Advantages of Blogging: 11 Sweet Benefits

  January 23, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

advantages of blogging


Why blog? Before buying your domain and hosting you ponder the advantages of blogging.


I had been fired from my security guard job a decade ago. What would I do next? My wife told me about making money online. I liked the idea. A few days later, I bought my domain and hosting, hit the ground running and became an island hopping, pro blogger.


Advantages of Blogging


I would never trade this life for anything but blogging does have its downsides. Peep this though; the downsides dissolve into upsides. Blogging makes you leave your comfort zone but doing so forces you to face fear, which frees you. Would you like to circle the globe and make money online? Check. Blogging allows you to do that.


Before you and I dive into these reasons, becoming a full time blogger requires thousands of hours of intelligent, generous effort. Sound good? Strap yourself in, grab a coconut shake or coffee and digest these benefits of blogging.


1: Freedom


Freedom. Blogging helps you do what you want, where you want, when you want to do it. No boss breathes over your shoulder. No company fires you. You feel free to call the shots. I experienced a bit of insomnia this morning so I woke early, wrote this post and will take a mid morning nap soon. Every human being desires freedom. Blogger offers you freedom.


2: Branding Potential


Blogs brand you unlike a website. Blogging offers you unlimited branding potential through custom themes, plug ins, design elements and through your one of a kind writing voice. Branding allows you to stand out in crowded niches. Running a WordPress blog gives you max branding juice.


3: Fulfillment


Everybody desires making money online but feeling fulfilled may be the best emotion you experience blogging-wise. I searched “blogging for fun” yesterday and saw this on page 1, position 1 of Google:


advantages of blogging


I feel awesome knowing I help folks by ranking well for a solid keyword. Most bloggers have no idea that blogging for fun positions you to make the biggest profit. Gaining clarity by reading my post inspires you to fall in love with the blogging process so you enjoy the ride and succeed.


4: Monetizing Potential


Ok my Young Blogging Padawans. I am not beyond a worldly life. Blogging for money feels good. You and I use money as the prime means of exchange. Blogging affords you the ability to free yourself from financial worries. Feel good working at home, paying bills, putting a roof over your head, putting food on your table and boosting your savings. Toss in unlimited vacations and buying sweet toys and blogging on a WordPress blog offers you max monetizing potential. Why? No limits exist to income streams available through WordPress blogs. In addition, respected, branded blogs earn instant credibility, a key factor in boosting your blogging profits.


5: Change Your Life


12 years ago, I waited for the last truck to leave the shipping terminal before midnight. Today, I travel to anywhere on earth at a moment’s notice. I used to commute to Port Newark daily. Now I travel to Fiji, New Zealand, Bali and Costa Rica for months at a time. Blogging successfully changes your life in dramatic fashion. Imagine living your dreams. How does that sound? How would that feel? Blogging makes this possible.


6: Change Reader’s Lives


Helping people feels good. Running a valuable blog gives you the vehicle to empower, inspire and even entertain people. Changing reader’s lives feels good. Everyone loves feeling good. Blogging secret; helping people succeed feels even better than your blogging success. However, you need to face your fears to change people’s lives. Which brings us to….


7: Face Your Fears


I was a sheltered, scared person over a decade ago. Blogging forces you to face fears so I became a more fearless, confident dude who lives mainly from a vibe of love, peace, compassion and fun. Facing your fears liberates you from mental bondage. Every problem rests in not facing your fears. No blogger succeeds unless they face, feel and release deep fears blocking success. Facing fear may be the key benefit of blogging. Cultivate this skill to be happy, free and at peace.


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8: Make Your Business Stand Out


When you’re talking about the advantages of blogging, making your business stand out grabs your attention immediately. Entrepreneurs who do not blog lose the critical branding and monetizing elements blogging offers. Imagine a static website; little or no content, tough to update and not too eye-catching. However, running a WordPress blog creates a business portal of frequently updated content, through a rich, eye-popping, powerfully-branded interface guaranteed to grow your business if you blog intelligently and generously.


9: Gain Credibility


Bloggers gain credibility because the helpful content you publish frequently earns the trust of your readers. Imagine finding this blog post on page 1 of Google. Perhaps you wonder if blogging is worth it. After reading my blog post, you trust my blogging credibility. Why? Valuable content converts you from skeptic into believer. Blogs give you a medium through which to help people and show off your knowledge of any niche.


10: Become a Critical Thinker


All bloggers become problem solvers. Problem solvers develop the skill of thinking critically. We need to put out blogging fires sometimes. Facing and dealing with obstacles inspires you to think deeply, to plan solutions and to use your mental muscles, each skill benefiting you in every aspect of life.


11: Make Money While Circling the Globe


Getting paid while traveling the world sounds like a dream life. You can do it. I believe in you. Blogging feels like an almost miraculous medium because imagine living in Bali for 6 months while receiving money through multiple income streams. Visualize yourself relaxing in Fiji as a full time, pro blogger. Freedom is yours. Success is yours. You simply need to seize the learning resources available to succeed with your blog, learn how to blog, generously help folks and monetize through multiple income streams.




The journey gets bumpy sometimes but we pro bloggers offer you all the help and support you need to succeed. The advantages of blogging far outweigh the drawbacks. Every person takes a different journey so ponder these benefits and if blogging seems like a fit for you, go for it. Live your dreams through this inspired medium.

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