Do You Need to Develop an Abundance Blogging Mentality?

  May 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Camels, Nizwa, Oman

Nizwa, Oman


The ego causes problems.


The ego wants something in return for all help.


Sometimes the ego wants money. Other times the ego wants traffic. Yet other times, the ego wants a “thank you.” Sometimes, the ego wants all the smoke: traffic, profits, thanks, stroking, praise, endorsements and testimonials, all courtesy of a single blog post created and published.


But embodying an abundance blogging mentality of giving with no expectations precedes a professional blogging career. Being truly generous increases:


  • skills
  • credibility
  • exposure


to professional levels.


Giving freely without any conditions puts your focus on:


  • helping readers
  • serving readers
  • spreading love for readers


without wanting anything from the readers.


But most bloggers blog from the ego. The ego wants something from readers. Since the ego is childish it throws a temper tantrum if no one gives them anything. All egoic bloggers eventually quit because what they want to get never seems to arrive. No blogger scales or leverages effectively if they want to get through every interaction simply because generous bloggers with no expectations become the most credible, seen and skilled bloggers on earth while you are busy trying to serve yourself. Top pros serve others. Struggling bloggers want from self-service.


Abundance mentality bloggers go pro because the skills, credibility and exposure gained allow this crowd to make money to professional levels.


How Do You Evolve from Egoic to Abundance Blogger?


Travel back into your mind.


Look genuinely within.


Observe yourself in the light of truth.


For example, if you feel annoyed that no one thanks you for helping them the ego demands conditional giving. Giving with conditions precedes struggles, failure and quitting because attempting to get through interactions is:


  • fear of loss
  • scarcity
  • poverty


Blogging from fear, loss, scarcity and poverty leads to struggles, failure and quitting.



Face, feel and release fears fueling your egoic getting mechanisms. Give to give. Help to publish detailed content for readers. Promote other bloggers to give readers a wide array of helpful content and to make friends. Do not worry; as your skills, credibility and exposure increases you will organically make money. People will hire you. Readers will click your ads. Customers will buy your stuff.


Trust your skills not in your ability to be a blogging beggar.


Trust your skills not in your ability to be a blogging beggar.Click To Tweet


Money flows to you organically through your:



Embodying an abundance blogging mindset may feel uncomfortable at first because the world trains you to think egoically through the insane prism of fear. Abundant bloggers think generously through the prism of:


  • love
  • trust
  • joy
  • peace
  • detachment


You and I have been programmed by the egoic world to think through:


  • fear
  • doubt
  • anger
  • chaos
  • attachment


Shift from fear to love. Shift from ego to One-ness.  Observe your mind honestly. Solve problems by spotting how all problems are egoic. Sit with discomfort. Edge into fear. Gradually learn how to blog generously. Train your mind to let go conditional giving. Stop looking for egoic praise. Fall in love with the process of helping people. Trust yourself. Trust the blogging process. Trust your blogger friend network.


Observe how your abundance blogging mindset allows success to slowly but surely come together for you. Note how abundant thinking entrepreneurs become the happiest, most successful business owners through their patient, generous service.


Blogging becomes easier for generous bloggers.


Blogging becomes tougher for bloggers who want to get through blogging.


The money arrives when you do not want it or need it.


The money never arrives when you want it or need it.


When you note the absence of something it never arrives because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


When you enjoy helping people and give no thought to receiving anything you gradually have it all in life because feeling good, having fun and trusting in yourself and in the blogging process mirrors good-feeling experiences and things to flow back to you.

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