8 New Blogger Questions and Answers

  July 2, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


(Updated 7/2/2021)


One idea struck my brain box yesterday. Enough new blogger questions flow my way.


Why not interview a new blogger?


Said new blogger could ask pressing new blogger questions. I would provide answers.


I recently asked a beginner blogger to send me pressing questions on his mind.


He sent me 8 absolute gems I know will help you on your blogging journey.


New Blogger Confusion


Every new blogger struggles through periods of confusion. Doubt infects even confident beginner bloggers sometimes.


Read these answers to dissolve confusion. Process each answer to quell doubts. Gain blogging confidence by trusting experience.


Perhaps you have little to no blogging experience but trusting an experienced blogger cuts your learning curve by years. Most new bloggers struggle as a byproduct of not trusting experienced bloggers.


Hit the blogging ground running. Read and process these new blogger questions and answers.


1. How do you figure out what you really want to create/offer?


This question rocks because I clung to it as a newbie blogger. I recall the feeling well. Pros told me to offer one solution for a specific reader. But how could I figure this out?


What you really want to create/offer as a new blogger:


  • a niche based on your passion
  • valued service to one targeted reader
  • blog posts devoted to helping that one targeted reader with their pressing problems and/or wildest dreams


Blogs are 2 way communication channels. Following your passion goads you to select a niche you feel passionate about. Doing this helps you detach from outcomes (not thinking about or checking traffic/stats), practice writing, create helpful content and build meaningful connections. People feel passion exuding from bloggers who love their blogging gig.


Pandawa Beach, Bali.

Pandawa Beach, Bali.


Offer a solution to a pressing problem. Make sure you feel passionate about covering that topic. Follow your fun but tie your passion to solving a problem suffered by a specific reader.


2. How do you drive traffic to your site?


You get traffic by giving value.


Giving involves:


  • giving of your time and energy by practicing writing offline
  • offering your knowledge by writing blog posts frequently; 1-2 weekly at least
  • giving of your time and energy by learning how to blog and by learning persistently about your blogging niche
  • giving generously by promoting other bloggers on your blog, through social media, and by commenting genuinely on their blogs


Traffic flows to your blog freely after you generously help a specific reader for a sustained period of time. Give freely for a while to receive easily over the long haul.


3. How do you blog if you are a shy introvert?


Analyze the root of your introversion. Most introverts I know are like the old me; afraid of rejection and criticism. I appeared to be shy but secretly feared being rejected and criticized. Largely conquering each fear revealed that I am not shy but gregarious. Note; publishing comments on blogs helped get me out of my cyber shell.


If you enjoy hanging out with folks offline you feel the same way online. However, owning a blog you feel unclear on triggers fears related to your self-confidence.


Face, feel and release fears of rejection and criticism. Let go the habit of being shy. Be social. Connect with fellow humans. Blog gregariously to engage in a fulfilling blogger outreach campaign.


If you are genuinely introverted you can write words into a WordPress backoffice, on social media, or through blog comments without having to speak or make eye contact with people.


Or if that still feels super uncomfortable, dwell on the definition of shy:


“being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people.”


Question your blogging shyness


Why are you nervous or timid around people? In virtually all cases, new bloggers are not nervous or scared of dealing with people online; they are nervous or scared that people will find their blog.  Almost every time this is a blog-fear issue not a people issue.


Face, feel and release these fears to be free of the energies.


Resources to Overcome Blogger Shyness


Check out these resources to overcome shyness:


4. What mistakes do you want to avoid?


New blogger mistakes to avoid:


  • don’t obsess over stats
  • never blog mainly for money
  • don’t blog mainly for acceptance or trying to prove that you are right (because you will be combative and find endless critics)
  • thinking you’ll become a skilled blogger quickly and easily
  • not blogging your passion
  • not blogging your fun
  • blogging mainly from fear-scarcity versus love-abundance


Each common error dissolves into your awareness. Ignorance feeds mistakes. Genuine awareness reveals errors for dissecting.


