Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: What Is the Worst Question?

August 19, 2018

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: What Is the Worst Question?


I filmed a video delving into affiliate marketing for bloggers.


What is the worst question to ask when choosing a product?


Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers


Few bloggers think this one through guys. In truth, most bloggers chase money. I get it my blogging sweetlings; you want to make coin, become a full time blogger and go the pro route. But picking affiliate products being solely driven by profits, or, by a big ticket product or perhaps by a product yielding big commissions, is a common mistake.


Being addicted to outcomes focuses you on getting, not giving. If you want to get (traffic, profits) you focus little on giving (serving, helping) and not only that; focusing on profit motives for affiliate thingees usually goads you to pick non-aligned products for your blog.


I spy self help bloggers promoting social media tools. Why?  How about promoting self help affiliate products? In many cases, the self help blogger picked the affiliate offer based on a high commission or sweet payout, giving no thought to the needs of their readers.


Here’s the question.


What Is the Worst Question for Picking an Affiliate Product for Your Blog?


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