9 Powerful Ways to Sell eBooks through Your Blog

  March 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read

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Opening passive income channels frees you from a set blogging schedule.


Freeing yourself from sitting by a laptop allows you to enjoy:


  • travels
  • time spent with family
  • creating content without strict timelines or deadlines in mind
  • NOT trading time for money


Every blogger feels passionate about different income streams. Some prefer working active income channels. But if you want to make money around the clock without trading time for dollars, establishing passive income sources is the way to go.


Writing, self-publishing and selling eBooks is a smart way to earn passive income.


Even if you write mainly for the joy of writing it feels nice to increase eBook sales. Being truly helpful feels good. Earning passive income feels good.




Why Create an eBook?



Bloggers often slam into mental blocks concerning ways to sell eBooks. I intend to share mindset tips, practical strategies and simple techniques for prospering through eBook sales.


Follow these 9 tips to sell eBooks through your website.


1: Feel Fear Purge Fear


Feel and purge fears concerning eBook sales. Boost sales.


Limiting beliefs related to selling eBooks surfaces in the minds of most self-published authors. Facing, feeling and releasing fears dissolves the limiting beliefs. Release limiting beliefs to increase eBook sales.


Be comfortable with feeling *uncomfortable self-published author* limiting beliefs. Authors often wonder:


  • why would anybody buy my eBook?
  • what would make someone buy my eBook?
  • how do I sell my eBook?
  • how do I stand out from the competition?


Fear fuels doubts. Feel and release fear to dissolve doubts. Remove resistance to sales. Increase eBook sales.


Accept the uncomfortable emotions triggered by taking this step. Edging into eBook fears may allow deeply powerful feelings to surface. I clung to strong fears related to self-publishing. Facing, feeling and releasing these fears remains a day-to-day practice for me. Some eBook fears kick around in my mind. Being with the fears dissolves resistance. Dissolving resistance positions bloggers to generate increased eBook sales.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Step into fear. Tap into abundance.




Sounds Greek, right?


Promote EBook At The End Of Every Post. 


Promoting one eBook at post end gives you clarity. Most fear self-promoting for a lack of clarity. Self-promoting persistently triggers fears fueling self-doubt concerning self-promotion. Market your eBook freely. Face fear head on. No author needs to promote eBooks through each post but doing so could give you clarity by clearing fears long buried. Clearing fear positions you to drive eBook sales through your website.


I changed my strategy a bit recently. Instead of promoting an eBook at the end of all posts I embedded an eBook store on my blog sidebar (see next tip). Readers see my Selz reads each time individuals scroll through my sidebar. This saves me time and energy in adding an embed because I got clear on my approach. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut. Perhaps embedding eBooks into each post gives you clarity. If not, embed a few along your blog sidebar to increase eBook visibility.


3: Spotlight Your eBook


Spotlight your eBook to boost sales through your blog.


Remove all sidebar elements save an embed pointing to your eBook. Give readers a clear option to purchase the read. Removing all options to spotlight an eBook gives the eBook all the attention it deserves.


Consider rotating spotlighted products and services to increase sales progressively through various channels. Do not get attached to any one income channel. Cultivate an air of detachment from profits to sell more products online.


4: Convert to Paperback


Convert the eBook to paperback. Promote the eBook – using your paperback – via:


  • Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • smiling eBook selfies on social media and via your blog


For whatever reason, people seem to gravitate toward paperbacks promoted through various multi-media. Seeing a tangible book goads readers to learn more about both the book and even the eBook version, in this age of Kindle and PDFs.


Paperbacks direct readers to buy eBooks linked to the paperback. Convert each eBook to a paperback version to reverse-drive eBook sales.


5: Link to the eBook Via Video


I link to my flagship eBook via Facebook videos and YouTube videos quite often.


Be persistent. Link to the read via video to connect with readers who prefer to be viewers. Increase eBook sales.


Drop eBook links through the video description. Publish detailed videos to pique viewer interest. Lead with value. Gain credibility. Generate eBook interest by gaining trust through video marketing.


Record and publish videos through:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Rumble


Drop content breadcrumbs through multiple channels. Some folks prefer to enjoy videos through Rumble. Others like to watch videos on YouTube. Cover social media sites too for a well-rounded video marketing campaign.


Publish content-rich videos, not videos solely promoting eBooks. One of the best ways to promote eBooks is to promote what you know and how you can help people, for free. Share your knowledge to promote your eBooks. Influence viewers to trust your advice. Trusting viewers may become trusting customers.


One of the best ways to promote eBooks is to promote what you know and how you can help people, for free.Click To Tweet


6: Design a T Shirt


Design a T shirt linked to the eBook cover image and URL of the eBook.


Be a walking billboard.


Technically, this is selling eBooks thru your blog because your eBook page should be linked to your blog domain name.


7: Do Not Bail if No Sale


I am piggybacking on tip #1 – feeling eBook fears – but never ever ever bail after not seeing a single sale for a while when following the prior tips.


Sales require generous service, patience and trust.


Sales gradually increase if you do not quit on following simple, practical, proven tips. One simple but uncomfortable way to drive sales through your website is to follow practical strategies generously, patiently and persistently.


Take the steps most skip to generate the type of eBook sales most never see.


Be patient. Do not be quick to quit your eBook promoting campaign. Stop being quick to quit blogging. Good things take time, generous effort and diligent service. Let go any concept of hard work. Have fun helping people. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Be patient. Sales will come if you get lost in the blogging process.


8: Offer Free Chapters or Smaller Snippets through Your Blog


Note; KDP has strict rules concerning how much free content of your eBook you can give away. Years prior it was 10% free and 90% needs be unique, aka, not found anywhere else online.


Terms of service vary for other digital storefronts. Read, honor rules, then give away a smidge of the eBook for free. Whet appetites. Increase eBook sales through your blog.



Give readers a little taste. Influence readers to become eBook customers.


9: Use Embed Codes


Get clear.


Use embed codes with phrases like “buy the eBook” to inspire more folks to buy the eBook.


Amazon and Selz offer 1 click shopping via embed codes. I see no beating around the blogging bush with these embeds.


Use embeds to instill clarity in your mind. Seeing clear embeds motivates some authors to self-promote frequently. Use technology to your advantage. Tap into the power of designers who know what sells and how to sell.


Wrap Up


Follow these practical tips.


Increase eBook profits.


More than anything else, be truly helpful. Genuinely helping people by publishing free content boosts your skills, exposure and credibility. Skilled, credible bloggers seen in many spots position themselves to sell more eBooks.


Your Turn


Have you self-published eBooks?


Or do you fear taking this step?


How do you sell eBooks through your blog?

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 3:38 am

    HI Ryan, where else besides Amazon do you recommend for selling eBooks? I love the tee-shirt idea and the don’t bail if no sale. I just sold one of mine last night while I slept 🙂

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