Paphos, Cyprus


Look at yourself in the light of truth. Own any of these mistakes you currently make. Move in the opposite direction to solve your problem.


5. What mistakes have you made and how have you corrected them?


Here are some mistakes I made:


  • blogging mainly for money
  • blogging mainly from a vibe of fear versus from love
  • not following good advice persistently
  • never networking
  • not commenting on blogs genuinely
  • not promoting other bloggers on my blog and through social media
  • covering multiple topics versus one topic on my blog


I addressed these mistakes by:


  • going through the unpleasant process of feeling my deep fears around money, success and worthiness, to clear the fears and to become the blogger I am today
  • helping people without asking anything in return by publishing a steady volume of in-depth, free blog content
  • promoting  other bloggers frequently
  • blogging mainly for fun; giving little thought to traffic or profits metrics


View me like a blogging guinea pig. I made many mistakes you do not need to make. Learn from my experience.


6. What blog content sells or performs better than others?


Content is neutral. Skilled writers, skilled bloggers and skilled online entrepreneurs find that their devoted practice, creating and connecting boosts their blogging profits. Skilled bloggers who master their craft over years publish profitable content.


Creating content is like painting. A 2 year old draws stick figures. Picasso painted work netting millions in profits. Why?


Picasso spent 3 decades and tens of thousands of hours of his life practicing a skill that yielded genius art work and a hefty income.


New blogger’s full, 100% devotion to practicing their writing offline and online determines if the content is valuable, and whether the blogger generates sales, but that’s gonna take a while because skills take time to develop..


Some folks look at me like a blogging god, for the amount of valued content I create. I just tell ’em I spent 20,000 hours of my life developing my blogging skills, and there you are.


7. What are your thoughts on using MailChimp? Pro/cons


I am not much of a list building guy but Mail Chimp rocked for me.




  • free to 2000 subscribers
  • simple, easy to use interface
  • bare bones without bells and whistles; perfect for newbie bloggers




  • free to 2000 subscribers (meaning you’ll need to pay per subscriber beyond that or will have to export your email list to another service for cheaper pricing)
  • not many bells and whistles (not perfect for when a newbie becomes a veteran blogger who may want to gussy things up)


Perfect for a newbie; different story for a veteran.


Go to Google for an email marketing review guide to make the best decision for you.


8. It took me a few months not to really look at numbers and see you who is looking me up. Why is it so important not to worry about the numbers and traffic?


I filmed a video answering this question:


New Blogger Question: Why Should I Not Check Stats?


At the end of the day, falling in love with the process and noting little of outcomes keeps you doing what you need to do to succeed. New bloggers experience little success until you create and connect generously for a while. Putting stock in how little success you experience as a new blogger deflates you. However, falling in love with the blogging process keeps you energized and positions you to succeed.


The Pearl, Doha, Qatar

The Pearl, Doha, Qatar


Stat-checking trips up most new bloggers because stats are always bleak during your beginner blogger days. Overnight success does not exist. Basing your motivator on steady progress feels like a hopeless endeavor if you do not appear to see progress.


But addressing this error by focusing heavily on the blogging process – versus outcomes like traffic and profits – stabilizes your blogging energy. Imagine yourself feeling grounded, calm and confident if 10 readers or zero readers visit your new blog today. Being fully investing in enjoying the process of helping people makes outcomes like traffic feel less and less important.


Not worrying about numbers frees you to care about helping people. Helping people slowly but surely increases the numbers you seek. This is why not caring much about numbers makes your beginner blogger journey easier. Caring less about numbers allows you to care more about helping people which gradually increases your blogging success.


Wrapping it Up


New bloggers, you are well on your way. This journey is fun, freeing, fulfilling and scary at times.


Embrace discomfort. Remember why you began blogging.


Keep things simple especially when your fears goad you to make things complex.


Create and connect your way into a successful blogging career.


Your Turn


What new blogger questions do you have?


What seems to be your biggest new blogger struggle?

Would you like to share your thoughts?

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