8 Cool Pictures of George Town in Penang Malaysia

George Town Penang Malaysia


8 Cool Pictures of George Town in Penang Malaysia


The above photo provides you with proof that I was in the funky town known as George Town in Penang Malaysia.


George Town is a hodge podge of cultures, people, buildings and….everything.


This is by far the most melting pot type place that I have visited during my world travels. Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and some Brits, along with a range of expats and tourists pepper this cool part of town.


Forget about cuisine (in a Brooklyn way of fugghedaboutit, meaning, you got it); if you want it, you will likely find it in George Town as the wide-ranging cultural influences work their way into the food stuffs around town.


Kelli and I visited GT at least a few times weekly during our digital nomad travels while we rented an apartment by the Queens Bay Mall on the southern end of the island.


Picture fascinating architecture with Japanese, Indian, Chinese and British influences. I felt as if I was visiting the Malaysian version of the UN during our stay in Penang, and George Town, specifically.


George Town Penang Malaysia


The above temple stood out like a sore thumb.


In a city where everything stands out like a sore thumb.


George Town Penang Malaysia




The Japanese temple awed us with its attention to detail.


The weird/cool thing about Penang is the mix of cultures. All bleed into one another. Although certain sections are mildly dominated by a culture you rarely go a few minutes without seeing a Chinese store by an Indian restaurant, or a Malaysian restaurant beside a Japanese temple behind a British colonial influenced dwelling.


Yep….that’s George Town.


George Town Penang Malaysia


More temples.


Peep the sinister-looking temple guardian.


At least I believe he/she is a guardian.


George Town Penang Malaysia


The dramatic front entrance to the building.


Note the Muslim women walking about.


Malaysia is a Muslim land.


We often awoke to the morning salah at sunrise.


Imagine walking out of an ice cold, air conditioned bedroom into the steamy, jungle-like environment as the sun rose and the morning prayer blared over loudspeakers from different regions of Penang.




George Town Penang Malaysia




Iconic store in George Town for sure as I see this spot regularly preserved on various travel blogs.


See the little cheery children? The kids often make an appearance in SE Asia. Happy little guys and gals.


George Town Penang Malaysia


Penang is home to many beautiful mosques.


Check out the minaret above.


Morning and night, the daily salah can be heard around George Town and the island in general. You cannot escape the loud prayers being sung with devotion daily. Nor would you want to.


Hearing the morning prayer in places like:


  • Penang Malaysia
  • Doha Qatar
  • Koh Lanta Thailand


has awoken me to Islam.


I knew little of this religion. The little I did know was steeped in ignorance and fear prior to my world travels. Thank God I did travel because I met some beautiful Muslim folks and learned more of their intense devotion to Islam.


Muslim people are some of the friendliest, kindest and most generous people I have met during my world travels.


Do not believe the horse shit news stories designed to separate the world.


Believe the guy who’s on the ground in Muslim lands.


George Town Penang Malaysia




I wanted to go out with a bang.


A bicycle-like bang.


OK….a rickshaw bang.


Rickshaw rides are common in George Town. Or were common in 2012 when we visited.


The Funky-Factor goes through the roof with these suckers as drivers look to pimp out their rides in Penang.


Imagine if Pee Wee Herman went bananas designing a rickshaw, and you’d have a George Town rickshaw.