Air Asia Economy Class Review

Air Asia Economy Class

Air Asia Economy Class Review


Air Asia.


Any traveler making their way through Southeast Asia likely knows these 2 words well.


This budget airline with its main hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is servicing an ever increasing network of global destinations.


After having flown with Air Asia some 60 times over the past 6 years I wanted to offer a collective review of my experiences with this carrier.


If you are traveling through Southeast Asia on a budget or are into simple, no frills, flying, read this review to see if Air Asia is for you.






Considering the level of service and the fact that you are covering ample ground through Air Asia flights I have no clue how pricing remains so low.


In the world of budget airlines, Air Asia consistently offers some of the lowest prices on earth.


Understand that with such rock bottom flight pricing – this is a budget airline after all – that you will not see the bells and whistles, pomp and circumstance and all the little premium perks you’d see on say, an Etihad Airways flight, for instance.


Embrace this fact and you will likely have a fun, enjoyable and pleasant Air Asia experience while paying bargain basement prices too.


Check In and Boarding






Find your Air Asia counter. Either check in online to speed up the process or check in at the airport.


In both cases I have found this process to be easy.


Air Asia representatives working the counter are polite, pleasant and speak English fluently. No language barriers. No cultural barriers either, meaning, face-saving SE Asian folks are keen to the expectations of Western, customer service obsessed, travelers.


Weight limits for both checked luggage and carry ons are reasonable, especially for a budget airline. More weight = more jet fuel = ticket prices go higher. I get that.


The few issues we had over flight-related stuff – which tends to happen when you have circled the globe for 6 years running – have been addressed and solved skillfully by Air Asia staff.




Air Asia Economy seating is comfortable and pleasant for a short to medium hall flight.


I usually do the country to country or city to city deal in the smallish Southeast Asian region, meaning 1-3 hour flights in most cases.


I can relax enough to pass out, meditate, read, or to get some blogging work done.


Thumbs up.


During our sole long haul Air Asia flight – from Bangkok to Kathmandu, Nepal – we enjoyed more space on 747 plane. More leg room, more real estate for my hourly walks, more thumbs up.


In Flight Experience


After having flown Air Asia some 60 times I have a good idea of the in flight experience.


How it goes; get your rear on the plane, get seated, receive ample smiles from flight crew, safety demonstration, get in the air.


Simple. Clear. Fast as can be.


Compared to other airlines that seem obsessed with slowing down the process, Air Asia gets you in the air fast.


Once you are in the air, the crew is polite, helpful and generous. Some of the friendliest crew on earth from my experience.


Food and drink carts hit the aisles. All premium offerings – remember guys this is a budget airline – and you can order meals before the flight of course.


No frills. No fuss. No muss.


Safety is first, as you will be told to buckle up regularly if you encounter even mild turbulence. Good sign.


Multiple currencies are usually accepted for snack/foods/drinks.


If you need water, flight crew will hook you up.




I have sampled some Air Asia fare over the years.


I see these food stuffs as being tasty, nutritious and inexpensive. Expect a wide enough range of grub to meet your hunger needs during a short haul flight as most Air Asia experiences last only a few hours.




After landing, you are met with smiles and the traditional greeting or thank you according to the country of origin, and off you go to pick up your bags.


Taxi, then disembark, then off to grab your luggage.


Note; our bags always seem to arrive quickly after Air Asia flights. Luggage guys are on point.




Big thumbs up for Air Asia Economy Class.


Understanding that this is a budget airline helps you know what to expect as far as service.


If you want to get from Point A to Point B quickly, easily and efficiently, and love polite, pleasant, friendly crew members, Air Asia is your choice for budget, reliable flights through both Southeast Asia and their ever-expanding network of destinations.