Says:

    That is so cool. I think they are curious and cute. But the best part of the video: Your boots!
    Have a great time.


  3. EXactly Lisa. You know this for sure 😉 This is why I spend time on Twitter too; the site actually gets SEO pop. I recall your post. Fab job as always buddy 😉 Have a fun weekend!

  4. Hi Ryan, good to know that FB has no SEO juice! Thanks for answering.
    Twitter has SEO Juice. I did a piece a year or about that.
    I can see why YouTube would being owned by Google. It seems even video on FB was getting less reach from what I’ve read.
    As always the best place is our own homes – on the blog 🙂 Have a great day Ryan.

  5. Thanks Sunil!

  6. Sunil Gahlot Says:

    wow…such a beautiful places ..irresistible to watch.thanks for sharing such a wonderful video mate.

  7. Actually BG, a chook is the Aussie or New Zealander word for chicken. I learned this in Bali when we watched 35 chickens and the Australian home owner kept talking about chooks LOL. I had no idea. Thanks for watching my friend 🙂

  8. They do look like camels, right Lyna?

  9. LYNA DOLL Says:

    Wow! The alpacas look like camel 🐫🐪

  10. BG Jenkins Says:

    Not sure what a chook is, but I will sure look it up. I’d say this would be a lot of fun getting up close and personal with the alpacas. They were sure up for the change in paddocks. Lovely views and I hope you’re having lots of fun as you’re blogging about your adventures. We’re watching. Thanks.

  11. Yes Heather I felt that spit building up in their throats LOL! But no worries; spit-free. So curious and smart. Like people. Will do 😉

  12. Thanks for watching Lisa! Mainly because it didn’t feel fun but also because I own my blog, and all my blogging buddies own their blogs…but only Mark Z owns Facebook LOL 😉 Branding, energy, all about creating and connecting on owned space. Plus YouTube has SEO benefits, and Facebook none.

  13. LOL Jamie yeah I know, right? I used the homeowners boots because the paddock is so wet and grassy. I felt a wee bit Kiwi.

  14. Heather Says:

    I love the Alpacas! I have to admit – I would be afraid of them too – I have heard that they spit – but they were very kind! Looks beautiful where you are. I hope it clears up to sunshine. Keep blogging and enjoy!

  15. Jamie G Says:

    Very fashionable look in the ‘gummies’ Ryan. Very Kiwi:)

  16. Wow, these alpacas are fascinating! They seem to like people and are very curious. I would love to have some of them…..The alps are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing with this video.

    Why have you moved away from Facebook Live Ryan? I think I know but I am curious……
    Enjoy the rest of your day there!