8 Fascinating Pictures of Kathmandu Nepal

Me and monkeys Kathmandu Nepal

8 Fascinating Pictures of Kathmandu Nepal


Kathmandu, Nepal.


The place just sounds, exotic, right?


After spending a month in this gem of a Nepali city I have to say; the city does in fact match its exotic-sounding, mysterious name.


Some areas of town are the land that time forgot. But modernity in its full splendor has kissed certain areas of this bustling city, namely the Lazimpat district, where Kelli and I rented an apartment.


During dry season we walked around town wearing masks. Not to mirror Bane of Batman fame. But to prevent the ever-present dust from construction sites to travel into our lungs.


Overall, Kathmandu was a fun, fascinating and enjoyable city to explore.


Check out these photos from our time in the KTM.



Monkey Swayambhunath Temple Kathmandu Nepal


These monkeys ruled the roost at Swayabhunath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Monkeys seems to be omni-present in this popular tourist spot located on a mountaintop overlooking the city.


We were afforded with brilliant views of Kathmandu – and of monkeys too – as we wandered about the temple area.


Cheeky little guys, they are. Hold onto your stuff. Or be the object of simian pilfering.


Kindly woman Kathmandu Nepal


While enjoying a scene of pigeons working over some seed/feed this kindly woman walked towards us.


Kelli and I smiled at her. She gently grasped my arm, the warm embrace melting my heart.


I am not sure if she was a holy woman or not. I do know she was a heart-centered, serene, loving being.


We asked if it was OK to snap a shot. She gave the go-ahead. No money/payment required, she motioned.


Temple image Kathmandu Nepal


Kathmandu reminded me of Bali.


So many temples, so little time.


Kelli snapped this ornate imagery located inside of temple walls, at one of the gazillion temples in the city.


Note the intricate details, including the tree lines.


Temple Kathmandu Nepal


I was stunned at the scale of temples within the city.


Most districts in Kathmandu seemed to house a few temples at least. Spiritual living is a way of life here. Similar to my beloved Bali.


Note the prayer flags adorning the figure,  which is common around town.


Market Kathmandu Nepal


Everywhere you turn expect to see a vendor selling wares in small corners of the city, or on main drags.


This lady specialized in produce but you will find virtually anything and everything being offered.


We enjoyed the fresh fruit and veggies which were available for a dirt cheap price.


Pomegranates Kathmandu Nepal


Pomegranate season was in full effect when we visited Kathmandu in October of 2013.


Imagine juicy, dark red fruits begging for you to purchase them.


After buying a few I learned 2 things:


  • Nepali pomegranates taste fabulous, with the sweet, tart juices playing a delightful medley inside of your mouth
  • pomegranates should be eaten over a sink; the fresh ones burst with flavor and juice, so do not bother wearing anything light-colored unless you want to make the clothing a rag


Thamel Kathmandu Nepal


Thamel was our go-to district. For good reason.


Food, markets, nose ring shops (this is where Kelli got her stud), massage shops, barbers, stylists, and a bustling, thriving scene greet you in this part of the city.


Yes; the Thamel section of Kathmandu is where one interesting individual quickly chomped down on my arm as I cruised through a street corner. No harm, no foul.


We could be spotted enjoying Nepali fare like momo’s, Italian and Western grub in Thamel quite regularly.


The energy of the place was palpable; 2 minutes in this district pulled you back to the moment, with its chaotic but organized pace, impossibly narrow streets, impossibly smaller cars, motorbikes, and the endless dance of pedestrians and street vendors moving curb side (note; there is no curb) to make way for cars or motorbikes traveling through the area.