Blogging Breather: Air Asia X Economy Review

March 23, 2018
Sunrise from the deck this morning in Opotiki, New Zealand. Stunning, eh?


Kelli and I flew Air Asia X from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland.


We did the normal Air Asia deal from Chiang Mai to KL.


I wanted to give you another blogging breather; time for aspiring Asia travelers to get the 411 on Air Asia X.


Air Asia X is an Air Asia arm handling travel routes a bit off of the beaten, normal Air Asia path.


New Zealand qualifies.


We stopped off for a super quick layover on the Gold Coast, Australia.


The flight time for the KL to Auckland deal was about 11 hours. Plus the 2 and a half hour deal from CM to KL.


The Plane


A330-300 deal. Big boy.


Cheating; I’m writing while prepping to land in Auckland. Jumped the gun. But I’ve confidence Air Asia gets the job done again so ahead we go.


The A300-300 gets thumbs up across the board; spread out seating with a 3-3-3 set up. 2 good-sized aisles. Comfortable seats. Cushy head rest.


The plane – and skilled pilots – co-created a pleasant experience, doing a fine job handling some turbulence we faced during the flight.


The Crew


The Cheshire Cat has nothing on Air Asia crew. Toss Air Asia X into the Guy Smiley category.


All folks are friendly and helpful.


Pleasant, inviting and courteous, I had no issues at all with the energy of the crew. The policies can use some working on. More on that later.




Yeah I’m weird; this is a category for Blogging From Paradise airline reviews.


Thumbs up.


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Air Asia has the humane cattle call thing down cold. In a polite, pleasant but firm way, staff gets you on the plane and in the air with alarming speed.


These flights were no different.


We left and arrived on time for every flight. Air Asia and Air Asia X.




Cool temps but not “Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming” cool.


My sweatshirt and sweat pants handled the job.


Bathrooms remained clean for the entire flight. A first for my long haul flights as Kuala Lumpur to the Gold Coast spanned almost 8 hours.




Team effort between attentive crew and customers deciding not to treat the bathrooms like barnyards in the air.


Ticket Cost


Always, always, always cheap.


We paid peanuts to fly from Chiang Mai to Auckland.


Not literally. Twas not much more dough though.


Thumbs up.


The Only Downside to the Flight


PS….this is a budget airline. I totally get micro management down to a “T” and respect the protocol but Air Asia X mucked up a little bit during the flight.


I hustled in and out of the Gold Coast airport – as did all international transfers – and didn’t have a chance to get water inside of the airport.


When I told a flight attendant I was super dehydrated and *really* needed water – I was genuinely dried up – he noted how cold-ambient water is not filtered and only hot water was available.


In this situation, the heart-centered thing to do when hearing someone is suffering a bit: grab the bottled water and offer me relief.


I tried buying a few waters but only Malaysian currency was accepted and a 10 dollar credit card minimum for 2 bottles of water wasn’t gonna cut it.


Again; it is a budget airline. But give the dehydrated guy a bottle of water guys. You can eat 15 cents for a 5 star review.


Maybe if I get featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog again – he owns Air Asia – I can joke about this dehydration dilemma.


Overall though, a mini fail.


Thumbs up for the airlines.


The Final Verdict


Since I’m still in a state of dehydration while writing the post – sorry guys – you get a 4 out of 5 stars Air Asia X. Almost a perfect experience across the board.


Yes a rare non 5 star from me; send me a case of bottled water to my New Jersey address if you’re reading this Sir Richard, from one RB to another.


I know you love doing these fun, generous, heart-centered and yep, headline-grabbing customer service thingees.


Fly Air Asia and Air Asia X guys.


Best budget airline on earth.

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  1. Yep Rhonda; the price works and budget airlines get ya from Point A to Point B. Good deal all around.

  2. Rhonda Albom Says:

    I’ve heard about Air Asia Xand it sounds like other budget airlines. They may have their shortcomings but the price is right. These airlines operate on such small margins that they have to make money on whatever they can (no, I don’t condone Ryan AIr’s attempt to charge for the toilet).These airlines have a definite market and allow some people to travel that could not afford to otherwise. It’s unfortunate you were on the receiving end of their attempt to profit. 4 star? Probably and maybe even less but price? That’s what packs the plane.

  3. I left a thought.