Alonzo Pichardo and Ryan Biddulph Talk Online Success (Video Plus 600 Posts for Your Pleasure)

December 20, 2017
Alonzo Pichardo and Ryan Biddulph chat


Before we dive into today’s post I want to share 2 resources with you.


Yeah; the blog posts for your pleasure.


If you love a fun travel story or enjoy reading travel resources for your trips – or if you want to live vicariously through me – I have over 100 travel pages for you on Blogging From Paradise.


Yep; all blog posts on BFP are about blogging tips. But I write and publish a travel page daily to help you step into our adventures. At least I began doing so about 3 months ago.


Bookmark the page. Visit daily.



Blogging From Paradise Travel Pages


I have created a blogging resource at the Huffington Post.


At last count you have 450 blog posts – or is it 500? – to sift through, to help promote your blogging success.


Most are video themed posts but some are text themed.


Either way, bookmark and enjoy.


Ryan Biddulph on The Huffington Post


Ok…on to today’s post….


Ryan Biddulph rarely writes about Ryan Biddulph in the 3rd person.


He is nobody special.


He just slaps his fingers onto squares and stares at a glowing screen all day long.


But for SEO purposes he figures it is best to mention his name in the blog post title.


Anyway, just to show I not too douchey, I really mucked up the online bit for years. I screwed up blogging-wise. I screwed up online business wise. I was pretty unhappy. OK; I was really unhappy.


So if you are struggling now with your blog or online venture, I have been in your shoes, guys.


But I turned things around.


Online Success Chat


Me and my good friend – and highly successful online entrepreneur – Alonzo Pichardo chatted about how to become successful with your online venture…..the right way.


This is the flagship video of our chat series. We talk about blogging, old school rap – shout out to Big Daddy Kane – and a few other fun topics.


This one is around 50,000 views so far with more views daily. Folks are digging it. For good reason.


Alonzo and I have a down home, laid back, chill teaching style that people seem to appreciate.


Cats also dig our emphasis on being patient, generously offering service and building your online business on a foundation of creating helpful content and building meaningful friendships with pros in your niche.



Video Resources


We covered quite a bit of real estate in this one.


I wanted to share a few resources to help you with your online journey:



Your Turn


What part of the video did you enjoy most?


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  1. Thank you for reading and commenting Israel 🙂 We love sharing what has worked for us to help all readers out. Working online feels confusing sometimes. But if you have a framework to follow things do get easier and easier.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Kudos to you and your friend Alonzo Pichardo for the journey so far! I love making fun with travel story and enjoy reading travel resources, though I haven’t started traveling yet but I’m really learning from this blog. I will be starting with the 100 travel pages in earnest.

    Unlike many blog posts out there that look so boring, it’s great to see that all blog posts here on Blogging From Paradise are lively and full of blogging tips. This is really awesome.

    Thanks for including the resources titled, ‘Alonzo Pichardo Web Design and Marketing Services’; ’11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course’ and ‘126 Blogging From Paradise eBooks’. I’m going to get a good number of those eBooks and other resources written by you.

    Your friend, Israel Olatunji!

  3. Diet is a biggie Freddy. Love that add. I do fasting daily – usually intermittant, not eating until 1 PM or so – and also eat light. I consume plenty of greens, fruits, clean proteins and little meat. Healthy fats go down the gullet down. Plus I drink water like a fish. I do enjoy sweets but with all my energy work and exercise these sugars are pure fuel. Hell; without the sweets I’d be 6 pounds LOL. Great comment as always. Thanks much!

  4. We really do Donna. Alonzo reached out to me on the videos and we hit it off instantly. Everything flows. I feel that’s why we have a hefty number of views too. Making buddies and sharing value are just the plain most fun aspects of this online bit. Thanks much as always 🙂

  5. Hi Ryan,

    A great interview for sure.

    You guys really gel, no?

    I think what I enjoy most is the fact that you both really love blogging.

    It just shows in everything you say… and in all the things you patiently and ever-so persistently… do!


  6. You’re an old school blogging freestyler, Ryan!! haha

    You are very creative man. And I bet you are thanking your daily routine (meditation, yoga, etc.) for this. I do meditation myself on a daily basis, and recently I started to get more into Yoga. I am a gym rat, though. I do Calisthenics and I’m always super creative and focus after a workout session. I prefer to blog and work after I do such things. Also, the diet has a great impact on your blogging. Just my 2cents on this! 😉

    Oh I just checked out your travel page – I gotta say you are one super adventourus person!

    As Alonzo said, you do live an exciting life and it is inspiring!

    Thank you so much for sharing and for being so transparent with your blogging journey.

    We all need to grow up to be like you! hahaha

    Keep on rocking guys!

  7. I left a thought.