9 Tips for Successful Blogging

  December 23, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
tips for successful blogging

Fort Nizwa, Oman


Murder holes.


My fantasy came true.


A few minutes ago I visited the fort in Nizwa, Oman. I learned how Omani consumed dates during peace time and boiled date juice for pouring down murder holes during times of war. Brilliant! I take no relish in watching men scalded to death by boiling date juice. But I am obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire, the genius book series by genius George R.R. Martin, the books the Game of Throne TV series are based on.


Tips for Successful Blogging


Circling the globe is incredibly fun and freeing. If you blog successfully, you too can circle the globe, living an equally fun, freeing, fascinating life. But you need to blog the right way to see immense blogging success.


Let’s dive in to the 9 tips and please; beware boiling date juice….because ya never know…look up!


1: Follow Passion Not Profits


If one more cat asks me how to make money blogging after said cat blogged for only 3 weeks I am considering rounding up all these bloggers into a Murder Hole.



Guys; blog to follow your passion, not to chase profits. Chasing means fear; what you chase, flees. Following your passion:


  • makes you generous
  • makes you detached
  • makes you practice
  • makes you patient
  • makes you persistent


Follow your fun. Blog on a topic you enjoy blogging about. Make the work, the reward. Make the results feel like extra.



2: Pick 1-3 Blogging Tips Mentors


Follow 1-3 blogging tips mentors. Learn from pros. Cut your learning curve by years.


Newbie or struggling bloggers often do the asinine thing of following their own advice, said advice coming from someone who does not know their blogging ass from their elbow. But top bloggers know blogging inside-out.


Follow pro blogging tips bloggers. Get good advice. Know you are on the right path. Cut your learning curve. Blog intelligently.


3: Invest Money in a Domain and Hosting


My blogging sweetlings; please read this article by my friend Kulwant Nagi:


Why Starting a Free Blog Is a Terrible Idea in 2019


Listen to the man. Free platforms suck because you do not own the blog, have zero branding potential and virtually zero profit potential too.


Invest money in a domain and hosting to:


  • own your online real estate
  • monetize your blog effectively
  • brand your blog effectively
  • stand out from the crowd
  • tap into the biggest, most connected blogging platform support community on earth: WordPress.org


Look at my blog home page. Look at this page. See how my blog stands out from all other blogs? See the branded domain name? Invest money in your blog to see increasing returns.


4: Invest Money in a Course and eBooks


Imagine trying to learn physics from free YouTube videos. Good look with that.



You pay tuition to attend university, to learn physics in a properly structured, orderly format.


eBook on Selz. Ryan in Nizwa, Oman.


Ditto for learning blogging.


Invest money in a blogging course and eBooks. Pay for resources, for easier learning, and for referencing when the blogging shit hits the fan….because it will, my blogging sweet robbins….it will.


Consider investing in:



to access my decade’s worth of blogging experience and wisdom.


5: Toss Salt over Your Shoulder 3 Times Daily


Preferably sea salt.


6: Create Helpful Content


Publish helpful:


  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts


to show readers you know your niche. Provide valuable service. Become valuable in the eyes of your readers.


Stay on topic. Everybody loves a specialist.


Scour forums, Facebook Groups and Twitter hashtag searches to identify problems suffered by folks in your niche. Share the solution via blog post, video and podcast.


Sharing helpful content gives readers a reason to trust you, to follow your blog, to buy from you and to hire you.


7: Build Meaningful Connections by Paying Your Service Dues


“Pay your service dues” means serving/helping influential bloggers without asking for anything in return.


Build your friend network by:


  • promoting bloggers in your niche on your blog
  • promoting bloggers in your niche through your social media
  • commenting genuinely on blogs in your niche


Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Watch how bloggers gradually:


  • befriend you
  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you
  • buy your stuff


Blogging Lone Wolves die. The Wolf Pack thrives. Connected bloggers succeed wildly because your blogging friend network determines the heights you reach in your blogging niche.


8: Monetize from a Largely Detached Space


Monetize, realizing that income streams are just channels through which you receive money. The stream itself is worthless. The value you share through your blog, your generously cultivated friend network, and your patience and persistence determines your blogging income.


Be largely detached about making money through your blog. The money comes if you are not a clingy bitch with money. The money comes when you focus on creating and connecting.


Some income stream ideas:


  • affiliate marketing
  • create and sell courses
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • advertising revenue
  • sponsored post revenue
  • Google Adsense
  • write and sell eBooks
  • sell audio books
  • sell paperbacks


Do not make a big deal about blogging dough. Do make a big deal about tip #9.


Be calm about monetizing your blog. See money as a bonus or extra. Open income streams primarily as receiving channels, and nothing more.


9: PPG


Patience. Persistence. Generosity.


Be patiently and persistently generous to succeed with blogging. Generous bloggers become stupid successful bloggers if they keep giving freely from a patient, calm, persistent energy.


This is where the REAL blogging money is made. Notice how few bloggers make much money, at all? Most bloggers are:


  • impatient
  • not persistent
  • stingy bastards


Be generous, be patient, be persistent and succeed.


Knowing why you blog is a good starting point for being generous, patient and persistent. Blogging for fun and freedom fuels you for this long, sometimes challenging blogging journey. All proceeds according to your blogging intent. Purify the intent; blogging success follows slowly, surely and steadily as you become generous, patient and persistent.


Wrap Up


Time for some afternoon deep yin yoga.


Stick to the blogging basics I discussed above.


Form the foundation for a successful blogging career.


The eBook


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