8 harsh truths about making money blogging (no one is telling you this)

  March 2, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

I understand you want to make money from your blog. That’s why you are reading this post right?


Trust me there are lots of ways to make money as a blogging. Ryan sells his own products and I highly recommend you grab a copy of his ebook here if you haven’t already done that.


Ryan is a practical blogger seen almost everywhere on the blogosphere. There is no doubt his book will teach you to become as successful as he is.


As a matter of fact, run a search query with Google on how to make money blogging. You will be slapped with tons of entries and most of these tell you the same things.


So you should know, one of the most read articles on my blog is this one on 15 ways bloggers make money. This tells me there is a huge crave to make money blogging.


Harsh truths about making money blogging


Now don’t expect me to take you through the methods to make money with your blog. If you want these, check out my linked article above.


Before you start think about Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Direct Sales, etc, there are some bitter truths about making money online I must tell you.


1 – It’s hard to make money as a blogger.


There is this general deceit out there where everyone seems to spread the false impression that making money with your blog is easy.


To make money blogging, you must first of all treat blogging as a business. Like any other business, blogging is not a click-to-bank business.


If things were that easy in the industry, everyone would be blogging and no one is ever going to quit. Many people I started blogging with in 2012 have short down their blogs?




Because blogging as a business is hard and requires a lot of work. This is something that’s very simple to find out.


Setup your blog and throw on it some articles. Fold your arms and wait for the money to come. Then tell us the story 😉


2 – You need to invest money to make money with your blog


Free resources abound on the Internet. You can find this out from free themes, plugins up to free web hosting. But the trust is these are the reasons many people see average results.


If you limit yourself to free stuffs, be ready to be the average guy with no exceptional results. If you use social media for free, you will be limited. But if you wnat to see more excellent results, spend money – buy good quality camera for live videos, spend on Social Pay Per Click, signup to premium social media tools, etc.


Have you seen income reports of some money making bloggers? Scroll down to the section on expenses. You would realize that they do invest a heavy junk of the money they make to maintain the business.


3 – You need to keep blogging to maintain the income


Making money from your blog can never be on autopilot. Blogging is not a set-once-earn-forever business. If you stop creating new content and optimizing existing posts, you will soon be relegated  as your competitors struggle to take your place.


4 – There are people seeking to bring you down


At this moment you are reading this post, someone is struggling to completely annihilate your online business. This may not be a wicked family member or friend but a successful hacker trying to destroy the reputation of your web server.


Everyday thousands of thriving websites are hit and brought down and that can happen to you as well. As your blogging business grows and attracts more earnings, it also attracts more dangers.


My friend Joy Healey had some really hard times dealing with backdoor hackers. Her business suffered the hit until she got the issue resolved.


5 – You need time to start seeing results


It’s not only hard to make money blogging. It also requires long term effort. If someone ever told you you can start a blog today and start banking thousands of USDs by next year, he simply pulled your legs.


You may see some cents in your first few months. But if you want sustainable income from the activity, be ready to face time, smartness and hard work.


6 – Not all blogs can make money


Have you been talked into believing that you can start any blog and make money?


That seems to be another lie that has entered your ears. Some people struggle with their blogs because they are in the wrong niche. Any niche can be monetized but some niches are more profitable than others.


Before you create a blog in any niche, be sure to measure the profitability of the niche. In my guest post on  how to create a sustainable profitable blogging business, I gave some lights on choosing a niche based on three different factors:

  1. Passion
  2. Knowledge
  3. Reason for blogging


7 – Competition will never stop growing


One of the challenges of online business is competition. Every single minute that dies out, someone is struggling to do something better than you. If you are ranking well and making money from your blog, the bad news is that tomorrow, that income may be diverted to someone who has grown to do better than you.


The solution is to keep tweaking to maintain your leadership position. Get new energy added to your blog. Add more income streams to diversify your sources of income.


8 – Your blog can never make money


Now, this is the last point and it’s the biggest shock. People think their blogs make them money but that’s not correct. It’s simply the tool they use to make money.


This too is something that can be verified so easily. Buy a domain name and web hosting. Setup a beautiful blog with the best premium themes and plugins. That’s a blog you have right? Ok move away from it. come back after some years to tell us the story.


The bloggers make the money using their blogs. That’s why it’s all about you. If you don’t invest in yourself to develop your skills, you will never see results. In this article on Lisa’s blog, I dwell a bit more on how to invest in yourself to be able to create a successful blogging business.


Buy training courses, attend events, network with others, add value to yourself, etc. It’s what you know about the business that gives you the power to make money not the tools you have.


Thanks for reading this post. Do share it on social media if you like it.